Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 177


“System, invisibility talisman.”

The system quickly found an invisibility talisman for Tang Guo. He knew that it was the perfect time for mischief under the cover of the dark and windy night.

Inside the room, there were no lights, yet he could still clearly see the expression on the host’s face. It was eerie, mysterious, chilling, and cruel. He hadn’t seen her like this in a long time.

He knew that someone was going to be unlucky tonight; he just didn’t know who it would be.

Tang Haohui? Tang Huan? Aunt Lou? Or perhaps the legendary second young master of the Hou mansion, Zheng Song?

Tang Guo had inquired earlier and knew that Tang Haohui was not in Aunt Lou’s courtyard tonight. She applied an invisibility talisman on herself and headed straight to Aunt Lou’s room.

No one could have expected that someone would target Aunt Lou. Even Tang Huan couldn’t imagine it. She had only arranged a few agile maids for Aunt Lou.

But how could these maids, even if they were on night duty, stop Tang Guo from getting close?

Before Tang Guo even approached them, the maids fell into a state of unconsciousness.

Looking at Aunt Lou lying on the bed, Tang Guo unceremoniously put her into a trance and carried her out of the Tang family’s residence. Light as a swallow, they floated towards the Hou mansion. After all, Aunt Lou wanted to introduce her to a man, right? Aunt Lou praised him so much, so why not just take this man for herself?

A cruel and bloodthirsty smile played at the corners of Tang Guo’s mouth, as if the innocent girl who had shown a clean smile during the day was just a facade.

“Did my cousin leave?”

“Yes, Master. But Miss Tang must have used some means of invisibility. We couldn’t trace her after she left the courtyard.”

Ye Zhou’s eyes flickered as he asked, “Do you know who the man Aunt Lou introduced to Tang Guo is?”

“It’s the second young master of the Hou mansion, Zheng Song.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Zhou abruptly stood up, flames of anger burning in his eyes. Who was this Zheng Song? Others might not understand, but didn’t he?

The Crown Prince had mentioned him multiple times. This person appeared gentle on the surface but was actually ruthless and merciless. Every month, there were no fewer than eight maids taken out from his courtyard.

“Perhaps, I know where my cousin went.”

With that thought, Ye Zhou couldn’t rest anymore. His figure disappeared on the spot.

The shadow kneeling below grew even more fearful. His master became increasingly unfathomable, and his power was beyond their imagination.

“Young Master, spare me… Ah…”

“Spare you? Haha… Haven’t you always wanted to climb into my bed? Since you’re here, just endure it.”

On the bed lay a woman covered in blood, her limbs bound by ropes.

With every whip that landed on her body, her agonized moans escaped her throat.

“Scream! This young master is only showing you love.”

“Louder! Are you unsatisfied with the love from this young master?”

Zheng Song, whose appearance seemed gentle, still wore a smile as if enjoying the gentle spring breeze. He threw away the long whip in his hand and replaced it with one with sharp thorns.

For a brief moment, the woman relaxed, and instinctively turned her head, only to see Zheng Song slowly approaching with the thorny whip, each thorn gleaming with a cold light.

Anticipating the ordeal that awaited her and combined with the pain coursing through her body, she fainted in fear.

Frowning, Zheng Song kicked her away. “Thought she was tough, but she couldn’t last an hour.”


A sudden sound came from outside the door, greatly displeasing Zheng Song. “Who is it?”

He opened the door, and a soft body fell into his arms. He lowered his head to look at the woman still exuding charm and smiled.

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