Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 145

“Second Miss, the master is summoning you.”

Tang Guo was having her meal and didn’t even lift her eyelids when she heard the servant’s words. She remained calm and poised, eating elegantly with every movement exuding a noble air. Her presence was so imposing that even the servant dared not raise their head.

Remembering Tang Haohui’s instructions, the servant carefully repeated the message to Tang Guo, but she continued to eat her meal without moving her butt from the seat.


“I know, I’ll go after I finish my meal.”

The servant trembled and dared not say anything more. She felt that Second Miss had become even more arrogant than before.

“What about Tang Huan?”

The original owner was a very proud person. In the previous life before Tang Huan, the original owner had been following the footsteps of Ye Zhou without deliberately targeting Tang Huan.

After the other party was reborn, he repeatedly targeted the original owner and snatched all the opportunities, which was Tang Huan’s fault.

Since they both started over in this life, why not just live peacefully? They didn’t have to cause trouble, making her want to cause trouble too.

[Calm down, calm down, stay steady, stay steady! Host, you can cause trouble, but don’t kill anyone. Anyway, you will live a long time. If you wear her down, you won’t be affected.] The system secretly gave Tang Guo some advice.

Tang Guo smiled, “System, why are you siding with me now?”

The system’s attitude had changed greatly from the previous two worlds.

[“Well…uh…Host, I found that following you is more promising, although I don’t know why, I have a vague feeling.”] The system spoke the truth.

Tang Guo chuckled softly, and the system trembled. He shouldn’t have said anything wrong.

“Even if you are self-aware, after all, you are just a string of data that only knows the plot. If it weren’t for me carrying you around and making you look good, you would have been destroyed long ago.”

System: Angry! Keep it in!

[“You’re right.”]

Hearing the woman’s pleasant laughter, the servants on both sides lowered their heads and didn’t even dare to breathe. Second Miss was even scarier. If she wasn’t satisfied, they didn’t know if they would be sold directly.

Before Tang Guo finished eating, a cacophony of footsteps could be heard outside. Soon, a gorgeously dressed woman was escorted in by more than a dozen servants. Her grandiose manner was even more prominent than that of the master’s wife.

The Tang family’s servants were used to it. After all, Aunt Lou was favored and there was a talented daughter like Second Miss Tang Guo. This was why Tang Haohui treated her well.

Tang Guo lifted her eyelids slightly. Aunt Lou had already entered the room and didn’t even show any courtesy. She found a place to sit down, looking every bit like the mistress of the house.

“I heard that the second young lady just came back today?” Aunt Lou’s pretty eyebrows frowned, “Where have you been for these past few months?”

“You went out with Huan’er. Huan’er returned with a serious injury three months ago and has been worrying about you. Since you’re fine, why didn’t you send a message back home so that Huan’er could be at ease?”

“It’s fortunate that Huan’er has been worried about you. After you came back, you didn’t even ask about her. You just eat and drink without any concern, it’s truly eye-opening.”

Aunt Lou pursed her lips, her eyes showing a hint of injury, “Huan’er is more talented than you, which makes you jealous, but you shouldn’t resent her for that. After all, you are sisters and should support each other.”


The sound of Tang Guo biting into the crispy meatball filled the room. The servants around her lowered their heads, wanting to laugh but not daring to, while Aunt Lou’s face became slightly unsightly, and she squeezed her handkerchief.

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