Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 172

“I heard that Miss Tang, the legitimate daughter of the Tang family, won first place in the Alchemy Grand Competition.”

“The prize for the first place is a top-grade alchemy furnace.”

“Your information is outdated. That alchemy furnace is a divine artifact.”

“And your information is also outdated. Second Miss Tang intends to sell that divine artifact.”

The crowd was astonished and quickly asked why.

“For what reason could it be?” explained the person who witnessed everything that day, sighing, “This is a case of the powerful oppressing the weak. Although Miss Tang is usually arrogant, she wouldn’t dare to offend the Seventh Prince. The Seventh Prince wants to exchange a top-grade furnace for the divine artifact as a favor to the Eldest Miss Tang, which is an unprecedented move. He has taken advantage of his power and bullied others to the extreme.”

“Second Miss Tang believes she can’t afford to offend anyone and decided to sell it instead, to avoid a tragic fate in the future.”

Rumors spread like wildfire, originating from an unknown source. In any case, they quickly spread throughout the entire Xianping Kingdom.

“A while ago, Eldest Miss Tang set her sights on a thousand-year-old spiritual herb from a certain family, but they refused to sell. Then the Seventh Prince appeared in a dominant manner, and in order to ensure their safety, they had no choice but to sell it at a low price.”

“Is that so? Some people questioned the Eldest Miss Tang’s alchemy skills, so the Seventh Prince sent someone to smash their signboard.”

“Let me tell you secretly, a young lady from a certain family went to see the Eldest Miss Tang twice because she secretly loved the Seventh Prince. But the Seventh Prince directly destroyed her family, and they just moved out of the city yesterday.”

“Damn, the Seventh Prince is really ruthless?”

“Who leaked it??”

Ye Yan’s expression turned grim. “Investigate who is opposing me.”

“Focus on investigating those restless brothers of mine.”

At that moment, in the Tang family residence.

“Is it really a divine artifact?” Tang Haohui couldn’t believe it. When they said it was for sale, it was for sale. “Go and retrieve the divine artifact. If you can’t protect it, the Tang family will.”

Tang Huan also looked at Tang Guo in disbelief, as if she was looking at a fool. In her previous life, Tang Guo had kept the divine artifact a well-guarded secret, and no one knew about it at first.

But when the other party’s power became unmatched, it became known how she obtained the divine artifact. At that time, there were legends about Tang Guo everywhere, even she had heard about it in the inner courtyard.

Never did she expect that Tang Guo in this lifetime would still possess the divine artifact but instead of keeping it hidden, she took it to the auction house to sell.

“Retrieve it?” Tang Guo laughed. “Then may I ask, Father, what do you plan to do with the divine artifact after retrieving it?”

“Of course, it’s for Huan’er,” Tang Haohui didn’t hesitate. “Since you’re going to sell it anyway and you don’t care, why not give it to Huan’er so she can make the best use of it?”

“Haha, interesting. This is my possession, acquired through my abilities, and you want to give it to her?” Tang Guo narrowed her eyes. “The Seventh Prince wanted to exchange a top-grade alchemy furnace for my divine artifact openly in the street. That’s not too unscrupulous. He knows how to deceive people with things. And you, my dear father, are trying to take advantage of me.”

Tang Guo widened her eyes. “Could it be that I’m not your biological daughter?”

Tang Haohui’s face turned pale and then green as he was at a loss for words. He knew that what he had just said was biased. But that’s how he felt. He had never liked the stubborn and arrogant personality of his second daughter.

Since he favored his eldest daughter, who had captured his heart, what did it matter if Tang Guo was the legitimate daughter? He didn’t like her anyway, so it was only natural to give the good things to Huan’er.

“It’s impossible to retrieve the divine artifact. Since you favor your eldest daughter so much, the auction for the divine artifact is tomorrow. The Tang family has no shortage of spiritual stones, so you can go bid on it.”

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