Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 176

“The divine artifact was ultimately acquired through the collaboration of Ye Yan and Tang Haohui, costing a billion, much more than Tang Huan’s budget, which made her heart ache.

After receiving the divine artifact, Tang Haohui instructed, ‘Huan’er, I entrust the divine artifact to you. I believe that in your hands, you will be able to make the best use of it.’

Tang Huan held the divine artifact excitedly and quickly responded, assuring him that she would treat the artifact well. Finally, she felt relieved in her heart.

On the other hand, Tang Guo was happily counting her spirit stones and gave a generous red envelope to the servant, who became even more attentive.

Then, Tang Guo carried a large sum of wealth and went to eat with Ye Zhou. True to her word, she gave Ye Zhou a big red envelope.

Upon seeing it, Ye Zhou realized it was indeed a large sum of money—exactly one hundred million spirit stones. He was somewhat incredulous, wondering why his cousin had given him so much.

‘It’s just spirit stones, cousin, take them. I don’t lack them now.’

She never lacked them to begin with. With her alchemy skills, countless people were willing to offer spirit stones for her to refine pills. Asking her for help only required preparing some spiritual herbs, and everyone was willing to do so.

But now, everyone was turned away by her. She claimed that she wasn’t in the mood to refine pills and feared being pursued by others.

As a result, these people harbored deep hatred for Ye Yan and Tang Huan, while the two were unaware.

However, Tang Guo’s good mood was soon disrupted.

‘You should meet each other first, and if it’s suitable, you can finalize the marriage. I’ve seen him before, the second young master of the Hou Mansion. He has a good appearance and is favored in the mansion. You have a strong personality, and I heard he has a gentle temperament, so you are a perfect match,’ Tang Haohui said. ‘During this period, don’t let any men casually enter the courtyard. It wouldn’t look good if word got out.’

Tang Guo frowned. The second young master of the Hou Mansion?

It was the person the original body had married, Zheng Song, the one who had abused the original body throughout her life.

‘Who selected this match for me?’

‘Of course, it’s your Aunt Lou. Who else? Do you think it’s your mother who only knows how to cultivate?’ Tang Haohui had a tone as if saying, ‘Don’t be ungrateful,’ which amused Tang Guo.

‘Alright, you can go now. We’ll arrange for you to meet tomorrow.’

Tang Guo sat silently in the courtyard for a long time, and the system couldn’t guess what she was thinking.

After a while, a radiant smile appeared on her lips. The system trembled all over, and if it had a body, its heartbeat would have quickened.

[Host, I won’t advise you to stay calm anymore. Tell me, what are you planning to do?] As long as the host didn’t act recklessly, the system would turn a blind eye. In fact, it gradually felt that being a supporting character was not something a person should do.

‘Let’s talk about it tonight.’

In the afternoon, Ye Zhou came again. He noticed that his usually cheerful cousin seemed a bit off. Just as it was getting dark and he was about to leave, he finally spoke up.

‘Cousin, do you have something on your mind?’

‘Aunt Lou introduced me to a potential match and wants me to meet him tomorrow.’

Upon hearing this, Ye Zhou’s heart skipped a beat. ‘Did you agree?’

‘No, but judging by their attitude, they don’t plan to ask for my opinion at all. They want to get rid of me as soon as possible.’

Ye Zhou furrowed his brows, and his attractive smile disappeared. A shadow flashed in his eyes, and anger surged in his heart. He crushed a chess piece into powder, the powder sprinkling on the chessboard.

‘Cousin, what are you going to do?’

‘Cousin, don’t worry. The matter will be resolved quickly.’

Ye Zhou furrowed his brow. Upon seeing Tang Guo’s sinister smile, his anger dissipated, and at the same time, he pondered deeply. He had been genuinely angry before, so angry that he wanted to kill Aunt Lou and then kill that man.”

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