Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 149

“Our Aunt never liked her to begin with, and because her talents were not as good as the daughter of that concubine, she was even less willing to treat her well. Tang Haohui showered affection on the concubine and doted on her daughter. Do you think she is in a good situation?

Just talk about the experience from three months ago. Only those present know what happened.”

“Before she came back, many people rumored that she had already died in the mouth of a monster.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Zhou’s heart trembled.

He wanted to speak but hesitated. To be honest, he only thought that his cousin, as a noble lady of a prestigious family, only had the privilege of bullying others. He had no idea that there were so many twists and turns involved.

“Ah Zhou, do you know why this girl has been so sure about you for more than ten years?”

Ye Zhou pursed his lips. He certainly didn’t know. He just felt that this girl was a little pest. He had been avoiding her for more than ten years to prevent being forced into marriage.

“At that time, she was about five years old. She was forced to practice cultivation since childhood. By chance, she was brought into the palace by the queen mother. You and she were of similar age, so you were allowed to play together. Do you remember what you did with her back then?”

Thinking back to their childhood, Ye Zhou became somewhat excited. “I remember. I took her to the imperial kitchen and had the chef make every kind of pastry, which we tasted one by one.”

“Then I took her to fly kites and shared my little toys with her.”

“Finally, we went to the imperial garden, where we picked flowers grown by the queen mother and I made her wear one.” At this point, Ye Zhou’s cheeks twitched. “It was during this time that I said the words ‘regret for a lifetime’ and asked her to be my bride.”

Ye Fan couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s good that you know. Why did she become so sure about you? It’s because she was forced to practice cultivation by our Aunt since she was a child and had almost no time to play. The queen mother pitied her and brought her into the palace to relax. Who would have known that you would mislead her.”

“She was only five years old back then!” Ye Zhou couldn’t help but ask, “Was our Aunt so heartless?”

Ye Fan put away his smile. “Our Aunt is so strong. Mother married the Emperor, while she married Tang Haohui. She was unwilling, believing that she was not inferior and should marry someone like the Emperor. But since she’s already married, her unwillingness can only be fulfilled by our cousin.”

In his mind, Ye Zhou couldn’t help but imagine the little figure, being trained by her mother all day long, practicing and practicing. The thought made him feel a bit sorry for her.

“Now, she wants to divorce you, and our Aunt probably doesn’t know. If she finds out, I wonder how much grievance she will suffer.”

“Brother, I…” Ye Zhou felt deeply guilty and didn’t know what to say.

Ye Fan waved his hand. “Forget it. If Cousin has figured it out and doesn’t want to force you, you don’t have to worry. Just take care of her more.”

Ye Fan guessed right. Tang Guo returned to the Tang family and was invited by Bo Yunzi, Tang Guo’s birth mother.

“Your father told me that you want to dissolve the engagement with Ah Zhou?”

Bo Yunzi was a beauty, exuding the elegance of a noble young lady with every move she made.

Whether it was raising her head or lowering it, arching her eyebrows or curling her lips, everything had a great aesthetic appeal.

She was dressed in white, which complemented her graceful and ethereal temperament, as if a fairy had descended to the mortal realm. The teacups placed on the tea table were still warm, emitting a white mist, as if it carried her inherent celestial aura.

“Is it because your cultivation level can’t compare to Tang Huan, and Ah Zhou doesn’t value you? I’ve been telling you to practice diligently, but you never listened.”

Bo Yunzi’s face appeared to be in her early twenties, and when her eyebrows furrowed, it was heart-wrenching. However, her words were like a sharp knife, cutting deep into one’s heart.

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