Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 164

In the third round, which is different from the previous two rounds, nine contestants randomly draw the pill they need to refine. Those who are lucky might draw simple ones, while those who are unlucky might draw pills that are not only difficult to refine but also have never been refined before.

Tang Huan is not worried at all because she has a pill refining space. No matter which pill she draws, with the assistance of her pill refining space, she can instantly use various refining methods.

The previous first and second rounds had fixed topics and commonly seen and simple pills. The real challenge is actually in the third round, where even the simplest pill is a high-level spiritual pill.

It can be said that in today’s pill refining competition, whoever successfully refines the pill drawn, whether it’s one or all nine pills, will enjoy the title of a senior alchemist and be admired by everyone.

Not to mention being the person who can take first place, they are the ones that various forces want to win over.

Tang Huan’s first goal is to seize the opportunity from Tang Guo and obtain the pill furnace that is actually a divine artifact. Her second goal is to gain fame and let everyone know that Xianping Country has a very young and talented alchemist.

In this round, she cannot afford to fail.

She will not be curious anymore and look at Tang Guo’s situation, which might affect her emotions. Previously, she was just unprepared, but now the calm Tang Huan is indeed a composed person.

Tang Guo also noticed that Tang Huan is acting very calm and composed.

[Host, after all, she is a reborn person, not so incompetent.]

Tang Guo chuckled, “Unfortunately, she has encountered me.”

The three judges brought up ten jade plaques that were sealed with a mental barrier. They flipped the plaques, revealing the names of the pill and their refining methods.

Based on the results of the second round, Tang Guo was the first to flip a plaque.

She casually picked up the nearest jade plaque, wiped off the barrier, and the name of the pill appeared.

Soul Nurturing Pill, mainly used to repair damaged souls, with a high level of difficulty in refining.

Upon hearing the announcement, the three judges were also stunned. They exchanged glances, all feeling puzzled.

“How can there be pills with a high level of difficulty?”

“Isn’t it usually only medium difficulty, not the highest?”

The participants in the pill refining competition are all young people with talent, and reputable alchemists from major forces are sitting in the audience. They wouldn’t lower their status to participate in this competition.

Tang Guo didn’t find it challenging at all. Isn’t it just the Soul Nurturing Pill? It’s zero difficulty for her.

She glanced at the people present and finally settled her gaze on one person. Her eyes flashed, and a smile appeared on her lips. It was him, Ye Yan. It wasn’t difficult for Ye Yan, with his identity, to manipulate the jade plaque.

At the same time, she felt another gaze on her.

She looked over and saw a guilty look in Ye Zhou’s eyes. Ye Zhou came to her side and said, “It was Ye Yan’s doing, cousin. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”

“After it’s over, cousin will help you beat him.”

The jade plaques had already been drawn, and saying anything else was useless.

Ye Zhou was a bit worried, “Cousin, can you do it?”

“Don’t you have confidence in me, cousin?”

Upon hearing this, the originally gloomy Ye Zhou immediately brightened up and turned into a fan, “Cousin, I knew you could do it. You’re bound to win.”

Ye Zhou’s final sentence was not at all quiet, and everyone heard it.

Originally, it wasn’t a big deal, but after everyone heard that Tang Guo drew the Soul Nurturing Pill, they fell silent.

Not to mention young alchemists, even veteran alchemists have no guarantee that they can successfully refine a Soul Nurturing Pill with just one set of ingredients.

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