Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 152

“In the bottle, there is a high-grade Vitality Pill that can replenish your vitality for cultivation.” Ye Zhou carefully handed a bottle of Vitality Pill to Tang Guo, his handsome face revealing a pleasing smile.

Seeing Tang Guo looking at him, he took out a milky white jade bottle and placed it in front of her. “Heavenly Yuan Pill can help you break through the bottleneck in your cultivation. It’s very effective and has no side effects. You can rest assured, cousin.”

Tang Guo remained silent, eyeing Ye Zhou suspiciously.

Ye Zhou felt a bit embarrassed. He couldn’t really show these things off. He rummaged through his storage bag, and his eyes lit up when he found something. He took out a slender emerald jade bottle, about two fingers wide, and one could vaguely see a liquid flowing inside.

“Ice Jade Liquid. After taking it, your appearance will remain unchanged for ten years.”

Ye Zhou secretly thought to himself, “Girls should like this, right?”

He glanced at Tang Guo and noticed that her attire was plain and dull. At just sixteen years old, she should be wearing more colorful clothes to look like a young girl.

He rummaged through again and finally smiled when he found something.

Tang Guo suddenly felt a blur before her eyes, and there was an extra item on the table. It looked purple from the outside and appeared light and thin. It had a faint luster, especially in brighter places, revealing its extraordinary nature.

“Purple Silkworm Ice Feather Robe. It has a beautiful appearance, and wearing it makes you ethereal like a fairy. It has vibrant colors, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, and can also be used as a defensive tool. It suits you well, cousin.”

Tang Guo touched it and indeed felt a comfortable sensation, as if she were in water.

“Why did you suddenly start giving me gifts, cousin?” Tang Guo raised her eyes, a strange light flashing in them. “Could it be that you regret breaking off the engagement?”

“No, not at all.” Ye Zhou was afraid she would misunderstand and quickly said.

Tang Guo smiled faintly. “Cousin, there’s no need to be nervous. Even if you regret it, I won’t take back my decision. The engagement has been annulled, and everyone in the Xianping Kingdom knows. How could I go back on my word and make a fool of myself?”

Ye Zhou was extremely embarrassed.

Heh heh…

“Cousin, are you mad at me?” Ye Zhou asked cautiously.

Tang Guo shook her head. “No, why would I be mad at you?”

Ye Zhou’s heart skipped a beat, and an indescribable emotion surged within him. He dared not look into her eyes, afraid to see something he couldn’t respond to in her gaze.

In reality, all he needed to do was look up, and he would notice the deep and tranquil depths of Tang Guo’s eyes, devoid of any affection.

“As long as you’re not angry, I won’t travel around anymore. If anyone bullies you, remember to come to me, and I’ll stand up for you. As long as I’m here, no one will dare to mistreat you.”

Tang Guo propped her chin, a gentle tone coming through. “Really?”

Ye Zhou raised his head and met her gaze, nodding firmly. “Yes, really. I will always treat you as my little sister, protect you, and cherish you.”

They no longer had an engagement, and Ye Zhou didn’t have to avoid her anymore. That’s what he thought in his heart. After all these years, he owed her that much.

“Cousin, I’ll remember what you said today.” Tang Guo smiled and collected all her belongings. “I really like cousin’s gift. Thank you.”

Ye Zhou felt delighted inside, and hearing Tang Guo’s thank you made him a little embarrassed.

“Cousin, you don’t have to thank me. It’s only natural.”

He couldn’t help but sneak a glance at Tang Guo. His cousin had delicate features, with a hint of extravagance and allure. Her brows and eyes were somewhat cold, and he wondered what kind of grace she would exhibit when she wore the Purple Silkworm Ice Feather Robe.

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