Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 159

Since yesterday, Tang Guo had been practicing all afternoon, and each attempt was guaranteed to produce a pill. Ye Zhou transitioned from shock to acceptance. When he looked at Tang Guo, his eyes were filled with admiration.

He had even told her, “Cousin, you are wasting your talent staying in the Tang mansion.”

Such talent should be nurtured with a great deal of resources.

Thinking about the situation in the Tang family, he couldn’t help but feel indignant on Tang Guo’s behalf.

In the end, he had also said, “In the future, come to me for anything you need. If the Tang family has it, I have it; if the Tang family doesn’t have it, I still have it.”

Tang Guo responded with a beaming smile, “Sure.”

Today, at the scene of the alchemy competition, Ye Zhou was still reminiscing about that smile. In reality, his cousin was quite admirable.

The alchemy competition consisted of three rounds: elementary, intermediate, and advanced.

The tournament adopted an elimination system, and every participant could receive the corresponding alchemical ingredients in each round. The first and second rounds eliminated those who failed in alchemy.

As long as a batch of pills was successfully refined, the round was passed.

Despite the relatively relaxed conditions, there were always unforeseen circumstances during alchemy. For instance, being watched by so many people could disturb one’s state of mind, and shaky hands could lead to total failure.

Some alchemists had less than a 50% success rate, perhaps only 20-30%. For them, even the three portions of ingredients for the elementary round were quite stringent.

If the first furnace failed, it would undoubtedly affect their state of mind, and the following two attempts could also end in failure.

Alchemy not only tested skills but also the state of mind.

The second round provided two portions of ingredients.

As for the final round, the alchemy competition only provided one high-grade ingredient. Yes, only one. Regardless of how many alchemists could successfully refine it in one go, the quality still mattered.

Moreover, they might encounter a pill recipe they had never refined before. Although the alchemy competition provided the recipe, if refining a pill was as easy as just looking at the recipe, then alchemists in this world would not be so scarce.

In front of Tang Guo were three portions of ordinary-grade ingredients. At the scene of the alchemy competition, there were no fewer than a hundred participants.

She glanced around and immediately spotted Tang Huan. Amidst a group of alchemists in drab clothing, Tang Huan stood out brilliantly in white.

Tang Huan also saw her, gave her a smile, and then bowed his head to focus on alchemy.

That smile was definitely not a friendly one.

Tang Guo scoffed, not knowing whether Tang Huan heard her. She lifted her head again, and Tang Guo tilted her chin arrogantly.

Tang Huan chuckled softly, unclear whether she was laughing at Tang Guo’s ignorance or something else.

“Cousin, do your best! You’re the best!”

The sudden shout from the audience drew attention.

The usually quiet alchemy competition was disrupted by this voice, sparking curiosity. Everyone turned to see that the voice belonged to the young prince, and they did not dare to say anything further.

They thought, “Didn’t the two break off their engagement?”

They were very confused about this matter. Initially, everyone was saying that the young prince didn’t want Tang Guo. Yet in less than a day, the whole city was talking about how it was Tang Guo who didn’t want the young prince.

Looking at the young prince’s earnest and excited face, they started speculating. Could it really be that Tang Guo no longer wanted the young prince?

“I know.”

Before people could digest the situation, they heard Tang Guo’s response. Considering her previous statement, they found her expression strange.

Isn’t the legitimate young miss of the Tang family shameless? When the young prince declares you are the best, do you really believe you are the best?

If Tang Guo were to know about their doubts, she would definitely nod her head in seriousness and respond: Yes, she’s the best.

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