Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 169

“Ye Zhou pondered for a moment, ‘Is my cousin not satisfied?’

‘Why don’t you make do with it for now, and I’ll find a better one for you,’ I’ll figure out a way to help you find something better,’ Tang Huan replied.

Tang Huan heard their conversation and couldn’t help but sneer, feeling exasperated. This was a divine artifact. Once Tang Guo found out about it, she wouldn’t think that way anymore.

Not obtaining the divine artifact, Tang Huan felt regret and heartache.

‘Huan’er really likes that alchemy furnace?’ Before Ye Zhou and Tang Guo left, Ye Yan had been avoiding them. He couldn’t hide the things he had done from Ye Zhou.

He didn’t expect Tang Guo to be so capable that she could refine Soul-Nourishing Pills.

Even so, he still looked down on Tang Guo. In his eyes, Tang Huan was the most perfect.

‘I always felt a connection with that alchemy furnace before,’ Tang Huan said calmly, ‘but unexpectedly, Second Sister surpassed me. I feel a little down. I have a premonition that if I had obtained that alchemy furnace, my alchemy skills would have improved significantly.’

That was a divine artifact. With the assistance of a divine artifact, how could one’s skills not improve?

Tang Guo had already taken the limelight. If she were to obtain the divine artifact, Tang Huan couldn’t imagine how much more brilliant Tang Guo would be compared to her past life.

The current situation made her feel uneasy.

‘I didn’t expect Huan’er to like it so much. If I had known earlier, I would have had someone change the prize,’ Ye Yan’s eyes flickered as he half-embraced Tang Huan. ‘Whatever you want, Huan’er, I will help you find it.’

‘Ah Yan, Second Sister won’t be willing. Don’t force her,’ Tang Huan said, although she didn’t try to stop Ye Yan either.

‘I know what to do.’

There was a hint of determination in Ye Yan’s eyes. Tang Guo was just a minor noblewoman of the Tang family, even with the protection of the Imperial Uncle. If he wanted to obtain that alchemy furnace, he had ways to do so.

He shouldn’t tell Huan’er about those sinister methods. It would only worry her.

‘Cousin, are you happy?’ Ye Zhou smiled and walked beside Tang Guo. ‘Cousin, you’re a senior alchemist now. After today, everyone in the entire Xianping Kingdom will know your name.’

He was delighted!

His cousin was amazing, simply fantastic!

Seeing Tang Guo staring at the alchemy furnace, Ye Zhou didn’t understand. ‘Do you like it or not, Sister?’

‘Cousin, based on my judgment, this is a divine artifact,’ Tang Guo said casually. ‘Divine artifacts should be very valuable, right?’

At first, Ye Zhou didn’t catch on. He was stunned for a moment, then came to his senses and found it somewhat unbelievable. ‘Although it looks pretty, isn’t it too new to be a divine artifact?’

‘It’s a divine artifact.’

Ye Zhou compromised. ‘If my cousin says it’s a divine artifact, then it must be.’ Regardless of whether it was a divine artifact or not, his cousin’s words were always right.

[Host, don’t you think there’s something off? Your cousin seems to be losing his principles.’

Tang Guo tapped the alchemy furnace, and Ye Zhou didn’t pay much attention at first. But then, the alchemy furnace trembled, and its surface, which was originally shiny and delicate, suddenly turned simple and quaint. He was dumbfounded.

He rubbed his incredibly handsome face and couldn’t believe it. ‘Is it really a divine artifact?’

Feeling the mysterious aura emanating from it, he couldn’t understand at all. How could it be a divine artifact?

‘Cousin, now it should be worthy of you.’ Ye Zhou reacted and immediately said these words, completely unaware that his thoughts were off.

An hour later, the two of them appeared outside the auction house.

Ye Zhou hesitated for a moment and asked, ‘Cousin, are you really going to sell it?’

Divine artifact, this was a divine artifact. Cousin, you’re telling me you want to sell a divine artifact??”

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