Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 173

“I heard that the Seventh Prince intends to buy the divine artifact alchemy furnace to win the favor of the Eldest Miss Tang from the Tang family.”

“It is said that the master of the Tang family also dotes on the Eldest Miss Tang and intends to acquire the divine artifact alchemy furnace for her.”

“Do you know about the Bo family?”

“Isn’t that the maiden family of Lady Tang, Bo Yunzi?”

“Yes, it’s the Bo family. I heard that the eldest son of the Bo family, Bo Xifeng, also declared his intention to acquire the divine artifact alchemy furnace for the Eldest Miss Tang.”

“Damn, this Eldest Miss Tang is really popular. Isn’t Bo Xifeng the cousin of the Second Miss Tang? This cousin is quite interesting. Instead of helping his own cousin, he’s helping an outsider. Could it be that he also has feelings for the Eldest Miss Tang?”

“Actually, it’s more than that. In the entire Pingcheng, countless people admire the Eldest Miss Tang. It is said that several people who came out of the imperial palace are looking at her with different eyes. However, those individuals haven’t made any moves yet.”

“Don’t you find something strange? The legitimate Miss Tang of the Tang family is a bit pitiful.”

“Yeah, she is, but fortunately, I heard that the young prince dotes on her. Even if their engagement is canceled, their relationship is still good.”

“If it weren’t for the young prince, I wonder if the Second Miss Tang would have been swallowed up by these people.”

Another wave of rumors spread throughout the entire Pingcheng. If there was an internet here, anyone related to Tang Huan would probably be trending.

“Cousin, you’ve suffered.”

Ye Zhou also heard those rumors, and even part of them was deliberately spread by him. During this time spent with Tang Guo, he learned that his cousin was isolated by everyone, and all they saw was the arrogance of the legitimate Miss Tang.

But who knew how much bitterness was hidden behind that arrogance? If she wasn’t a bit arrogant and formidable, she would probably have been devoured by these people.

It’s really hard to imagine that a girl in her teens bears so much pressure on her shoulders.

In his spare time, he also investigated the things that happened in the Tang family over the years. His cousin has been neglected by the Tang family since she was young. She has achieved what she has today because of her efforts, but also because the Tang family still allocated the resources she should have received.

If the resources of the Tang family were not controlled by the clan, with Tang Haohui’s temperament, his cousin would probably not even have the resources for cultivation.

Not only did the Tang family reject her, but the Bo family did the same.

Especially Bo Xifeng and Bo Linger, one is her cousin and the other is her cousin-sister, but instead of being close to her, they went to be close to Tang Huan. It’s truly puzzling.

“No matter how others treat you, cousin will always stand by your side.”

At this moment, Ye Zhou felt great sympathy for the young girl in front of him. She’s only sixteen, yet her destiny has been so tumultuous.

His aunt, who only hoped for her daughter to stand out, turned a blind eye once her daughter couldn’t surpass Tang Huan. It wasn’t raising a daughter; it was clearly using his cousin as a tool.

“Cousin, you’re truly a good person.”

Ye Zhou’s smile bloomed, and he felt pleased.

Tang Guo smiled and said, “There are many people participating in the auction for the divine artifact. When I get the spirit stones, I’ll treat cousin to a meal and give you a big red packet.”

“No need, cousin. Keep it for yourself. I don’t lack spirit stones. If there’s any treat, let me treat you. I’m the older one, so it’s my responsibility to give you red packets.” How could he accept his cousin’s things when she was in such a pitiful state?

The system silently observed the host, who had been giving Ye Zhou “good person points” all along, and wondered if this foolish cousin would still end up with a beaming smile on his face. Only time will tell.

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