Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 179

Being rejected by Tang Guo was something Ye Zhou hadn’t anticipated.

Based on his previous interactions with Tang Guo, he could sense her closeness and openness towards him, without hiding her feelings of affection.

He thought he understood his own feelings and believed that if he confessed, Tang Guo would definitely accept.

The reality was beyond his expectations. Tang Guo rejected him without hesitation, even reminding him of the foolish things he had done in the past.

“Cousin, I’ve given you several chances. The first time, I asked if you didn’t want a ride. You said you didn’t, and then I said, ‘Then don’t get in my car again.’

“The second time, I told you I wanted to break off the engagement, and you seemed happy about it.”

“The third time was before going to the palace. You still eagerly anticipated the breakup. Cousin, it’s not that I didn’t give you a chance, but you didn’t want it yourself.”

Ye Zhou recalled the past and wanted to give himself a slap. Did he dig this pit for himself?

He wandered around Tang Guo’s courtyard, not going anywhere. He kept thinking about how to make his cousin change her mind.

His goal used to be to enjoy the scenery and cultivate until he reached the pinnacle. Now, he had added another goal—to be with his cousin.

If he asked the system about its current mood, besides saying “MMP,” what else could it say?

If Ye Zhou knew what “MMP” meant, he would probably curse.

Since their first meeting, his cunning host had already dug a pit for him.

[Host, haven’t you thought about what if Ye Zhou really doesn’t like you?]

“I’m so beautiful. How could he not like me?”

The system was exasperated. [Is that your reasoning? Host, can you be more serious? What if next time you’re reincarnated into an ugly monster?]

“Then let me tell you the way to make someone you like fall for you.”

The system perked up its ears. It was time to learn, as it felt that the host had a lot of practical advice.

“The best way to make the other person care about you and like you more is to make them invest in you. The more they invest, the more they’ll like you. For example, if you buy a precious treasure at a high price and find a trinket on the street, would you like the trinket?”

“If you put that trinket in an antique market and have a group of experts appraise it, there will definitely be a bunch of idiots who come forward and buy it at a high price, cherishing it every day.”

System: That makes a lot of sense.

[So, you use Ye Zhou’s guilt to make him treat you well. Host, you’re so wicked.]

“Am I not treating him well? When I earned money, I immediately shared a large portion with him. I think of him whenever there’s something good. Isn’t that good? I genuinely care about him.”

“Moreover, in this world, I only treat him well. Isn’t that enough? He’s the only one.”

System: Can’t mess with you.

[Host, your cousin is still outside, and it seems like he doesn’t intend to leave.]

“Then I’ll make a pot of hot tea for my cousin.”


“What’s wrong?”

[You’re shameless. You don’t agree to reconcile, but you still care about him? Is this how you behave?]

“It doesn’t matter if I’m shameless or not. What’s important is that I’ll make tea for him, and he’ll definitely be happy.”

System: Hehe… MMP. The host is getting more and more corrupt.

Indeed, when Tang Guo opened the door, Ye Zhou ran towards her like an excited dog. His eyes gleamed as he looked at her, with an exaggerated smile on his face. The surprised expression made the system feel frustrated.

“Why is Cousin still outside?”

“Cousin, the scenery in your courtyard is beautiful. I wanted to admire it a bit longer.”

“Oh, then I’ll make you a pot of tea, Cousin. Take your time and enjoy. I’m going to bed.”

After setting down the teapot, Tang Guo decisively closed the door.

Then the system saw Ye Zhou sitting contentedly in the courtyard, drinking tea.

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