Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 158

Tang Guo suppressed the urge to touch his head and took the storage bag.

Upon looking inside, this wasn’t considered high-grade? This was just for practice?

If taken out, Ye Zhou would probably be beaten up!

These spirit medicines in the storage bag would be sold out in minutes if taken out for sale. They might not be considered high-grade in Ye Zhou’s eyes, but they were luxurious for practice.

But who was Tang Guo?

Having traveled through so many worlds, she had assumed various identities and seen all kinds of good things. What hadn’t she seen?

She silently took the bag and began to practice.

Ye Zhou revealed a big smile, sitting on the side and watching, not feeling anything wrong with using these high-quality spirit medicines for practice.

Just some ordinary stuff that his cousin liked.

At this moment, he didn’t notice why he had to gather in front of Tang Guo every day and willingly search his own belongings to give to her.

Was it really just the affection and protection of a cousin?

He only felt happy when he gave good things to Tang Guo.

He didn’t know if this was a kind of illness. If he didn’t give his cousin something every day, he felt uneasy all over. Ye Zhou touched his nose and earnestly looked at Tang Guo. Perhaps he felt guilty because he recently discovered that beneath his cousin’s arrogant surface, there was such a docile side?

Yes, he just wanted to compensate his cousin.

After understanding this, Ye Zhou didn’t think much about anything else.

Others didn’t care about his cousin, but he did.

Others didn’t like his cousin, but he did.

Others didn’t protect his cousin, but he did.

Everyone detested his cousin, but he liked her, and that was enough.

His cousin was the best cousin in the world. She looked good, had a good personality, was talented, spoke pleasingly, and had a beautiful smile.

[Host, is your cousin acting stupid? Look how silly he’s smiling!]

Tang Guo threw the medicinal herbs into the alchemy furnace without paying much attention, but she casually glanced sideways and indeed saw Ye Zhou’s silly smile with a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth.


Another half hour passed, and Ye Zhou estimated that it was time to produce the pill. He looked even more nervous than Tang Guo, or rather, Tang Guo wasn’t nervous at all, only he was.

“If it doesn’t succeed this time, it’s normal. Cousin, don’t worry…”

Before the words were spoken, Tang Guo ignited the pill furnace, her jade-like hand swiftly sweeping away, storing the finished products into jade bottles. Ye Zhou wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words and instead revealed a gaze that acknowledged his cousin’s remarkable skills.


After calming down, he finally said, “I knew my cousin had talent for alchemy, but I didn’t expect it to be this good. You succeeded in just one batch.”

The meaning in his eyes almost made him want to grab Tang Guo’s thigh and say, “Cousin, how amazing you are! Cousin admires you so much.”

“I already made a batch before you arrived,” Tang Guo added, “and it was successful.”

Ye Zhou: “…”

Tang Guo handed both jade bottles to Ye Zhou. “Here, cousin, you can have the products from both batches. They’re not high-grade, but they’re still good as candy beans.”

Ye Zhou’s expression became complex as he took the two jade bottles and opened them. He was slightly amazed by the round and translucent pills. Such technique was beyond the reach of many alchemists in the city.

He wanted to take back his previous words about his cousin’s talent. His cousin was truly a genius!

“Cousin, tomorrow’s alchemy competition’s first place will undoubtedly be yours.”

“If the result isn’t in your favor, there must be something fishy going on!”

He put away the jade bottles and assumed a serious expression. “I’ll keep an eye on those old folks. If they dare to cheat or show favoritism, I’ll break their legs.”

Originally, he wanted to say that he would tear their mouths apart, but the idea of a grown man tearing someone’s mouth apart didn’t sound good when spoken out loud.

Ye Zhou: Cousin, not only am I wealthy, but I can also be your bodyguard!

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