Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 140

She was just Tang Haohui’s first woman, a bit more special, and even gave birth to a eldest daughter.

That concubine died of illness when Tang Huan was very young, but Tang Haohui didn’t care. The original owner’s mother was from a prestigious family, so she also didn’t care about these concubines.

At that time, she was in seclusion and couldn’t take care of the concubine who was bullied by people in the mansion.

However, Tang Huan remembered the death of the concubine with resentment.

She believed that the original owner’s mother did not care and even deliberately let the concubine die because she was jealous.

However, in the previous life, Tang Huan had no talent and was bullied by the sisters in the mansion. She was jealous of the original owner’s talent and opportunities. In the end, she married early and died in the backyard.

In this life, Tang Huan prevented her mother from dying of illness and obtained the most important opportunity of the original owner, a seemingly ordinary jade pendant with hidden secrets.

This jade pendant contained a space for refining medicine. As long as she continuously put in medicinal materials, she could refine the pill she wanted.

Tang Huan relied on the refining space to earn spirit stones, refine pills, and improve her cultivation. She also met various big figures by being ahead of the original owner and grabbing opportunities.

By always being one step ahead of the original owner, she knew the situation and could seize the chances before the original owner.

Every time the original owner felt like she was about to get something, she would be a step behind and thus became increasingly anxious.

Especially in the mansion, she felt increasingly ignored. Even a slight expression of doubt in her eyes would be designed by Tang Huan, and her reputation became that of a spoiled and unreasonable eldest daughter who excluded her sisters.

Tang Huan deliberately targeted the original owner, who was originally an eldest daughter, and of course could not stand it. The two of them fought in secret and gradually escalated to the surface.

Naturally, the original owner could not compete with Tang Huan, who was always one step ahead. This event was what changed the fate of the original owner.

Tang Huan knew that there was a spiritual flower here, but it was guarded by a demon beast and was used to refine pills that could modify and cultivate the meridians.

The original owner also felt that there was an opportunity for her here, but she was a step too late. Linghua was taken away by Tang Huan, and during her escape, she was tripped by someone and fell to the ground.

According to the original trajectory, this time the original owner would be seriously injured by a monster and would barely survive, but her cultivation would be ruined, and she would become an ordinary person, a waste that everyone despises.

As for Tang Huan, she would certainly not be kind enough to take out medicine to save the original owner. The more miserable the original owner, the happier she would be.

In a few months, the original owner would be married off to a perverted man recommended by Tang Huan’s mother. After marrying him, he would beat her every day but not kill her. There was even the longevity pill given by Tang Huan, which was a compensation for her regret towards her step-sister.

That’s how the original owner spent her long life, getting beaten every day.

As for the original owner’s mother, the daughter of a prestigious family, she chose to remain silent and had no intention of redeeming her daughter after she became a waste. After all, a useless person is of no use to anyone.

After reading the memories, Tang Guo fell silent for a while.

After a long time, a woman’s voice echoed in the cave.

“This is the world, it should be fun.”

[“Host, stay calm.”]

Tang Guo gently lifted her eyelids and took out the medicine from the original owner’s storage bag. After swallowing it, she operated the cultivation method as before.

In an instant, she felt that her ankle injury was almost healed.

She stood up, took out a small mirror, and looked at the appearance of this body. It was still very beautiful.

After putting the small mirror away, she went out for a walk, found some fruit, and came back.

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  1. This kind of scum that went too far with revenge and put all the blame on the innocent og owner is one of the worst. Entitled to perform acts of ‘justice’. 😠

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