Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 160

Tang Huan didn’t take the first round seriously at all. With the help of the alchemical space, she could easily succeed in refining a furnace of pills.

Although the pills she personally refined didn’t achieve the same superb quality as those from the alchemical space, it was more than enough to handle the alchemists here.

From the start, she had no intention of concealing her skills and decided to refine all three sets of ingredients.

Under normal circumstances, a furnace of pills could produce up to nine pills. However, there are legends of a furnace yielding ten pills, but even the alchemical space can’t achieve that.

Tang Huan’s first batch of pills was ready, and the observers noticed. Seeing her continue to refine the second batch, they nodded at each other with a smile, having had high expectations for Tang Huan from the start.

In their hearts, they all believed that the one to come out on top this time would be Tang Huan.

“I have finished refining.”

A sudden voice interrupted the thoughts of the alchemy conference judges. They then focused their attention on Tang Guo.

Several judges of the Alchemy Conference stood up and came to Tang Guo. Next to Tang Guo was a monitor, a person specially assigned to supervise the contestants.

The monitor stood there with a stunned expression. Seeing the judges approaching, his eyes regained some light, looking at Tang Guo with an ominous glow.

“Finished refining?”

The judges were haughty, as Tang Guo’s reputation outside was not good. Furthermore, due to their familiarity with Tang Huan, their impression of Tang Guo was also poor.

Only after a casual glance did they realize that Tang Guo had used all three spirit medicines. They concluded that she must have botched two furnaces.

Indeed, the legitimate daughter of the Tang family could not compete with Miss Tang. Regardless of the pills Miss Tang was refining, she almost never failed.

“It’s done. Please take a look.”

Tang Guo pointed to the three jade bottles in front of her and smiled, “All three were successful.”

The judges were stunned, and others who noticed the situation were also dumbfounded.

Those who heard this, including Tang Huan, who couldn’t control her hand trembling, ruined the second batch of pills!

The smell of scorched pills wafted from the furnace, attracting onlookers. Tang Huan’s face was grim as she clenched her lips, cleaned the alchemy furnace, and steadied her mind to continue with the next batch.

After exchanging glances, a judge picked up a jade bottle and began to check it.

Upon opening it, they were stunned.


“Mine also has ten!”

“Really ten??”

Three voices sounded in succession, the shock in their eyes was impossible to conceal. Now, they couldn’t care less about Tang Guo’s reputation and stared at her excitedly.

They were still very calm and asked the monitor next to them, who confirmed that Tang Guo had no chance of cheating, and besides, everyone was watching. Who would dare to cheat at such a time?

Also, any alchemist with knowledge of pills could tell that the pills had just been refined.

The three judges were very certain that Tang Guo had achieved the legendary perfect ten in a single furnace.

Upon hearing this, Tang Huan was also shocked, and her previously calm mind was once again in chaos. Then, with a loud bang, the furnace exploded!

Tang Huan’s face turned from pale to green. She stared at the shattered furnace in front of her, she had the alchemical space to assist her, yet she failed!

Even without lifting her head, she could sense the mocking expressions around her, her fist tightly clenched.

In fact, the people around were just very surprised. They wondered how she could have had an explosion with her furnace, they weren’t really mocking her.

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