Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 150

“Since you feel ashamed and believe that you’re not worthy of Ah Zhou, you should practice hard, surpass Tang Huan, and make Ah Zhou look at you differently. Stop thinking about breaking off the engagement and using excuses to avoid reality, you…”

“I have already broken off the engagement with Ye Zhou.”

“Put in more effort… What??”

Bo Yunzi, who had been calm all along, suddenly stood up and glared angrily at Tang Guo. Even with attractive features, when she was angry, she looked ferocious.

Especially the disdain in her eyes, it destroyed her perfect facade.

Bo Yunzi’s cheeks reddened slightly, not out of shyness, but out of anger towards this matter. She only looked at Tang Guo, remaining silent, and the room became eerily quiet.

As a young lady from a prestigious family, even when she was angry or furious, she would not let her image be tarnished. However, her brows, expression, and gaze betrayed her true thoughts.

“It must be because of you that Ah Zhou is dissatisfied.”

Tang Guo thought the other party would say something else, but hearing this sentence made her burst into laughter inwardly.

In Bo Yunzi’s eyes, she had heard about the original’s pursuit of Ye Zhou for over a decade, her love for him in Pingcheng, and even throughout the entire Xianping Kingdom. Bo Yunzi believed that the original could not break off the engagement.

Her belief was not wrong. The current Tang Guo was no longer the original, no longer the naive girl infatuated with Ye Zhou.

Bo Yunzi didn’t scold Tang Guo further. Instead, she looked at her with a disappointed and deeply hurt expression. “If you can’t compare to Tang Huan, fine. But if you can’t even keep an eye on your fiancé, what else do you have besides your good looks? Even those good looks were given to you by me. Tell me, what else do you have?”

“No wonder Tang Haohui doesn’t think highly of you.” The redness on Bo Yunzi’s face faded, her eyebrows furrowing with a hint of helplessness. “I, Bo Yunzi, born into the Bo family, admired by everyone as the Bo family’s young lady, with my background, appearance, and talents at the top. How did I give birth to a daughter like you, who lacks ambition?”

Bo Yunzi’s tone almost implied, “I suspect you’re not my daughter anymore.”

The system, listening on the side, was somewhat angry. [Where else in this world can you find a mother like this? Every word is like a knife, poking into the heart. If the original heard this, she might not survive for several decades.]

“To think that the daughter I, Bo Yunzi, proudly gave birth to is inferior to a concubine’s child.”

Bo Yunzi looked disappointed, mumbling to herself, no longer paying attention to Tang Guo standing below. She couldn’t be bothered with such a useless daughter; she might as well not exist.

After muttering to herself for a while, Bo Yunzi turned around and left.

Tang Guo glanced at the lukewarm tea in her cup, feeling somewhat stifled. It wasn’t that she cared about Bo Yunzi, but rather the emotions belonging to the original in this body.

Whenever she transmigrated into someone else’s body, she always received all the emotions, hatred, and resentment along with it.

With her experience of crossing countless worlds, she could control these emotions quite well.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, she decided to find a seat and carefully savor the love that the Tang family had given her in the previous world.

As she reminisced, the discomfort in her heart dissipated, and a smile returned to her face.

When she opened her eyes, her lips curled up slightly, and she chuckled softly, “It’s truly healing.”

System: [….]

It didn’t understand. The host could simply act without putting her heart into it, but she insisted on investing herself in every world.

[System, do you still believe in love and sincerity?]

“I do.”

System: I don’t understand.

Bo Yunzi: I arranged piano lessons, calligraphy lessons, art lessons, and dance lessons for you. Why are you still inferior to your classmates at school?

You only got second place? How embarrassing! I wasted so much effort nurturing you.

Look at Xiaohuan next door. She’s first in her class, liked by the teachers, and envied by parents.

Did the hospital mix you up?

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  1. This is heartbreaking💔 What else hurt more than when treated like disappointment and disowned by someone who supposed to love

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