Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 162

Tang Guo casually threw the jade bottle onto the table, and the three judges hurriedly picked it up carefully and opened it.

Ten pills!

The technique is not different, so is this talent?

At that moment, Tang Guo had already started the second round of refinement.

Meanwhile, Tang Huan, focused on refining the pill in her hands, was oblivious to the outside world. The cautious and careful approach resulted in her successfully refining a batch of nine top-quality pills. This outcome made her smile.

With her talent, being able to refine nine top-quality pills using the alchemy space had already exceeded her expectations.

Because she was afraid that Tang Guo’s situation might affect her, she deliberately did not observe what was happening over there.

After she put the second batch of medicinal ingredients into the furnace, she couldn’t help but take a look at Tang Guo’s situation. She immediately regretted it.

She saw Tang Guo in the distance, so casual and unconcerned, with raised eyebrows, a slight smile on her lips, and a hint of arrogance in her eyes. Her movements were smooth and seamless as she put the pills, as white as jade, into the jade bottle.

One of the judges still held the jade bottle in a daze, watching Tang Guo’s skillful operation. The other two judges didn’t even blink, afraid of missing a single move.

When the jade bottle landed on the table, the three judges rushed to grab it, and as they looked inside, they saw ten sparkling and round top-quality pills. Their lips trembled, but in the end, they didn’t say much.

Their eyes, however, were already in awe of Tang Guo.

Tang Huan tried to steady her mind and resisted the urge to look again. But just then, one of the judges praised loudly, “Second Miss Tang’s talent in alchemy is probably unparalleled.”

“Yes, using the same technique, she managed to refine two batches of perfect pills in less time than others.”

The three judges spared no words in praising Tang Guo, and if it weren’t for their status, they might have kneeled down to her.

Tang Huan was stunned, forgetting that she was still refining pills. Her mind buzzed, and she couldn’t hear the sounds around her anymore. There was only one sentence echoing in her mind: both batches of pills were successful, and they were both perfect?


Tang Huan suddenly felt something was amiss. She heard a booming sound, and this time she didn’t have time to protect herself with her vital energy shield. The pill furnace exploded in her face without warning.

Her originally pristine white dress now looked disheveled and dirty.

Her fair and beautiful face was covered in soot, and everything in front of her was gray and black.

The commotion caught the attention of the three judges, not to mention the audience who had been watching the stage.

Curious gazes turned towards her, and Tang Huan felt a surge of anger and humiliation. She hated that these people only enjoyed seeing her in the spotlight. When she was in a miserable state, they didn’t hesitate to mock and ridicule her.

“Miss Tang, are you alright?”

One of the judges showed some concern. They still held Tang Huan in high regard, even though her talent couldn’t compare to Tang Guo’s. She was still a promising talent.

However, Tang Huan didn’t appreciate it. At this moment, no matter who said what, she could only feel the blatant irony.

She pursed her lips and made a great effort to make her expression look normal. In reality, her face was covered in soot, and she had lost all her previous ethereal charm. No one could tell what expression she was wearing.

“I’m fine. I’m just not feeling well today.”

Tang Huan, of course, wouldn’t admit her own shortcomings. “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

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