Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 142

“Board, board the carriage.”

Ye Zhou no longer hesitated, climbed onto the carriage, and sat opposite Tang Guo.

Fortunately, the carriage was very spacious, with only the two of them inside, and there was a small table between them with warm tea and two plates of pastries. From this, it can be seen that the woman in front of him was someone who enjoyed life.

“Zhou Ye.”

Tang Guo stared at Ye Zhou’s face, lowered her eyes, and a smile crossed her lips. “So dishonest.”

Ye Zhou looked a bit uncomfortable and blurted out two words, “Ye Zhou.”

“Tang Guo.”

Tang Guo ate a piece of pastry. Ye Zhou was scrutinizing her, and she was scrutinizing him too. When she saw the surprise in his eyes upon hearing her name, she felt very pleased and ate another piece of pastry.

“Do you know me?”

Tang Guo leaned on the small table and got closer to Ye Zhou. Her delicate face was just inches away from him, and the intoxicating fragrance made Ye Zhou dizzy.

After hesitating for a while, he said, “Miss Tang, I want to get off the carriage.”

He didn’t want to be on the carriage anymore. He didn’t expect to encounter this clingy woman.

He calculated that she would turn eighteen in two years, and Ye Zhou’s heart trembled. That damn engagement, that damn joke, why did they take it seriously?


Tang Guo didn’t stop him. “Driver, stop for a moment.”

Ye Zhou didn’t expect it to be so easy and was somewhat incredulous. He didn’t move for a moment.

“Don’t you have something to say?” he asked tentatively.

“Well, yes,” Tang Guo seemed to remember and said, “When you get off here today, never come back again.”

Ye Zhou realized that Tang Guo was his fiancée that the original owner had begged for when they were children.

Whether it was in the previous life of the original owner or in Tang Huan’s previous life, Ye Zhou always avoided the original owner. In Tang Huan’s previous life, the original owner worked so hard to cultivate just to catch up with Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou only thought that when he said he wanted to marry her as his wife when they were kids, it was just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

However, the original owner remembered it and had been pursuing him ever since.

Later, Ye Zhou proposed a condition that he would fulfill the original owner’s condition as long as she could shatter the void with him.

That life, the original owner died for Ye Zhou when she reached the pinnacle of her cultivation.

In the previous life of the original owner, before she married into that small family, she passed a message to Ye Zhou, but of course, there was no response and it ended in regret.

That’s why she let Ye Zhou get on the carriage.

“Aren’t you getting off?”

Ye Zhou was a bit embarrassed. He thought it was a woman with a purpose, but he didn’t expect it to be the young girl who had an engagement with him.

“If you don’t get off, after I go back, I will ask the Emperor to help us with the wedding.”

“You’re thinking too much!”

Ye Zhou no longer hesitated and his figure flashed. A red shadow swept past his eyes as he jumped off the carriage.

“When we were kids, it was just a joke, Tang Gu-niang, do you have to be so persistent?”

Tang Guo lifted the curtain with a tea cup in her hand and her lips curled slightly. “Remember what I said, don’t get on my carriage again in the future.”

“After returning to the main city, don’t be in a hurry to leave. I will ask the Emperor to help us cancel the engagement.” Tang Guo took a sip of tea and said lightly, “I won’t pester you anymore in the future, and I hope you won’t pester me either.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t pester you. You’re just a little clingy person.”

Ye Zhou breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, he could concentrate on cultivation without being forced into marriage.

“You…are you really going to cancel the engagement?”

Ye Zhou asked uncertainly. It should have been a happy thing, but he always felt uneasy.

Tang Guo nodded, “Chasing after you is too tiring. There are plenty of people who look better than you. Why waste all my energy on you? After some thought, I realized it’s not worth it.”

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