Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 154

“Second Miss, there are guests at home. The master invites you to come over.”

At that time, Tang Guo and Ye Zhou were drinking tea and playing chess. Ever since their engagement was canceled, Ye Zhou quietly visited Tang Guo every day, bringing different gifts each time, as if trying to make up for the guilt of the past ten years.

Tang Guo naturally wouldn’t refuse gifts from anyone, especially since she had other motives as well!

System: [Host, what are your motives?]

Tang Guo’s pink lips curved up, revealing a beautiful smile like a blooming sea rose.

“Of course, my motive is to make Ye Zhou fall in love with me. After chasing him for more than ten years, canceling the engagement and forgiving him with a few gifts, do you think it’s that easy?”

The system was incredulous, [So, you want to continue the original host’s feelings and have a relationship with him?]

“Truly foolish to the extreme. I don’t want your feeble-minded explanations.”

System: He’s feeble-minded, he’s stupid, the most feeble-minded and stupid person in the world.

[Host, I will also upgrade someday and be able to help you.]

“I haven’t been expecting that for a long time. But you’re not completely useless. We can chat when I’m bored and relieve some of the boredom in my heart.”

System: I feel so aggrieved!

Based on the host’s temperament, he always felt that Ye Zhou’s future wouldn’t be easy. He looked at Ye Zhou with a pitiful gaze and silently lit a candle.

“I came here today just because I was worried about Huan’er. Now that I know her injuries have healed, I can rest assured.”

The Seventh Prince, Ye Yan, spoke while his eyes remained fixed on Tang Huan’s figure nearby. The deep affection that flashed in his eyes was evident to everyone present.

Tang Haohui was in a good mood. His legitimate daughter and Ye Zhou had canceled their engagement, which had bothered him. But seeing the current Seventh Prince’s fondness for Tang Huan, he became happy again.

Indeed, Huan’er was his good daughter. Although Ye Zhou was good, his mind was solely focused on cultivation. He had an unruly character, or in other words, he was like a wild child. He couldn’t compare to the current Seventh Prince before his eyes.

As everyone exchanged pleasantries, the guests were delighted. Tang Guo and Ye Zhou arrived late.

Just as Tang Haohui was about to reprimand them, he suddenly noticed Ye Zhou standing beside Tang Guo and quickly shut his mouth. He felt surprised. How had their relationship become better than before?

Since Tang Guo entered, the hall fell into silence.

Ye Yan glanced at Tang Guo and then averted his gaze, not concealing his disdain in the slightest.

Upon seeing Ye Zhou, however, he stood up and respectfully saluted, saying, “Imperial Uncle.”

If we talk about canceling the engagement between Tang Guo and Ye Zhou, Ye Yan was the happiest. He didn’t want to call Tang Guo “Aunt-in-law.” He despised this arrogant and domineering young lady. She displayed all the flaws of an aristocratic family, while her virtues were completely abandoned.

Ye Zhou responded with a casual “hm” and greeted Tang Haohui as “Master Tang,” finding a seat on his own beside Tang Guo.

This action made everyone in the room exchange meaningful glances.

“I was just playing chess with my cousin earlier. Master Tang, why are you urgently looking for someone?” His words implied, “Old man, you’re interrupting me.”

Tang Haohui’s cheek twitched; he no longer cared about the canceled engagement. It would be perfect to get rid of this troublesome brat.

The atmosphere grew somewhat awkward, but Tang Huan stepped forward. Her radiant smile thawed the icy tension in the hall.

“I was worried about my younger sister’s safety earlier, but now that I see she’s unharmed, I can finally relax.”

If it were in the past, the original owner would definitely stand up and say a few harsh words to embarrass Tang Huan. That’s what Tang Huan would have wanted.

However, Tang Guo was not the original owner. Even if she were to say something harsh, she would say it in a way that made herself feel comfortable.

“I only found out after returning that Eldest Sister had suffered a severe injury and fell into a coma. No wonder nobody came to find me in the past three months.”


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