Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 151

  ”I heard that Miss Tang, the legitimate daughter of the Tang family, returned yesterday, unharmed.”

  ”Oh, really?”

  ”Yes, indeed. The Eldest Miss Tang is amiable and nearly lost her life to a monster. This legitimate daughter disappeared for three months without a word, and now she returns unscathed, lucky as ever.”

  ”Do you think she did something to offend The Eldest Miss Tang and put her in danger, so she stayed away for three months, afraid to come back? And now that she heard The Eldest Miss Tang is safe, she finally returned?”


  Ye Zhou pondered over his actions and felt that he had been unfair.

  It was because of his words that the engagement had taken place when they were young. After learning about his cousin’s situation from his elder brother, he couldn’t let it go. He felt guilty and decided to make amends to Tang Guo in the capacity of a cousin.

  However, after leaving the palace, he heard various discussions on the streets.

  None of them were good words, and it made him angry.

  His cousin could be a bit overbearing at times, and he himself found her detestable on occasions, but he didn’t believe she would be the kind of person to push someone into the mouth of a monster. These people were just randomly talking without any evidence, and they didn’t care about twisting their tongues.

  ”I have a cousin working in the Tang family, and I heard that the engagement between The Second Miss Tang and the young prince has been called off. Isn’t it too coincidental? As soon as she returns, the engagement is canceled. She wouldn’t have willingly called it off; there must be something wrong with her character, and the young prince doesn’t want her anymore.”

  ”That’s right. Everyone in the Xianping Kingdom knows that she shamelessly chased the young prince for over ten years. The young prince rarely visited the palace just to avoid her. I suspect that even the previous engagement might have been obtained by her manipulations.”

  ”Now, because she did something wrong, the young prince couldn’t bear it and broke off the engagement. Even if she is the legitimate daughter of the Tang family, it doesn’t mean she can manipulate everything.”

  The more he listened, the angrier Ye Zhou became.

  His aura emanated, and he glared angrily at the men standing on the street, discussing.

  ”What nonsense are you spouting?”

Ye Zhou stood in front of several people, the pressure emanating from him making their chests feel tight. Fear flickered in their eyes as they glanced at each other, not quite understanding the intentions of this red-robed man who suddenly came looking for trouble.

“Sir, have we offended you in any way?” If it weren’t for the display of power shown by Ye Zhou, they wouldn’t have been so polite.

Ye Zhou shook his red sleeves and snorted coldly, directly taking out his identity token and showing it to the men. “Open your eyes wide and see clearly what this is.”

“Young Prince, please forgive us. We are only indignant on your behalf. It’s also that Miss Tang, the legitimate young lady of the Tang family, is unaware of her place. How could she be worthy of someone like you, Young Prince…”

As he spoke, the man noticed that the young prince’s expression grew even colder.

“What nonsense are you dogs talking about?” Ye Zhou was genuinely angry now, and his red robe swelled up with his anger. “Let me make it clear to you. I didn’t initiate the cancellation of this marriage agreement!!”

“It was she who rejected me!”


The men who were previously discussing the matter were dumbfounded, and even the passersby who overheard the situation were shocked.

“In the future, if I hear anyone saying that I abandoned my cousin, I’ll cut out your tongues!”

“You all…”

The man who was called out trembled, cautiously glancing at Ye Zhou.

“Since you all seem to enjoy gossip so much, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourselves. Within one day, make sure everyone in Pingcheng knows that it was my cousin who rejected me.”

Ye Zhou: sob sob sob, I’m the one who was abandoned…

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