Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 180

Ye Zhou sat in the courtyard all night without any intention of leaving. It seemed that he was waiting for Tang Guo to wake up.

Before Tang Guo woke up, the Tang residence became lively.

The reason was that Aunt Lou went missing, and Tang Huan was leading a group of servants to search the entire Tang residence. They had just arrived at Tang Guo’s courtyard.

Tang Huan was not polite at all. She pushed open the courtyard door and found Ye Zhou sitting on the stone bench.

Ye Zhou frowned, “Get out!”

Tang Huan pursed his lips and stared at Ye Zhou intently, as if suspecting that Ye Zhou had something to do with Aunt Lou’s disappearance.

“Young Prince, my aunt is missing. We haven’t searched Second Sister’s courtyard yet. Please let us do so.”

“I said, get out, all of you. Don’t disturb my cousin,” Ye Zhou stopped Tang Huan from entering and sneered, “I really don’t understand why so much trouble is being taken for a mere aunt. To search Miss Tang’s courtyard early in the morning just to find a missing aunt.”

Tang Huan’s face turned grim. That was her own mother. Even if it was the God of Heaven, she would still search for her.

“Young Prince, please let us through. Let Second Sister come out. My aunt is important to me.”

“What does it have to do with me and my cousin?” Ye Zhou snorted coldly, as if saying, “I won’t let you do anything.”

No matter how anxious Tang Huan was, she couldn’t do anything to Ye Zhou.

“In that case, I’ll wait here. I’ll search once Second Sister wakes up. Young Prince, are you satisfied?” Tang Huan’s gaze turned cold, as if she held a grudge against Ye Zhou.

She instructed others to search elsewhere while she waited at the entrance of the courtyard. Ye Zhou had sharp ears and overheard Tang Huan ordering people to surround the courtyard, as if they were certain that her cousin had hidden someone.

Ye Zhou found it amusing. That Aunt Lou, who knew if she was even alive at this point? Women who fell into Zheng Song’s hands rarely had a good ending.

“You can wait then.”

Ye Zhou poured himself a cup of tea, took a sip, and found it refreshing. However, the taste was better last night when his cousin brought it out hot.

He moved the stone table and stone stool to the entrance of Tang Guo’s room, assuming the stance of a door deity, preventing anyone from crossing him and entering.

“Don’t disturb my cousin.”

Tang Huan was angry. “Aren’t you afraid of tarnishing Second Sister’s reputation, Young Prince? Our family is already arranging a marriage for Second Sister.”

Hearing this, Ye Zhou became angry. His eyes suddenly turned cold, and his face became fierce. “My cousin belongs to me. Whoever dares to arrange a marriage for her, I will teach them a lesson. Go tell Tang Haohui not to think about bullying my cousin, and no one is allowed to propose to her. Reputation or whatever, I don’t care at all. My cousin is going to marry me, and I don’t care about anything else.”

Tang Huan looked at Ye Zhou incredulously. What did he just say?

Was he saying that he liked Tang Guo?

She remembered that in her previous life, Ye Zhou never stayed for Tang Guo. He was completely focused on cultivation, and Tang Guo was always chasing after him.

Could it be that because of her rebirth, too many things had changed, causing many trajectories to be different?

She had investigated. After encountering the monster that time, Tang Guo returned with Ye Zhou. If she had taken Tang Guo away at that time, it was likely that the two of them wouldn’t have met and there wouldn’t be so many variables.

With this thought, Tang Huan deeply regretted.

“What do you mean, Young Prince? Haven’t you already broken off the engagement?” Tang Huan persisted, “Are you saying you have feelings for Second Sister?”

“So what if I do? I like my cousin. Are you saying you want to interfere in this matter?”

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