Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 141

Tang Guo had no intention of going back immediately. It was relatively quiet here, and the things she left in the system space could be used in this world. Of course, she wanted to make the most of them.

She took out a formation disk and set it up around her. After making sure everything was in order, she grabbed a handful of spirit pills and ate the ones she could digest.

“[Host, aren’t you afraid of overloading your body? You should eat less. Although it’s been a long time since you’ve encountered a world for cultivation, you don’t have to be in such a hurry.]”

“Do I keep them for later when they turn into ashes? When I go to the next world, I’ll bring some local specialties from this world to replenish my inventory. Who knows when they might come in handy.”

The system was speechless. “[But most worlds won’t be of any use.]”

In worlds without magical powers, these elixirs and pills could be lethal.

Tang Guo had already entered cultivation mode, and the system didn’t want to disturb her.

Three months later, Tang Guo checked her body’s condition and smiled slightly.

“In the mid-stage of Yuan General, it’s passable with great effort.”

System: “[Perhaps you’ve forgotten, Tang Haohui was only in the early stage of Yuan Jun and hasn’t been promoted for several years. You’ve advanced from the early stage of Yuan Shi to the early stage of Yuan General in just three months, and yet you’re not satisfied?]”

Tang Guo ignored the system. She was really satisfied with this world.

It wasn’t a society governed by law, so she didn’t have to abide by legal rules and could just fight without restraint.

She was excited!

System: “[More than a little, I think.]”

Her eyes flickered, and she removed the formation and left the cave.

The mountain she was on was quite far from the main city of Xianping Country, and the surrounding peaks were continuous. Of course, it was also very dangerous.

After coming down the mountain, she hired a carriage.

Not long after, the carriage was stopped by someone.

Tang Guo didn’t open the curtains and only asked, “Who’s there?”

“Miss, my horse died of exhaustion. Can I catch a ride with you?”

Yezhou was a bit helpless. He was born lazy, especially when it came to walking. He didn’t expect his horse to die on the road.

There were no villages or shops around, and he couldn’t find another good horse.

He happened to see a luxurious carriage coming from behind and couldn’t resist stopping it.

“Not convenient.”

“Miss, do me a favor, I am quite good-looking and can give you a feast for the eyes.” Ye Zhou didn’t give up. Despite being lazy, he was also a cultivation maniac, so he liked to cultivate while enjoying the scenery and sitting in a carriage.

If he had to walk, he hadn’t learned to cultivate while walking yet.

Tang Guo lifted the curtain and glanced outside. Sure enough, there was a horse lying on the ground, looking exhausted.

In front of her was a young man in a red robe. He blinked his peach blossom eyes and smiled, thinking he was charming.

She stared at the young man’s face and squinted her eyes. Ye Zhou’s eyes flickered, and he straightened his chest, a smile crossing his lips.

“If the price is selling my looks, it’s also okay.”

He took two steps forward, looking at Tang Guo’s face. He felt a little familiar, but didn’t think too much about it. “If the miss is interested.”

“I’m not interested!”

“Then, what about me? Not interested?”

Ye Zhou couldn’t smile anymore. He regarded himself as a handsome and charming man, the most beautiful man on the entire continent. He offered himself to her, but he was rejected?

“But, I can give you a ride.”

Ye Zhou was stunned. She wasn’t interested, yet she wanted to give him a ride. A deep thought flashed in his eyes. Did this woman have a purpose, or did she know him?

“No ride?”

Tang Guo laughed, her slightly childish face still exquisitely beautiful, and Ye Zhou was also stunned for a moment.

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