Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 155

“Eldest Sister, don’t worry, I won’t blame you.”

Tang Guo lowered her head, a faint smile playing at the corners of her mouth. She raised an eyebrow and said, “However, there’s something I’d like to ask you, Eldest Sister.”

“Go ahead, Second Sister.”

Tang Huan felt somewhat uneasy, secretly speculating whether the other party had encountered some extraordinary experience in the past three months.

She clenched her fist, reassured by her own cultivation level. Even if the other party had encountered something extraordinary, it couldn’t surpass her abilities.

“It’s not a big deal. When you took the Life Essence Flower back then, it attracted the pursuit of a demonic beast. When we were fleeing, I tripped and fell. As a cultivator at the Yuan Shi level, I couldn’t have stumbled on my own. I remember someone tripped me, and my ankle swelled.”

As she spoke, Ye Zhou’s face changed drastically.

Tang Huan’s expression remained calm, but a glimmer flickered in her eyes.

“Did Second Sister not feel anything wrong?”

“Eldest Sister, your words carry some meaning,” Tang Guo chuckled lightly. “If my ankle was swollen, could I lie about it?”

Tang Huan pursed her lips. “Perhaps someone accidentally tripped you while running,” she said, feeling somewhat wronged. “Are you suspecting me by asking this question today?”

Once these words were spoken, everyone present, except for Ye Zhou, glared angrily at Tang Guo as if she had committed some heinous act.

“Eldest Sister, you shouldn’t make wild accusations. I didn’t mention you.”

“If I find out it was you, Eldest Sister, I would definitely take action. I can’t stand being wronged. I would immediately retaliate against anyone who harmed me. It’s best to give her a good slap or whip her a couple of times, maybe even break her leg.”

Tang Huan’s eyelids twitched, but she felt relieved. This was the true nature of Tang Guo.

“Today, I just wanted to ask if Eldest Sister knew who tripped me. If it weren’t for my vigilance, I might have been killed by the demonic beast.”

Ye Zhou’s heart tightened, thinking that if it weren’t for his cousin’s luck, he wouldn’t have seen this lively little girl today.

He also harbored hatred towards the person who tripped Tang Guo. If he found out, he would break that person’s leg even without Tang Guo’s involvement.

“Eldest Sister, did you see who it was?”

Tang Huan maintained a composed expression and shook her head. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Second Sister. I didn’t see.”

“Oh, that’s unfortunate.”

“By the way, Eldest Sister, what about the Life Essence Flower? Since we faced the danger together, shouldn’t we share it?”

Tang Huan clenched her fist. She had already used the Life Essence Flower, so there was no way she could produce it now.

“Huan’er was severely injured at the time, and it was the Life Essence Flower that saved her life. Why are you being so petty?” Tang Haohui expressed his displeasure.

At the right moment, Ye Yan interjected, “Second Miss, I can compensate you for the rest of the things.”

Tang Guo smiled but remained silent.

Ye Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore, looking proud and snorting coldly, “Guo’er is this king’s cousin. What does she not have? Do you think she cares about those things in your hands? This king has traveled all over the continent and collected all sorts of rare treasures. Whatever amount she wants, this king will give her. She’s not shallow-minded like that. She just asked casually. Does she really think she fancies the Life Essence Flower?”

After speaking, Ye Zhou directly took out a jade box and opened it for everyone to see. His eyebrows danced with delight. “Frosty Immortal Mushroom, more precious than the Life Essence Flower. Cousin, it’s yours.”

Ye Zhou closed the jade box and handed it to Tang Guo. With a handsome face adorned with a smile, he appeared protective, which made Tang Guo laugh and him even more pleased.

“Don’t be afraid, cousin. Big brother will protect you,” he whispered.

Somehow, everyone present felt a pang in their hearts.

Ye Zhou: Am I also considered a cousin? What is this Life Essence Flower?

Tang Guo: Shameless!

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