Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 143

The Ye Zhou did not leave directly, but instead followed the carriage. As the carriage moved slowly, he suddenly didn’t feel anxious to cultivate anymore. Instead, he wondered if Little Chan, the spirit, had really stopped pestering him. Had she given up?

Didn’t she say before that she would only marry him and would cling to him for life? Ye Zhou furrowed his handsome brows, unable to understand. He couldn’t help but stare at the carriage, wondering what had happened to Little Chan over the years that she had given up on him.

“Miss Tang, since we have peacefully dissolved our engagement, may I ride in the carriage as a friend?”

“No, I’m not interested in being friends with an ex. I’m afraid my future partner will misunderstand.” The woman’s pleasant voice came from inside the carriage.

Ye Zhou couldn’t help but feel a little depressed. He should have hastened his pace to leave, but for some reason, he kept walking in step with the carriage. Perhaps he should find out why Little Chan canceled the engagement. He didn’t believe her excuse.

“Despicable bonehead.”

Inside the carriage, Tang Guo sneered at the system, leaning back on the cushion with her eyes closed, beginning to cultivate. A faint smile curved her lips.

Ye Zhou hadn’t seen Tang Guo in many years, and he didn’t want to see her again in this kind of situation. Knowing that Tang Guo was willing to cancel the engagement, he couldn’t help but wonder why she made that decision.

Occasionally, he would turn his head to look at the carriage. When the wind lifted the curtain of the carriage window, he could vaguely see the person inside. He was afraid of being seen and quickly turned his head, pretending to be focused on walking.

After waiting for a long time, it seemed that the person in the carriage didn’t notice him. He couldn’t help but look again. This time, he noticed that the other party was actually meditating with closed eyes. For some reason, Ye Zhou felt a complicated feeling in his heart.

Over the next few days, except for getting off the carriage to eat, Tang Guo barely exchanged a word with Ye Zhou. Whenever he tried to start a conversation, she would quickly block what he wanted to say, leaving him suffocated.

Now Ye Zhou is no longer walking outside the carriage. When he encountered a small town, he bought a carriage and let the previous coachman drive, finally able to avoid walking on foot.

However, he still followed Tang Guo’s journey and had no intention of leaving. Actually, he didn’t know why.

“I heard that Miss Tang from the Tang family was seriously injured and still hasn’t recovered.”

“I heard about it too. Although the Tang family kept it quiet, Miss Tang hasn’t been seen for several months. According to people in the know, Miss Tang was carried back that day, covered in blood. It was a pitiful sight.”

“It’s been more than three months now. I wonder if there’s any news from the Tang family.”

“The Tang family finally produced such a genius, and if she’s really disabled, the loss will be huge.”

Entering Pingcheng, the main city of Xianping Kingdom, everyone was discussing the Tang family’s situation.

“Even if she’s disabled, she still has her life. I heard that even the Tang family’s eldest young miss hasn’t been seen yet. I wonder if she was eaten by a demonic beast.”

“That’s right. I remember the Tang family’s eldest young miss and second young miss went out to experience together. The Tang family’s eldest young miss is fierce but not powerful, and her cultivation is not as good as her second young miss’s.”

“She’s probably dead. I heard they provoked a demonic beast with the strength of a Yuan Jun. How could they be a match?”

Tang Guo drove the carriage towards the Tang family, while Ye Zhou had a look of doubt in his eyes and occasionally looked towards the carriage that was walking alongside theirs.

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