Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 153

“She and Ye Zhou called off the engagement?”

It was Tang Huan who spoke. She furrowed her brows as she remembered the encounter three months ago. Then she felt her own cultivation, and a smile crept onto her face.

Although she nearly lost her life to a demonic beast, she managed to turn the misfortune into a blessing. Not only did she cleanse her meridians with the Life Essence Flower and enhance her cultivation talent, but she also advanced her cultivation level several times. Now she had reached the initial stage of the Yuan Jiang realm, and her mood had improved significantly.

In this lifetime, Tang Huan was determined to stand at the pinnacle and not suffer the same fate as in her previous life, where she was bullied and died in despair, only able to look up to Tang Guo.

“Does Mother know why she canceled the engagement with Ye Zhou?”

Tang Huan had no particular doubts about this matter. Ever since she returned to her childhood and changed the fate of her mother and herself, all the trajectories in this world were different from her previous life.

She recalled that in her previous life, just before her death, she heard Tang Guo’s footsteps pursuing Ye Zhou, who had already reached the pinnacle of the Yuan Emperor realm. It was a realm that made her both look up to and despair.

In this life, she seized Tang Guo’s opportunity. She wondered if he would still have a chance to reach the realm of the Yuan Emperor.

With this in mind, her eyes sparkled. In a little while, the Divine Beast Egg would appear in this world. She remembered that in her previous life, everyone thought it was a dead egg and nobody wanted it, but Tang Guo picked it up.

After a few years, it unexpectedly hatched into a powerful divine beast.

She was determined to seize that divine beast egg!

She no longer wanted to grovel, appease others, and be looked down upon by everyone.

She would climb step by step, making everyone look up to her, including Tang Guo, so that he could experience the same feelings she had in the past.

“I don’t know about that,” Aunt Lou scoffed, “The young prince was already impatient with her. He couldn’t stand her pestering, so it’s not surprising that the engagement was canceled.”

Tang Huan thought for a moment. In this lifetime, Tang Guo’s cultivation speed was not bad, but compared to her, he didn’t have the same opportunities. Moreover, with Ye Zhou’s proud nature as a supreme talent, he probably wouldn’t pay much attention to Tang Guo. So it wasn’t surprising that the engagement was canceled.

“How is Mother’s health?”

A warm color flashed in Aunt Lou’s eyes. “I’m very well,” she said, blushing slightly. “Your father treats me well too. Don’t worry, Huan’er.”

Tang Huan nodded. “That’s good to hear. I’ve worried you these past few months. It was my fault as your daughter.”

“Silly girl, what are you talking about? As long as you’re fine, I’m happy.”

Tang Huan held Aunt Lou’s hand firmly, her gaze resolute. “Mother, rest assured. Even if you’re just a concubine of the Tang family, with your daughter by your side, everyone, including Bu Yunzi, won’t dare to harm you.”

“Mother, wait. Huan’er, don’t push yourself too hard. Bo Yunzi is arrogant by nature and not favored by your father. Tang Guo is also disappointing these days, causing your father’s displeasure. There’s no need to worry about them,” Aunt Lou chuckled. “Bo Yunzi is even frustrated with her own biological daughter. It seems her brain isn’t functioning properly, and she doesn’t even care about her own daughter. If it were me, how could I bear it? I would dote on my own daughter so much.”

Tang Huan felt warmth in her heart. In her past life, her mother had died early, but she still remembered how much her mother loved her. That’s why in this life, she paid great attention to Aunt Lou’s well-being.

At that moment, a servant interrupted their conversation.

“Aunt Lou, Miss, the Seventh Prince has arrived. The head of the family requests your presence.”

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