Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 181

When the sun had risen high, Tang Guo finally opened the door.

In fact, she had woken up earlier. Since Ye Zhou was willing to help her watch the door, she naturally accepted his kindness and went back to sleep for a while.

“Cousin, did you sleep well last night?” Ye Zhou’s attentive appearance was irritating to Tang Huan.

Tang Guo blinked her eyes and glanced lightly at Tang Huan outside. “Why is Eldest Sister here? And why are there so many people with her?”

“My aunt has gone missing, and we need to search the second sister’s courtyard.” Tang Huan restrained her anger. They had searched the entire Tang Residence, but no one was found.

She never expected that a living person could disappear like that.

Her first suspicion fell on Tang Guo, but when she walked to Tang Guo’s courtyard, she found it impossible. With Tang Guo’s cultivation level, how could she have taken away a living person?

The maids she arranged for her aunt all had their own cultivation levels. Although they were not as strong as Tang Guo, they would definitely be alarmed if Tang Guo tried to take someone away.

When she went to see her aunt this morning, she found all the maids unconscious. After waking them up, they had no idea what had happened.

Tang Guo was momentarily stunned, as if she genuinely knew nothing. Ye Zhou watched his cousin’s lifelike performance and his lips curved into a smile. His cousin was truly adorable.

The most adorable cousin in the mainland!

Even when she does something wrong, she’s still adorable.

Everything she does is adorable.

Ah, why doesn’t she agree to be with him? As long as they were together, he could accompany her in doing mischievous things.

With him to clean up afterward, they would be sure not to be exposed. Even if they were exposed, he could take the blame for her.

Tang Guo felt the fiery gaze from Ye Zhou but ignored him.

“Eldest Sister said Aunt Lou disappeared?”

Tang Huan carefully observed Tang Guo’s expression. It seemed like she genuinely didn’t know. Her heart sank. Could it be one of her enemies?

Little did she know that Tang Guo had experienced countless worlds and played numerous roles. She could act as anyone. If Ye Zhou hadn’t witnessed Tang Guo’s actions last night, he wouldn’t have believed she was capable of such a thing.

“Second Sister, no matter what, I need to search your courtyard.”

Tang Huan couldn’t discern anything from Tang Guo and calmed down.

This was not the time to panic. A moment of panic could lead to missing something. Moreover, Tang Guo’s suspicion hadn’t been cleared yet, so she couldn’t afford to take it lightly.

“It’s not that I won’t let you search, but as a legitimate daughter of the Tang family, what would others think if they saw you searching my courtyard? They would laugh at me.”

Tang Huan’s heart sank, and her suspicion of Tang Guo diminished. Tang Guo had always been so arrogant that it was strange for her to allow a search of her courtyard so easily.

“Let me check first, and if you’re innocent, I will apologize to you.”

Tang Guo yawned. “Will an apology make a difference? You say there’s someone hidden in my courtyard, and you come with a big group of people to search. How will that look to outsiders?”

“Eldest Sister, you really have a strong presence. If it weren’t for me, everyone would think you were the legitimate daughter of the Tang family.”

Tang Huan pursed her lips. “Second Sister, what do you want me to do to let me search?”

“Ask me nicely.”


Tang Huan thought she misheard, but Tang Guo repeated it again, looking very arrogant, perfectly embodying the role of a haughty young miss.

“I mean, ask me nicely, and I’ll let you search.”

Tang Huan pressed her lips together. She couldn’t bring herself to ask Tang Guo.

Tang Guo knew very well that Tang Huan couldn’t do it. She smiled and said, “That’s a bit difficult for you. Let’s change the condition.”

“Second Sister, please tell me,” Tang Huan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Who tripped me a few months ago?”

She truly held grudges.

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