Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 156

The hall was quiet. Tang Guo took the jade box and smirked, then replied, “Alright.”

Ye Zhou caught a glimpse of her beautiful smile and was momentarily stunned. His cousin truly looked as attractive as she did when they were children.

Remembering the nonsense he used to say in the past, he quickly turned his head. He didn’t dare to make those jokes again, afraid that she would misunderstand once more.

Looking at the others, it seemed they were impressed by his actions and couldn’t help but feel proud, their expressions full of confidence.

“In a few days, there will be an alchemy exchange conference in Pingcheng. Would Huan’er like to participate?”

“The first prize of the alchemy conference is an exquisite alchemy furnace.”

Ye Yan’s words finally broke the awkward silence.

Tang Huan’s eyes brightened at the mention of it. She remembered this alchemy furnace; in her previous life, Tang Guo obtained it. Everyone thought it was just an exquisite alchemy furnace, but they didn’t know it was an ancient artifact passed down through the ages.

It could be said that in her previous life, Tang Guo had gained fame in alchemy, and the importance of this furnace was not small.

She had the alchemy space, so what kind of medicinal pill couldn’t she make? However, the shadow left by Tang Guo in her previous life was too big. She also wanted to be like Tang Guo in her previous life, effortlessly manipulating the alchemy furnace and refining envy-inducing pills in front of others.

But her talent in alchemy was mediocre, fortunately she had the assistance of the alchemy space. Winning the competition would be a breeze.

This alchemy furnace, which was a stroke of luck for Tang Guo, she had set her sights on it.

Good things should be obtained by the capable, right?

“Of course, I will participate. I also want to exchange alchemy insights with other alchemists. It’s easy to fall into a misunderstanding if one isolates oneself.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone present, except for Ye Zhou and Tang Guo, nodded in agreement.

“What about the Second Sister? Will you go? You have always been talented in alchemy, so you shouldn’t miss such an opportunity, right?”

Tang Huan’s eyes emitted a strong fighting spirit. To defeat the enemy, one must strike them where they are most skilled.

If it were the original owner, she would have made some ruthless remarks, telling her not to be too proud and whatnot about the alchemy conference.

At this moment, Tang Guo merely raised her eyes and said, “Naturally, I will go. I’m very interested in this alchemy conference.”

“Perfect, we happen to be lacking an alchemy furnace at hand. If the quality is good, bring it back and we can use it.”

Such arrogant words!

Tang Huan felt uncomfortable. It sounded as if this alchemy furnace belonged to the other party. She secretly laughed, thinking that being so arrogant would only make her face hurt later.

“The Second Sister has always been talented in alchemy, so it’s not surprising for her to get first place.”

“The Eldest Sister misspoke. You should know that there are always people beyond your expectations. Having good talent doesn’t mean you will get first place.” At this point, Tang Guo’s words took a turn, “However, I believe that this time’s alchemy conference, the first place should be mine.”

Tang Huan was speechless. Tang Haohui couldn’t bear to watch. How could there be such an ignorant and arrogant daughter? She was truly embarrassing.

Ye Yan was convinced in his heart that she was just a clueless young lady. How could she be so arrogant? It’s fortunate that Huan’er saved face for her; otherwise, she would have really overstepped her bounds.

“Cousin, I believe in you. You must be the first place.”

Ye Zhou’s sudden words created a gust of wind in the hall. Tang Guo’s eyes revealed a smile as she met Ye Zhou’s gaze and replied with an “Mm.”

Ye Zhou knew he did the right thing and felt even happier.

“Cousin has always supported you.”

Ye Zhou’s eyes sparkled like starlight, shining brightly. “Cousin is the most outstanding. That alchemy furnace barely deserves to be in your presence.”

Tang Huan twitched her mouth. Who is this person? Isn’t he afraid of getting slapped in the face later?

“Cousin has great taste.”

Everyone: “…”

Ye Zhou: Cousin, I’m your loyal fan.

Tang Huan: I’m a hater…

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