Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 146

“Aunt Lou, how did you know I wasn’t injured?”

“How do you know if I have any cultivation issues?”

“I am the legitimate Miss of the Tang family. I disappeared for three months, and it seems like the Tang family didn’t send anyone to look for me, right?”

“Aunt Lou, if you really care about me, shouldn’t you be showing concern? Instead, I hear blame for wandering around and making you worry. If you’re worried, then the question goes back to before, why didn’t you come find me?”

Tang Guo ate a crispy bone pill and looked up. “If Aunt Lou really cares and worries about me, she should have a concerned expression on her face right now, and maybe even put some powder on her face to make herself look pale and exhausted, for a more convincing act.”

“After dressing up, when you enter my courtyard, you should put on a look of wanting to cry but holding back tears, furrow your brows, gently hold my hand, and ask, ‘Second Miss, you’ve been missing for so long, I was really worried sick about you. Have you been injured? Have you been hungry? Do you want to eat something? I’ll instruct the chef to prepare it.'”

“Then, you should make it clear how many people were sent to look for me these past few days, how worried my father is, how worried Tang Huan is, and how worried you are. It would be even better if you could hug me and cry for a while.”

“Finally, express some words of pity for me, wishing that Tang Huan could suffer in my place, and so on. I should be moved by that.”

Tang Guo nodded, completely ignoring Aunt Lou’s ever-changing facial expression.

“Today, Aunt Lou looks very glamorous. If I didn’t know that you were just a maid in the Tang family, I would have thought you were the virtuous lady of the Tang family.”

“The makeup on your face is the popular peach blossom style in Pingcheng recently, and you look quite good. Most likely, Tang Huan’s injuries are fine now. When you came in, there was a hint of joy in the corners of your eyes. It seems Tang Huan has turned her misfortune into a blessing and had a breakthrough in her cultivation.”

Every time Tang Guo spoke, Aunt Lou’s face changed.

“Let me guess Tang Huan’s current cultivation level. When we separated three months ago, her cultivation was at the late Yuan Shi stage, which made Aunt Lou unable to hide the joy in her eyes. So, she should be at the early Yuan Jiang stage now, right?”

At this point, Aunt Lou’s face had turned pale, looking at Tang Guo in astonishment, unable to understand how she had guessed it.

Tang Guo finished the last bite of vegetables and had some post-meal tea, finally satisfied as she wiped the corners of her mouth.

“Aunt Lou should take a moment to calm down and subdue the anger that’s about to explode in her chest. I won’t keep you any longer; my father is probably getting impatient.”

Tang Guo’s lips curved into a smile as she got up and walked towards the door.

When she reached the entrance, Aunt Lou’s voice came, filled with frustration.

“Second Miss, even if you have a sharp tongue, you still have to rely on strength to speak in the Tang family. Now that Huan’er has reached the early Yuan Jiang stage and is the future head of the Tang family, it doesn’t belong to you just because you’re the legitimate daughter.”

“When Huan’er becomes the head of the Tang family, I will be the mother of the family head.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Guo sneered.

This disdainful laughter made Aunt Lou’s heart uneasy.

Sooner or later!

She clenched her handkerchief, determined to drive this despicable girl, Tang Guo, out.

“Why did you come so late?”

Tang Haohui was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with this legitimate daughter. He furrowed his brows, as she lacked the talent and had the same annoying personality as her mother. Arrogant and domineering, never willing to concede, completely lacking Huan’er’s gentleness and Aunt Lou’s thoughtfulness.

“Where have you been for the past three months?”

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