Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 166

For half an hour, the alchemy furnace in front of Tang Guo kept shaking uncontrollably, becoming increasingly violent.

Everyone present silently enveloped themselves in a layer of spiritual energy, knowing that the explosion was inevitable given the current situation.

Even Ye Zhou secretly covered himself with a slightly thinner layer of spiritual energy, his eyes pitifully looking at the alchemy furnace with a hint of pleading.

“Cousin?” Tang Guo was puzzled. “What’s wrong with you?”

Ye Zhou glanced at the alchemy furnace with seriousness. “Cousin, just continue. Keep it stable! I’m using my handsome appearance to influence the alchemy furnace and prevent it from exploding.”

[Host, your cousin is really foolish.]

Tang Guo was truly astonished as she looked at Ye Zhou, whose eyes were still slightly red.

Could it be that Ye Zhou was really about to cry???

She glanced at the violently shaking alchemy furnace, controlling its movements. Ye Zhou’s expression became increasingly grim. His eyes, which were red before, were now filled with tears.

Tang Guo: “…”

[Host, your cousin is probably feeling guilty for not watching over Ye Yan, feeling remorseful… ummm.]

The lively alchemy furnace attracted the full attention of everyone present. Their gaze followed the movements of the furnace, and their hearts pounded along with it. Silently speculating, when will the furnace explode?

Please explode soon!

If it doesn’t explode now, is it brewing some kind of big move?

With these thoughts, the onlookers took a collective step back, keeping a safe distance.

Just as everyone was thinking this, they heard a loud bang, accompanied by billowing white smoke. Their tense hearts finally relaxed—it had finally exploded.

The three judges also let out a sigh of relief, wiping away their cold sweat. It had finally exploded.

They approached Tang Guo and one of them spoke up to console her. “The Soul Nurturing Pill is difficult to refine, especially on the first attempt…”

Before the words “failure” could be spoken, the judge staring at the jade bottle handed over to him was dumbfounded. Inside it were ten round and fragrant white spirit pills.

“Success… It succeeded?” The judge who had realized this widened his eyes. “It’s been refined?”

He did something that didn’t fit his identity, rubbing his eyes vigorously. The Soul Nurturing Pills in the jade bottle were still there.

They were still warm! Freshly out of the furnace.

“Top-grade Soul Nurturing Pills, ten perfect ones.”

The judge, who had regained his senses, announced excitedly with a red flush on his face. He was on the verge of lifting Tang Guo’s hand in declaration. She was the victor of the day.

The entire venue fell silent, everyone looking at Tang Guo in disbelief, as if they were staring at a monster. They didn’t want to speak; they just wanted to kneel before this alchemist.

The fact that advanced spirit pills could be refined to perfection left them in awe.

Some observers from influential forces quietly left. It had become a fact that Miss Tang, a member of the Tang family, was an senior alchemist, especially considering that she had refined perfect-grade Soul Nurturing Pills.

Refining the soul-nurturing pills!

Besides being impressed, they were also eager to establish a connection.

Tang Huan was unaware of all this, completely focused on her own refining process.

Under her single-minded concentration, she opened the alchemy furnace. Inside were nine Grade A Flesh Regeneration Pills, carefully she put them into the jade bottle. Only then did she reveal a satisfied smile.

When she looked up, ready to announce that she had finished refining, she realized that the entire venue was quiet.

Tang Huan felt content. Her talent in alchemy was only considered average, so it was quite unexpected for her to successfully refine nine Grade A Flesh Regeneration Pills even with the help of the alchemy space.

Seeing everyone as quiet as chickens, a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. It was normal for these people to be astonished after all. After all, at her age, refining nine high-grade Grade A Flesh Regeneration Pills was the mark of a genius among geniuses.

Tang Guo: “I heard that Eldest Sister is a genius alchemist? Hmm?”

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