Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 161

“Ten, the legendary perfection, how is that possible?

Is Tang Guo’s talent really that good?

In her previous life, she clearly wasn’t this good. Could it be that during those three months, Tang Guo received some extraordinary opportunity?

That’s the only possibility.

After Tang Huan calmed her mind, she submitted the pills she had made. Her face didn’t look too good, and the judges didn’t even come over. They just had the attendant check it and register it after.

This kind of differential treatment almost drove Tang Huan crazy.

As expected, these people were all about power and influence. No different from her past life. One day, she would trample all these people underfoot and make them look up and worship her!

The three judges were very shocked. A prodigy had emerged among the alchemists. No matter how bad Tang Guo’s reputation was, they didn’t mind anymore.

Compared to reputation, they cared more about talent in their circle. It was definitely correct to befriend such a talent.

‘You achieved perfection in your pill refining, do you have any insights?’ One of the judges couldn’t help asking. This question was difficult, as every alchemist has their own methods, and they generally wouldn’t pass them on to others.

Tang Guo smiled, ‘I think, this is talent.’

The corner of the judge’s mouth twitched. Really?

‘Do you mind if we observe from the side later?’

The three judges politely asked. After all, this might affect Tang Guo’s refining process, and she had the right to refuse.

Tang Guo did not refuse, saying, ‘Of course, feel free, you will understand later that this truly is talent.’

Everyone’s mouths twitched. This eldest miss of the Tang family was indeed very annoying.

So arrogant!

So infuriating!

Regardless of what the onlookers thought, the three judges were very pleased. They each moved their small stools over and sat down around Tang Guo. Tang Huan found this scene irritating to watch. It reminded her of many things from her past life.

Ye Zhou saw the three judges sitting around his cousin in a row, and he couldn’t hold back either. He jumped up, asking for a small stool to be brought over, and sat down next to them.

The three judges: ‘…’

‘Yesterday, I personally saw my cousin refine pills all afternoon. Every furnace was a success, all achieving perfection.’ Ye Zhou boasted proudly, his smile lighting up his face. His red robe made him look even more handsome. ‘Her technique is no different from others, it truly is talent.’

The three judges: ‘…’

By the second round, there were less than thirty people left. The terrifying elimination rate made people even more awed by the profession of alchemist.

They saw countless alchemists fail on the spot, even causing the furnace to explode. Then they saw Tang Guo effortlessly refine three furnaces to perfection. When compared, their gazes were off.

Could it really be talent?

‘The second round begins now.’

Two sets of spiritual herbs appeared in front of Tang Guo. Good, the second round only had two sets, meaning all alchemists only had two chances.

This time, Tang Huan decided not to pay attention to Tang Guo’s situation and started refining with full concentration.

Here, Tang Guo was surrounded by four people. She nonchalantly threw the spiritual herbs into the furnace. Her casual demeanor made the observing judges anxious for her.

Take it seriously.

Don’t be so perfunctory.

If you fail and the furnace explodes, there will be no perfection.

A classic case of ‘the emperor is not in a hurry but the eunuch is’, Tang Guo remained unfazed, completely oblivious to the others’ anxious states. Half an hour later, she lightly tapped the furnace, and with a habitual stroke of her jade hand, she put the pills into a jade bottle.

The three judges: Is it already done?”

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