Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 147

Tang Guo casually found a seat and sat down. “I came here today to discuss something with you.”

Tang Haohui frowned, a trace of disgust flickering in his eyes.

His daughter, just like her mother, was truly unlikeable. Apart from having a bit of talent in cultivation, it was hard to find any other merits.

On the other hand, Huan’er was humble, beautiful in appearance, and exceptionally talented. This time, she even broke through to the initial stage of the Yuan Jiang realm after a disaster, truly making her his good daughter.

“What is it?”

“I want to dissolve the engagement with Ye Zhou.”


Tang Haohui was surprised this time. Ye Zhou was the brother of the current Emperor, young and talented in cultivation. He wasn’t attached to power and was a cultivation maniac.

The engagement between his daughter and Ye Zhou was arranged by the former Emperor. After the former Emperor abdicated, he secluded himself, no longer concerning himself with such matters.

To be honest, Tang Haohui didn’t want Tang Guo to dissolve the engagement.

“Nonsense! You think you can dissolve the engagement just because you want to?”

Tang Guo smiled, “I’m just informing you.”

“This matter is not up for discussion. You disappeared without a reason for three months, and now you want to dissolve the engagement as soon as you return? Do you have no regard for me as your father?”

“Huh? So you admit you’re my father?” Tang Guo widened her eyes. “Then do you know why I didn’t come back for three months?”

Tang Haohui didn’t know what he remembered, his expression changed, and he didn’t dwell on the matter any longer.

“Anyway, I won’t agree to the dissolution of the engagement.”

“Unless you give me a reason.”

The two ended the conversation on unfriendly terms, and Tang Guo wasn’t surprised by the outcome. As she said, she was just informing him.

Shortly after Tang Guo left, Aunt Lou entered the study.

Tang Guo left the Tang family directly and headed towards the direction of the palace. The Tang family could never have imagined that she would actually go through with breaking off the engagement.

[Host, is it necessary to act so quickly? Also, you were quite arrogant just now!]

“If I don’t act arrogant, there won’t be any trouble. Without trouble, I can’t take action. Understand?”

System: Understood, the host is getting restless and itching for a fight! The first two worlds were really too peaceful.

She couldn’t hold back anymore!

As soon as Tang Guo entered the palace, Ye Zhou learned about it. Before she could meet the Emperor, Ye Zhou hurriedly walked up to her, his eyes wary.

“What are you here for?” Ye Zhou adopted a posture that suggested, “Are you up to something bad? Are you trying to take advantage of me not paying attention and have my elder brother set a wedding date?”

Tang Guo walked up to Ye Zhou, glanced at him, and said, “I have to say, you’re thinking too much.”

After speaking, she walked ahead.

Ye Zhou followed behind, his eyes filled with contemplation and a hint of nervousness. If this little troublemaker really wanted to force a marriage, he would definitely oppose it in various ways.

If worse comes to worst, he’ll just turn around and leave, then come back next year.

Yes, that’s the decision.

“Dissolve the engagement?”

“Ye Huang, the Emperor of Xianping Kingdom, was also very surprised by Tang Guo’s purpose for coming.

He looked at Tang Guo for a moment and asked, ‘Guo’er, are you sure you want to cancel the engagement?’

Glancing at Ye Zhou standing by the side, his brows slightly furrowed. Could it be that his crazy cultivation-oriented younger brother had done something to threaten the young girl?

For over a decade, this girl had been looking forward to getting married. Why did she suddenly want to cancel the engagement?

‘I’m sure,’ Tang Guo replied firmly, looking at Ye Zhou as she spoke. ‘Since Ye Zhou doesn’t like me, why should I force myself upon him? I’ve also come to understand that it’s better to cancel the engagement, lest he avoid me like a snake or scorpion.'”

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