Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 163

Upon hearing Tang Huan’s apology, the crowd smiled kindly and offered words of comfort. In their view, failures in the furnace and alchemy were normal occurrences. They had always regarded Tang Huan as a talented and hardworking person.

However, these words of comfort sounded harsh and unpleasant to Tang Huan’s ears. She felt that these people’s smiles were mocking her.

In the eyes of the crowd, she had always been seen as flawless. It took her many years to leave such an impression on them.

Today, it was all destroyed.

And the person who destroyed it all was Tang Guo, whom she envied the most in her heart.

Even though she had been reborn, Tang Huan’s heart was still filled with envy, inferiority, and sensitivity. She couldn’t completely suppress Tang Guo, the demon in her heart.

“Eldest Sister, didn’t you successfully refine a furnace? You don’t need to fear being eliminated.”

The composed expression Tang Huan had managed to maintain was shattered by Tang Guo’s words.

Under her calm and unruffled exterior, a towering hatred surged. The sense of superiority from her rebirth was trampled upon by Tang Guo in that moment. His barely perceptible mocking smile made her seethe with anger.

Her nails dug deeply into her palms, and Tang Guo seemed oblivious to her anger. His lips curved into a smile, and his previously proud expression softened, as if he were truly a caring younger sister to her. “There’s still one more round, Eldest Sister. You have to work hard.”

[Host, you have the potential to be a major antagonist.]

Tang Guo replied casually, “Aren’t I already the antagonist now?”

Isn’t anyone who opposes the chosen one an antagonist?

“Tang Huan is the chosen one, the protagonist of this world. If I am the antagonist, then I guess the plot development in this world should be a tragic and torturous novel for the protagonist.”

System: [Host, you have quite an imagination.] Why did it feel like the host was right?

“So, in the end, the ultimate winner of this world should be the major antagonist.”

The third round began.

This time, there were only nine people left on the stage, and all of them, except Tang Huan, stared at Tang Guo as if observing a monster.

They glanced at each other, their lips twisted with bitterness.

“I want to abstain. What can I do?”

“I want to as well.”

“This alchemy competition is cursed. Why did we have to encounter this freak?”

The three judges wore stern faces, indicating that abstaining was not allowed in the alchemy competition. The participants reluctantly gathered their spirits and could only continue with gritted teeth.

“Don’t be discouraged, everyone. In the final round, there’s only one set of ingredients. Anything unexpected can happen, and everyone has a chance.” At this moment, Tang Huan, who had regained her composure and changed into a different outfit, took the stage.

Her words of comfort eased the tension among the participants.

Tang Huan saw the grateful looks from these people and felt a sense of relief. No matter what, she couldn’t lose her composure at this time.

She looked steadily at Tang Guo, her smile unmatched in tenderness, like a good older sister caring for her younger sister. “Second sister, it’s the final round. Be cautious.”

Everyone praised her. The Eldest Miss of the Tang family was indeed a gentle person.

In this comparison, although Tang Guo had good talent, he couldn’t compare to Tang Huan in terms of being a good person.

“Eldest Sister, you too. Don’t blow up the furnace in the third round. There’s only one set of ingredients, you know.”

Tang Huan’s heart sank, her gaze lowered slightly, concealing all her emotions. “Don’t worry, this time I will be very careful. I’ve learned my lesson from before.”

She refused to believe that Tang Guo could still produce a perfect pill in the final round.

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