Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 183

Things were unfolding just as Tang Guo had expected. It didn’t take long for Tang Huan’s investigation in her courtyard to generate rumors.

Because of Tang Guo’s prominent reputation, not only as the arrogant and domineering legiitimate miss of the Tang family, but also as an advanced alchemist who refined the Perfect Grade Soul Nurturing Pill.

The name of Bo Ling’er became known to the people of Pingcheng in an instant, and they all condemned her. How could she be so cruel-hearted?

It was also revealed that the two of them were cousins, which was deemed unbelievable. They couldn’t fathom how one would push their own cousin into the mouth of a demonic beast. That was truly a wicked heart.

Bo Ling’er immediately became the representative of a wicked heart, one that could never be cleansed. As long as Tang Guo was mentioned by someone, Bo Ling’er could be dragged out and criticized.

Whenever Bo Ling’er went out, people pointed fingers at her. Several factions even expressed that they would not form any alliance with the Bo family.

These factions, being very sycophantic, approached Tang Guo, first making it clear that they had no connection to the Bo family. Then, they offered generous rewards and several portions of spiritual ingredients, requesting Tang Guo to refine pills for them.

“Master Tang, I hope you’ve been well recently?”

Tang Guo was invited to a luxurious restaurant, and the ones who invited her were representatives of powerful families in Pingcheng. They joined forces to invite her and exclude the Bo family.

They had analyzed the personality of the second Miss of the Tang family and knew that she held grudges.

There was a good chance that Tang Guo would help them this time.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to find other alchemists, but the spiritual pills they wanted to refine were extremely rare, and there were only one or two portions of the spiritual ingredients available. It would be impossible for other alchemists to succeed.

But it was different with Tang Guo. Currently, there haven’t been any rumors of her failing in alchemy.

“That’s great.”

“Then, Master Tang, would you help us with this favor?”

The representatives of the major factions asked cautiously, “Regardless of the outcome, we have prepared generous rewards for Master Tang. Please give it a try.”

Even if it wasn’t successful, it would just be a pity, and they would still have the opportunity to befriend this rising star. That would definitely be a gain.

“Sure, I can do that.”

The questioners breathed a sigh of relief. This time, they finally succeeded.

“Bring them all.”

Tang Guo didn’t refuse this time, but only limited it to these flatterers in front of her. She smiled and accepted the spiritual ingredients from several families. “You guys know how to flatter.”

“Come to collect them three days later.”

They were delighted in their hearts but maintained their composure on the surface. They continued, “We have prepared a nice residence for Master Tang. If you feel uncomfortable living in the Tang family, you can move there anytime.”

“You’re thoughtful.”

Tang Guo nodded proudly, showing no signs of refusal.

Seeing Tang Guo accepting the benefits, everyone knew it well and didn’t say anything else. The current outcome was very good.

Back at the Tang family, Tang Guo examined everything she received. The rewards from these families were indeed generous. One family prepared one portion of spiritual ingredients, while the other factions prepared two to five portions. She only needed to hand over one portion, and the rest would be hers.

She hadn’t seen Tang Huan; she heard that Tang Huan was still looking for Aunt Lou. Tang Haohui was also searching and for now had no time to disturb her.

At the Hou residence, since that night a few days ago, the servants of the Hou residence knew that their young master had a mysterious and beautiful woman hidden in his room. Countless people were guessing who she was.

Zheng Song had hidden the person very well, even the maidservants who took care of her were not allowed to see her.

Indeed, he had already learned her identity from Aunt Lou. He chuckled, thinking that by revealing her identity, he could just let her go?

Too naive.

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  1. How don’t these rumors hurt her sisters reputation though?
    She kept it a secret and only revieled it when forced. Which clearly makes her as someone screaming and evile.

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