Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 168

Tang Huan stared at the judges on the stage, as if they were asking him to provide an explanation, otherwise, she wouldn’t accept this result.

“Senior, the Alchemy Conference emphasizes fairness. Even if Tang Guo performed exceptionally well in the previous two rounds, you can’t just declare her as first, right?”

Tang Huan felt like she was standing on a fair platform, with so many people watching. Their expressions were simply unbearable.

The judges looked at Tang Huan strangely and said, “Why isn’t it Tang Guo? She refined a Perfect Grade Soul Nurturing Pill.”

Their gaze seemed to say, “Could it be you instead of Tang Guo?” Tang Huan was stunned, with a look on his face as if he had gone crazy from wanting to be first.

Perfect Grade Soul Nurturing Pill?

“Didn’t her furnace explode?”

Without thinking, Tang Huan blurted out, almost going crazy. The smile on her face couldn’t be maintained at all.

“Who said that her furnace exploded?”

The judges were still puzzled. Seeing Tang Huan’s distracted appearance, they secretly felt sorry for her. Could it be that Tang Huan’s mind was affected due to being heavily impacted?

They hoped she could adjust her mindset properly. After all, she was a person with outstanding alchemy talent.

“Actually, Tang Huan, you’re not bad either,” one of the judges quickly comforted, “Although you can’t compare to Tang Guo, reaching the level of Senior Alchemist at your age, your future is limitless.”

Tang Huan didn’t feel comforted at all by the judges’ words. She felt that they were just humiliating her.

They praised her for a moment, but then immediately belittled her. Is that how you comfort someone?

And what about all the smoke that hadn’t dissipated in front of Tang Guo? Did it really not explode?

Tang Huan walked up to Tang Guo, her face darkening. Sure enough, she saw the perfectly intact alchemy furnace, her fingernails sinking deep into her palm.

“Eldest Sister, my furnace didn’t explode.”

Tang Guo raised a proud smile, fully displaying the arrogant nature of the legitimate miss of the Tang family, without a hint of humility.

“Perfect Grade?”

Tang Huan lowered her head and also saw the Soul Nurturing Pills inside the jade bottle. Ten milky white pills emitted a faint light, neatly lying there. She felt a bit melancholy and angry in her heart.


She had taken away all of Tang Guo’s opportunities, but the other party still rose up.

Was she always going to be trampled under Tang Guo’s feet?

Tang Guo held a delicate and small alchemy furnace, catching a glimpse of Tang Huan’s gloomy expression. The corner of her lips lifted into a radiant smile. “Does Eldest sister really like this alchemy furnace?”

Tang Huan pursed her lips tightly, Tang Guo’s victory was an insult to her.

“But I can’t give it to you. I also really like this alchemy furnace. Superior alchemy furnaces aren’t something you can easily buy.”

Tang Huan clenched her fist tightly, a blaze of anger rising in her eyes.

She saw through it, the other party was indeed humiliating her!

“[Host, I sense the anger level from the female lead. It’s about to explode.]”

Tang Guo came down from the stage with an arrogant look, displaying her extravagant and unruly manner. In any place, there were no lack of people who resented the wealthy. Tang Guo’s appearance didn’t sit well with many, and inexplicably, they felt sympathy for Tang Huan.

“[Host, you’ve offended a lot of people.]”

“So what? They don’t like me anyway,” Tang Guo laughed arrogantly, “I’m a Senior Alchemist. Even if they hate me, they’ll come begging for my help in the future.”

System: “[…]” He thought she made sense.

“Cousin, you’re truly the best.” Ye Zhou caught up breathlessly, glanced at the alchemy furnace in her hand, and praised, “It looks good, barely worthy of you.”

“It’s okay.”


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