Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 170

“Imperial Uncle.”

Ye Yan stopped the two who were about to enter the auction house.

Ye Zhou casually glanced at Ye Yan and a cold smile flashed across his face. “Do you still recognize me as your Imperial Uncle?”

“What is Imperial Uncle doing? Are you angry with me?” Ye Yan’s eyes carried a smile. “I don’t know what I did to offend Imperial Uncle. Please point it out, and I will apologize to Imperial Uncle.”

Ye Yan thought that with his friendly attitude, Ye Zhou should consider that they were all members of the imperial family and let it go. Relatives wouldn’t harm each other.

But Ye Zhou only gave him a cold smile and walked towards him. His handsome face, which had a slightly extravagant expression, lifted with a familiar smile that Ye Yan couldn’t recall where he had seen it before.

Then his Imperial Uncle rudely rolled up his sleeves and, by the time he realized it, he was already in front of him, raising his hand to deliver two rapid slaps to his left cheek.

Slap! Slap! The sound caught the attention of the surrounding onlookers.

The onlookers held their breath, feeling a rush of hot air overhead.

Ye Yan, holding his swollen half-face, also looked incredulous. He truly didn’t expect Ye Zhou to directly strike him, and in such a manner, slapping his face.


“Hehe… You yellow mud horse…”

Now Tang Guo was also stunned. Her cousin could curse people too, and he called Ye Yan a yellow mud horse??

Ye Yan couldn’t speak, and Ye Zhou kicked him, sending him flying and crashing into a nearby stall. Ye Yan, with a gloomy expression, got up from the pile of wreckage, looking utterly disheveled.

Ye Zhou let his sleeves down and walked leisurely to Ye Yan. He sneered, “Consider it for the sake of Eldest Brother that I didn’t break your leg. Who gave you the courage to scheme and deceive in front of me?”

“If it weren’t for my cousin’s capability, successfully passing that test, today wouldn’t have been as simple as a couple of slaps for you.”

[Host, your cousin is quite fierce. I didn’t expect it. I thought he only knew sweet words, but he turns out to be a violent person.]

Tang Guo’s lips curved into a smile as she silently watched everything, without any intention of intervening to dissuade them.

Why bother trying to dissuade them? Ye Yan had targeted her and was friends with Tang Huan. She was already showing mercy by not ruining him completely.

“What’s the matter? Do you have any objections?” Ye Yan lowered his head, even though he was humiliated. Because this person was Ye Zhou, he didn’t dare to retaliate.

His father, the Emperor, still had a favorable impression of him. If he dared to do anything to Ye Zhou, his father would discard him in an instant.

After all, his father had many sons, and Ye Zhou was his only biological younger brother.

“Imperial Uncle’s lesson is noted. Ye Yan understands his mistake.”

Ye Yan clenched his fist. One day, he would reclaim his dignity. When he ascended to that position, when his cultivation surpassed these people, it would be the day of revenge.

For now, he didn’t dare to provoke Ye Zhou, but Tang Guo was fair game.

Ye Zhou paid no attention to Ye Yan, a person of no consequence. The disdainful expression on his face faded, instantly replaced by a self-satisfied smile. He turned around and ran back to Tang Guo, like an eager puppy.

“Cousin helped you teach him a lesson.”

Tang Guo couldn’t help but smile at his ‘please praise me’ appearance.

“Cousin is amazing.”

Ye Zhou’s smile widened. He also thought he was amazing.

Just as the two were about to enter the auction house, Ye Yan stopped them again. Ye Zhou frowned. Why did his Seventh Nephew have such thick skin? The sons of the Eldest Brother were all very peculiar, each one different. Not a single one inherited his Eldest Brother’s demeanor. There must be a problem with the women they married.

“Imperial Uncle, I would like to speak with Second Miss Tang.”

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