Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 171

“What do you want to say?” Ye Zhou showed no intention of avoiding the topic. “Just say it.”

Ye Yan also knew that Ye Zhou wouldn’t back down. He chose to use diplomacy first, knowing that it would be highly unfavorable for him if he were to target Tang Guo without caution and risk being discovered by Ye Zhou.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t want to resort to sinister means. If he had to, he would carefully plan his actions to avoid arousing Ye Zhou’s suspicions.

“I want to exchange a top-quality alchemy furnace with Miss Tang for the alchemy furnace you obtained in the Alchemy Conference,” Ye Yan said, taking out the top-quality alchemy furnace. In his opinion, Tang Guo would surely agree. “Huanyu really likes that alchemy furnace. She feels embarrassed to ask for it herself. I wonder if Second Miss Tang would be willing?”

“If there are any other requests, Second Miss Tang can make them, as long as they fall within my capabilities,” Ye Yan added.

The offer was quite generous, but Ye Yan’s gaze fixed on Tang Guo, showing a sinister undertone, as if warning her not to make any additional demands.

Tang Guo and Ye Zhou exchanged glances, their eyes revealing the same expression. When they looked at Ye Yan, it was as if they were questioning if he thought they were fools.

“This is strange,” Tang Guo laughed.

“It’s indeed strange,” Ye Zhou responded in a sarcastic tone.

Onlookers: What’s going on?

Tang Guo took out the alchemy furnace, which had already returned to its previous appearance. Ye Yan’s eyes sparkled with a hint of amusement; he knew the other party wouldn’t refuse.

Just as he thought that, the alchemy furnace suddenly shook and instantly transformed. Ye Yan felt that something was amiss, and Tang Guo spoke up.

“Seventh Prince, do you think I’m a fool?”

“Even if you like my elder sister, you can’t use your identity as the seventh prince to offer a top-quality alchemy furnace and promise certain conditions in exchange for my artifact alchemy furnace,” Tang Guo said. Her words caused a commotion among the crowd. What? The seventh prince wants to exchange a top-quality alchemy furnace for the legitimate Miss of the Tang family’s artifact alchemy furnace??

How audacious!

They never expected the seventh prince to be such a person. Isn’t this outright robbery?

Ye Yan’s face was already swollen on one side. When Tang Guo raised her voice, it attracted the attention of the surrounding people, and his face changed colors several times.

The surrounding voices and disdainful gazes made him feel burning hot.

In all his years, he had never been so humiliated.

He believed that this must be Tang Guo’s revenge. How could that thing possibly be an artifact? Are artifacts obtained so easily?

“Miss Tang, please don’t joke. The alchemy furnace has already been evaluated by alchemists; it’s just a high-quality alchemy furnace. If you exchange it with me, you won’t be at a loss.”

His voice remained calm as he exerted all his self-restraint.

“Seventh Prince, you want to use a high-quality alchemy furnace as an excuse to obtain my artifact alchemy furnace. Your plan is really clever,” Tang Guo sneered. “I won’t make the exchange. I’m truly afraid of you. Now I’m going to auction this alchemy furnace. If you like my elder sister so much, you can prepare your own spirit stones to buy it, right?”

She shook her head in a somewhat regretful manner. “I’m afraid of Seventh Prince’s overbearing nature. If I keep it, I might end up dead on the streets tomorrow.”

Ye Yan’s eyes burned with anger, but he dared not say anything.

“Cousin, you can keep it if you want. I can protect you,” Ye Zhou said.

“No, the pressure is too great,” Tang Guo declined. “Besides, cousin can’t be with me all the time. It’s better to sell it and have peace of mind. From now on, don’t mention that I have an artifact alchemy furnace. I’ll sell it right away.”

Ye Zhou: Actually, I can be with you all the time.

Onlookers: Suddenly feeling sorry for Miss Tang from the main branch of the Tang family, what should she do now?

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