Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 175

“The divine artifact has already begun its auction, and amidst the bidding, there was an unusual silence in the room.

The starting bid was one million spirit stones, and the first person to speak directly offered five hundred million spirit stones, causing everyone present to gasp in astonishment.

Tang Huan sat nervously in the private room. She really wanted to obtain this divine artifact, truly, she did. Tang Guo must not have used this artifact, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been put up for sale.

Ye Yan and Tang Haohui had no immediate plans to bid, but Aunt Lou on the side was shocked by the bidding process.

These people were throwing in millions so casually, aren’t they too wealthy?

She was somewhat worried. Is it really worth spending so many spirit stones just to buy this artifact?

“Huan’er, how about we give up on this artifact? It’s too expensive,” Aunt Lou expressed her concern. Although they were working with Ye Yan, she still cared.

Tang Huan furrowed her brows. “Aunt, the artifact is rare, and it’s an alchemy furnace. We must seize the opportunity to obtain it. Once it’s in my hands, the spirit stones I spent will come back.”

Over the years, her personal wealth had actually grown considerably, but she didn’t want to expose it so soon. She guessed that without a few billion, it would be impossible to acquire this artifact.

To come up with several billion spirit stones in such a short time was actually quite difficult, unless she sold some of the shops under her control.

Especially considering that these billions would ultimately go to Tang Guo, she became even more unhappy.

But compared to the artifact, she didn’t care about the spirit stones.

Aunt Lou didn’t quite understand. Tang Huan was precocious, making many decisions on her own. Hearing her words, Aunt Lou fell silent.

She could only complain, “Second Miss doesn’t have any sense of propriety. If she doesn’t want the artifact, why not just sell it to you? Would it hurt her that much?”

“We’re all family. Why does it feel so estranged?”

Tang Haohui also deeply agreed upon hearing this. After all, he was extremely dissatisfied with Tang Guo. “She was born to a mother but not raised by one. Xier, you know that Bo Yunzi hardly cares about her.”

“Master, I think it’s better to have Madam manage Second Miss. Look at her now, always gallivanting outside. The young prince visits her courtyard every day, and they don’t even have an engagement. If news of a young man and young woman being alone together spreads, it will ruin the reputation of our Tang family’s daughters.”

“I think she might be anxious. Why not arrange a marriage for her? Once she’s married, there won’t be so much trouble.”

Tang Haohui agreed with the idea and thought it was a good one.

Marrying off Tang Guo would be out of sight, out of mind, and it would also free up space for Huan’er. Aunt Lou thought the same way. With Tang Guo as the legitimate Miss, Huan’er would always be overshadowed.

“Since Bo Yunzi never cares about these matters, we’ll leave this to you, Xier.”

Aunt Lou felt delighted inside. “Actually, I’ve thought of a candidate a long time ago. Second Miss is so domineering, pairing her with someone equally forceful might not be good. I heard that the Marquis’ residence has a very favored Second Young Master. The entire Marquis’ residence revolves around him. He has a gentle and refined appearance, which suits Second Miss.”

“In that case, you should make contact with the Marquis’ residence.”

Tang Haohui didn’t care who the person was as long as Tang Guo was married off.

Tang Huan, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. The Second Young Master had no talent for cultivation but had a peculiar fetish for torturing women and listening to their screams. However, she didn’t mention it. She and Tang Guo were at odds with each other, so why bother helping the other party?

Inside the private room, Tang Guo heard the escalating numbers and felt quite pleased, completely unaware of Tang Haohui and Aunt Lou plans.”

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