Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 165

Everyone believed that Tang Guo would fail this time, including the three judges, not to mention Tang Huan.

These three judges are all senior alchemists who refine Soul Nurturing Pills. It is considered lucky if they succeed in making one out of ten pills.

They all felt a bit regretful. If they had drawn any other pill, Tang Guo would have easily taken first place.

The other contestants also drew the pill they wanted to refine. Some were of low difficulty, some were of medium difficulty, but there was not a single person with a high-level challenge.

Tang Huan drew a pill of nearly high difficulty, the Flesh Regeneration Pill, which can quickly replenish blood and regenerate flesh. For cultivators engaged in prolonged battles, this kind of pill is extremely precious.

The difficulty of refining it is not low, and the required ingredients are also not ordinary. To obtain it, one must find the ingredients and ask an alchemist to refine it, and prepare several portions of ingredients in order to have a chance at success.

Otherwise, one can try their luck at the auction house, where each pill might fetch a sky-high price.

People looked at Tang Huan with some sympathy. Although the Flesh Regeneration Pill was not of high difficulty, it was not something easy to refine.

Half a year ago, a mysterious person put the Flesh Regeneration Pill up for auction at the auction house, and it was sold for tens of thousands, demonstrating its immense value.

Tang Huan smiled with her head lowered. These people did not know that she was the mysterious person who auctioned the Flesh Regeneration Pill back then.

She couldn’t help but glance at Tang Guo, but couldn’t make out any expression, so she stopped looking. Although it was certain that Tang Guo would lose this round, she didn’t dare to take it lightly. If the other party wanted to disturb her concentration, it would not be worth the loss.

After the onlookers expressed their regret, they saw all the contestants immersed in the process of refining pills and stopped discussing. The atmosphere fell into silence for a while.

Most of the gazes were fixed on Tang Guo, as they speculated on when she would fail and when the furnace would explode.

They wanted to see nervousness and unease on Tang Guo’s face, but she remained calm, just like in the previous pill refining session. Her indifferent demeanor made the three judges anxious to the point of toothache.

“Oh, Miss Tang, do you know that you are refining the Soul Nurturing Pill?”

“Do you know what the Soul Nurturing Pill is?”

Even senior alchemists can’t successfully refine a pill in ten attempts.

Just be more serious. Even if your furnace explodes, no one will look down on you.

Regardless of what others thought, Tang Guo was leisurely. Every time the cauldron trembled, they twitched their eyes, shivered all over, and then covered their ears, fearing that a furnace explosion might occur in the next instant.

On Tang Huan’s side, she eliminated all distractions and focused only on pill refining. It could be said that she had immersed herself in her own world, not paying attention to anyone. If a furnace explosion were to happen in the final round, she would definitely be furious.

“Second Miss Tang’s furnace is shaking violently. When do you think it will explode?”

“From the looks of it, it shouldn’t be long now.”

“To be able to persist for this long, Second Miss Tang’s talent is truly remarkable.”

“She may be talented, but her temper isn’t great, and her character is quite arrogant. If only she were as gentle as Eldest Miss Tang.”

These people’s discussions grew louder and louder, but when Ye Zhou turned around and glared at them, they were all frightened and took a step back, closing their mouths. They glanced left and right, indicating that they were not the ones who had spoken earlier.

Ye Zhou was also very nervous. In fact, the entire audience watching Tang Guo was nervous, except for Tang Guo herself.

“System, does my performance resemble the prelude to an explosion?”

System: Host, you’re being too arrogant. He didn’t want to answer. Can you stop playing around like this?

[Host, just play for a while, okay? If you keep teasing, your cousin will end up crying.]

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