Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 139

“Huanhuan, hurry, it’s coming after us!”

An urgent voice rang out and Tang Guo only felt someone trip her, causing her to fall uncontrollably. Several figures rushed past her, blowing her hair in their wake.

“My younger sister is still behind us,” a woman shouted, her voice calm and terrifying instead of anxious.

“Never mind her, if we’re caught by the demonic beast, we’ll all be severely injured. Let’s go!” This was the first man to speak.

Tang Guo’s consciousness became clearer and she didn’t have time to absorb memories. She looked around at her surroundings.

She was currently lying on the ground, her ankle swollen from being tripped.

She frowned and glanced ahead, seeing several figures disappear quickly from view.

Meanwhile, the sound of heavy breathing came from behind her. She didn’t dare stay any longer and quickly got up, enduring the pain in her ankle. She assessed the situation in this world and made a decision in an instant, saying in a cold voice, “Tong, give me a speed talisman and a concealment talisman. They can be used in this world.”

“[Alright, host.]”

Tang Guo took the two talismans and placed them on herself.

Her body became light and agile. She didn’t choose the direction the others had fled in, but rather a different direction, and quickly ran off.

At first, the thing behind her was still chasing after her, but soon it seemed to lose her scent and changed direction. Judging by the sound of the wind, it went in the same direction as the others who had fled.

Tang Guo laughed, “What a big surprise. Don’t you need to explain?”

If it weren’t for her quick reaction, she might have been dead.

The system trembled, “[Host, don’t blame me, it’s random. I checked the plot and in this life, you can live for a long time.]”

As they spoke, they continued to run. This was a world where cultivation was possible. Tang Guo had also been to cultivation worlds in the past.

The speed talisman and concealment talisman were obtained in those worlds. However, they were somewhat useless in worlds where there was no spiritual energy, vitality, or other magical energies.

Like the previous two worlds, there was no spiritual energy here, and she could only cultivate martial arts. These magical things were useless in this world.

Of course, she didn’t like to use them anyway, and worlds that could use these things meant they were very dangerous.

After traveling for a long time, Tang Guo felt that there was no danger and quickly found a hidden place to hide and begin absorbing memories.

This was a cultivation world where the magical power was called Yuan Qi, and it was a world that revered martial arts.

She was in the Xianping Kingdom, and the surname of the country was Ye.

She was Tang Jia’s legitimate daughter, and Tang Jia was a cultivation family.

In this world, the cultivation levels were divided into Yuan, Yuan Shi, Yuan Jiang, Yuan Jun, Yuan Wang, Yuan Di, and each level was divided into five small realms: initial stage, middle stage, late stage, peak, and consummation.

Her current cultivation level was at the Yuan Shi initial stage, which was already excellent for a sixteen-year-old with good talent.

But there was another person in Tang Jia with even better talent, who was already at the Yuan Shi late stage, two small realms higher than this body.

Compared to that person with exceptional talent, the original owner’s cultivation talent was not outstanding.

That person with exceptional talent was a woman who was initially called Huan Huan, but her name was Tang Huan, and she was the female protagonist of this world.

Most importantly, Tang Huan was reborn.

In Tang Huan’s previous life, she was a cultivation waste, and her mother was just a concubine of Tang Jia who was also a cultivation waste and was not valued by Tang Haohui.

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