Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 182

Tang Huan never expected that Tang Guo’s second condition would also be quite difficult.

She knew who had caused Tang Guo’s stumbling from the beginning. She didn’t stop it, nor did she reveal this secret to anyone.

“Second Sister…”

“I just want to know the truth of someone who harmed me. Is that too much?” Tang Guo narrowed her eyes. “Eldest Sister, you should know.”

Tang Huan remained silent. This was just how Tang Guo was—arrogant and despicable, relentlessly attacking her weak spots without mercy.

“If Eldest Sister finds it difficult to betray a teammate, then beg me. After all, you are unwilling to tell me the truth, so I have the right to make you beg.”

A hint of a smile appeared on Tang Guo’s face, so bold and radiant that it dazzled Ye Zhou’s eyes and made his heart beat irregularly.

Her cousin was so enchanting.

His heart was about to jump out, uncontrollable.

“Remember, begging me requires kneeling down,” Tang Guo arrogantly lifted her chin, vividly portraying the image of a major antagonist. “I have the right to be angry.”

Tang Huan clenched her fist tightly. There was no way she would beg Tang Guo.

“I’ll tell you.”

Tang Guo smiled. “Who is it? Bo Xi Feng or Bo Ling’er?”

Tang Huan raised her head abruptly, her eyes darkening. How could Tang Guo be so certain that it was either of these two? Did the other person know who tripped her or not?

Regardless of whether they knew or not, she had no choice.

“Bo Ling’er,” Tang Huan uttered these three words, not waiting for Tang Guo to say anything else. “Second Sister, can I search inside now?”

Tang Guo stepped aside, raising her eyebrows. “Go ahead. It’s rare to see Eldest Sister bowing down to me. I’m quite pleased.”

Tang Huan didn’t even look at her and led the others inside to search.

“Remember, don’t mess up my things, or I’ll ask Eldest Sister to compensate for the losses.”

Tang Huan’s footsteps froze. The search team, who had just touched some items, almost knocked them over but quickly placed them back in their original positions, afraid of the angering that person outside and being held responsible for damages.

Tang Guo smiled, and Ye Zhou also stared at her with a happy expression.

“Should I help you teach Bo Ling’er a lesson, cousin?” While speaking, Ye Zhou seemed to be smiling, but he couldn’t hide the hint of coldness in his eyes.

Tang Guo shook her head. “No need. Her days won’t be good after today.”


Tang Guo whispered, “Cousin, do you know what rumors will circulate outside later? Outside, it will be rumored that the Eldest Miss of the Tang family entered my yard to search for her aunt, and she told me that it was Bo Ling’er who tripped me a few months ago, almost causing me to be devoured by a demonic beast.”

“Soon, Bo Ling’er will learn the truth. She will come to question Tang Huan and ask why she said that. Bo Ling’er is a very selfish person. Because Tang Huan ruined her reputation, she will hate Tang Huan. No matter how Tang Huan explains, it won’t make a difference.”

Tang Guo smiled softly. “Bo Xi Feng will stand up for Tang Huan. When Bo Ling’er hears this, she will hate Tang Huan even more, thinking that Bo Xi Feng has been enchanted by Tang Huan and doesn’t care about his own sister. The two siblings will have a falling out because of Tang Huan.”

Ye Zhou: “…”

System: [···]


Truly cunning.

“Cousin, how can you be so mischievous?” Ye Zhou couldn’t help but tap her forehead. Her gem-like eyes sparkled with beautiful radiance. “You’ve thrown my heart into disarray. What should I do?”

“Cousin, I don’t go back on my word.”

“Perhaps it’s quite delicious?”

Ye Zhou: The worse my cousin becomes, the more I love her.

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  1. Tbh i really like this version of our ml in this arc. He’s not the typical cold, domineering character but a golden retriever personality but is also a cold blooded character, it’s perfect. I just hope that mc can open her heart and love again one day

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