Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 167

“I have already finished refining it.”

Tang Huan’s confident voice echoed as he maintained a slight smile on his face while speaking to the three judges. The three judges stood on Tang Guo’s side, surrounded by lingering smoke.

Everyone around stood still, staring dumbfoundedly in that direction. Tang Huan was certain that Tang Guo’s furnace had exploded.

The three individuals seemed to be shocked, most likely disappointed.

Tang Huan’s lips curled slightly. No matter how impressive the previous rounds were, the final round was the most crucial. After today, she, Tang Huan, would also become a member of the senior alchemists.

Most importantly, that alchemy furnace belonged to her.

The three judges reacted and didn’t even take a step forward. They merely said a sentence to the attendants next to Tang Huan from a distance, “How many did she refine and what is the quality?”

Tang Huan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, feeling displeased. Were they looking down on her just because of her previous poor performance?

When they find out that she had refined nine top-grade Life Nurturing Pills, they would regret it later.

However, what was strange was that her attendant remained calm as well. After opening the jade bottle to check, the attendant calmly replied, “Elder, there are a total of nine pills, all of them are top-grade.”

Tang Huan had expected that there would be exclamations of surprise from the surroundings. It was already quite rare to enter the ranks of senior alchemists at such a young age.

Even the three judges should have come to her instantly.

However, she waited for a long time, and the reactions were not as she had imagined.

Whether it was the three judges or the other people present, their reactions were all indifferent.

“Not bad. I didn’t expect Tang Huan to be an senior alchemist,” one of the judges touched his beard and smiled, “The Tang family really produces outstanding talents. It’s my good fortune to witness their growth personally.”

The other two quickly nodded in agreement.

Tang Huan frowned, feeling that something was not right.

Although she had been praised, the reactions of the other people present didn’t meet her expectations.

But at this moment, she couldn’t ask anything. She could only suppress her emotions and stand still, waiting for the other alchemists to finish.

It didn’t take long for one alchemist’s furnace to explode, and another alchemist produced five mid-grade Spirit Pills. Tang Huan wasn’t surprised at all and remained calm.

She casually glanced at Tang Guo and saw that her expression was plain. It was really hard to tell if anything was wrong.

The Tang Guo in her memory was always someone who held her head high and refused to bow down. Even if her furnace exploded, her behavior would be different from others. She had to admit that the proud demeanor was what she admired the most.

Regardless of success or failure, no one could surpass the aura of a young lady from a prestigious family.

“This alchemy competition has truly been very rewarding for this elder. I won’t say much more, but today’s surprises have been truly abundant.”

“Next, this elder announces that the winner of this alchemy competition is Miss Tang Guo from the Tang family.”

Tang Huan was waiting for the judges to announce her as the first place winner. She had expected the previous remarks, but she never imagined that the last word would be different.

It wasn’t Tang Huan, but Tang Guo.

Tang Huan suddenly raised her head and blurted out, “Why is Tang Guo the first place?”

Instantly, the collective gaze of the surrounding people fell on her. They all had the same meaning in their eyes: Why wouldn’t it be Tang Guo?

Tang Huan felt bitter and angry in her heart. Even if Tang Guo performed exceptionally well in the previous two rounds, shouldn’t the final results be taken into account?

Tang Guo: Because I am the most outstanding.

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