Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 157

Tomorrow is the Alchemy Convention, and Tang Guo hasn’t been anywhere in the past two days. She bought a bunch of spiritual medicines and is ready to practice.

Although her biological mother and father don’t care about her, Tang Guo’s identity as the legitimate young miss of the Tang family is a fact. In the eyes of others, her talent in cultivation is only slightly inferior to Tang Huan.

The resources allocated to her by the Tang family are not as generous as those given to Tang Huan, but they are not too harsh either. As a large family, the emphasis is on the smooth development of its members in order to ensure long-lasting prosperity. Even if someone stands out, they won’t allocate all the resources to that person.

Furthermore, Tang Guo, as the legitimate young miss, is young and talented. If she were to be neglected, they would become laughingstocks.

There is also another reason: after being reborn, Tang Huan became particularly arrogant. She held onto the opportunities that once belonged to Tang Guo, and with her “own abilities,” she formed connections with various influential individuals. She enjoyed Tang Haohui’s favor and received protection from Ye Yan. As a result, she rarely showed any good attitude towards the Tang family.

Tang Guo can understand Tang Huan’s mindset to some extent. After all, she resents how the Tang family treated her in her previous life.

Tang Huan’s goal is to make people look up to her, to trample everyone underfoot, and to make those who look down on her regret it, including the Tang family.

Therefore, it is impossible for her to peacefully coexist with the members of the Tang family.

Thinking of this, Tang Guo smiled. Would it be foolish not to build a good relationship with her own family? Even if Tang Haohui is the patriarch, he wouldn’t dare to confront the members of the Tang family directly.

If the Tang family members are dissatisfied, Tang Haohui’s position as the patriarch could be forcefully taken away.

There is a decent alchemy furnace in the storage bag left by the original body. Its quality can be considered above average. Tang Guo is not picky. Following the recipe in her memory, she started practicing alchemy.

Perhaps this body has a good foundation, as alchemy is quite easy for her. Half an hour later, she successfully refined a furnace of pills. Each pill is crystal clear and of high quality at first glance.

“Fortunately, I still have the skills.” Tang Guo smiled as she looked at the pills. “No need to waste effort studying those things back then.”

She has traveled through both fantasy and cultivation worlds. If we were to trace back, it’s hard to say how long ago it was.

[Host, if you say that out loud, you’ll get beaten up. In the field of alchemy, one in ten succeeds, but you have a perfect record. Please be more modest.]

The system also rarely jokes, sensing that its host is in a very good mood.

“Hmph! Fortunately, I am outstanding.”

Tang Guo’s eyes flicker. She was truly looking forward to tomorrow. She wondered what the scene will be like when Tang Huan, who relies on the alchemy space, loses to her at the Alchemy Convention.

She has never thought about hiding her abilities. She wanted to establish a foundation for walking arrogantly in this world as soon as she appears!

[Host, why am I feeling a bit excited?]

“Who knows why you’re excited?”


“Cousin, cousin, I heard that you bought a lot of spiritual medicines. Is it for practicing at tomorrow’s Alchemy Convention?”

Tang Guo was already accustomed to Ye Zhou’s daily reports. Before he even arrived, she could hear his voice. She glanced up and saw a handsome man in a red robe stepping into the courtyard, walking briskly towards her.

Ye Zhou had a smile on his face as he approached Tang Guo and handed her a storage pouch.

“There are many spiritual medicines here, including several high-grade ones. You may need them in the future, and the others are good for practice.”

“No need to thank me,” Ye Zhou interjected before Tang Guo could respond.

Then he looked at her with a shining gaze, resembling a large dog.

Ye Zhou: Little cousin, can you feel my extravagance?

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