Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 144

“Second Miss?!”

Tang Guo got off the carriage and arrived at the gate of the Tang family mansion. The servants of the Tang family saw her and were as frightened as if they had seen a ghost. They confirmed several times that Tang Guo was indeed human and not a ghost.

One of the servants quickly ran inside while shouting, “Second Miss is back, Second Miss is back!”

Tang Guo raised her eyelids as if she hadn’t noticed the surprise in the eyes of some of the servants.

“Go and clean up my courtyard, and bring some food.”

Upon hearing the order, the servants quickly went to work.

The reputation of the young lady of the Tang family was not good. She was temperamental and arrogant, and if she was not satisfied, these servants would not have a good outcome.

Tang Guo took a step forward and was suddenly stopped by a voice behind her.

“Hey…Miss Tang, won’t you invite me in for a sit?”

Being treated as if he was invisible was a feeling that could only be understood after experiencing it.

Ye Zhou was very embarrassed. The little girl who used to revolve around him had changed a lot.

Tang Guo turned around and glanced at the young man in the red robe standing at the door. She took two steps forward and approached him with a delicate and exquisite face, and the faint fragrance of a young woman also involuntarily entered his nostrils, making him nervous.

He couldn’t help but pinch his sleeve and looked at her warily, like a decent man being harassed by a rogue.

Tang Guo hooked her lips and lifted Ye Zhou’s chin with her jade-like finger, her eyebrows and eyes filled with a smile. “Do you know what it means to come in with me?”

“What does it mean?”

Ye Zhou stuttered and asked, feeling a little uneasy. Wasn’t it just to go in and have tea, and be a guest? After all, Tang Madam was his aunt, so there should be no problem with him going in to see her, right?

“That…Miss Tang, if you have something to say, just say it. Don’t touch me.”

Ye Zhou realized it and jumped far away, afraid that Tang Guo would do something to him again.

Tang Guo put her hand down and chuckled softly, “Come with me to the Tang Mansion. They have to be my Tang family members or my people. Ye Zhou, do you want to be my person?”

One sentence made Ye Zhou’s expression change drastically. He stared at Tang Guo warily, looking suddenly aware, “Okay, little troublemaker, I thought you had figured it out, but you’re digging a pit for me to jump into here.”

Luckily, he didn’t go in directly, or he would have fallen into her trap.

“I’m telling you, you’re thinking too highly of yourself!”

“I, Ye Zhou, cannot marry you.”

“I, Ye Zhou, have only three ways: practice, practice, practice!!”

Ye Zhou said solemnly, “Don’t think that you can seduce me with your beauty. I am firm in my heart,” he said, lifting his chin and puffing out his chest with a haughty look. “Besides, I look just as good as you. If you like beauty, why not look at me?”

“Oh, so you’re not going in then?”

Tang Guo laughed lightly, looking truly beautiful. Ye Zhou couldn’t help but be distracted. As he said, he was firm in his heart and soon regained his composure.

“Of course not, I won’t be fooled. I knew you wouldn’t give up.”

He regretted a little, coming back every year, never planning to see her, and never expected that after more than ten years, she was still so difficult and even learned to use tactics.

Just as he was secretly calculating whether he should leave earlier this time, Tang Guo put away her smile.

“Ye Zhou, this is your decision, and I won’t let you change your mind. Tomorrow I will enter the palace and inform the Emperor that the engagement is canceled.”

After speaking, Tang Guo turned and went into the Tang Mansion, leaving Ye Zhou stunned in place.

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