He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 6

Actually, the Jiang family is not unkind to He Nian and He Yi.

After all, they have been well-fed and clothed for the past two years, just like their own children, and have never been mistreated.

But these things were not originally “given” to them by the Jiang family. They were “extracted” from the support fees from the Huo family and distributed to the two of them.

This kindness is like a lump of broken glass wrapped in fire.

From afar, it seems warm and heartfelt, as if one is willing to share everything.

But up close, it burns and stings.

It’s hard to say whether it’s bitter or sweet.

For example, last time Huo’s mother gave a bag of candy to Jiang’s grandmother.

There was more than just candy in that package, there were also malted milk, two sweaters, and paper and pens contributed by Huo Xingchao under his mother’s urging.

Mother Huo didn’t say it explicitly.

She just said that He Yi was weak, so she wanted to make her a cup of malted milk tea every day, and if he finished it, she could tell her.

Her meaning was not just the malted milk powder, but also the other things in the package.

But Jiang’s grandmother thought about it and decided to keep the candy for herself because she worried that the children would eat too much sugar and ruin their teeth.

Then, she cheerfully took out a few pieces and said, “The candy that grandma brought back, you guys can split it yourselves.”

Jiang Xiaxia jumped up and took the candy.

They split it one by one.

As for the leftovers, He Nian wouldn’t even ask for them.

Neither would He Yi.

He doesn’t like Jiang Xiaxia.

He always feels that many of his sister’s things will eventually be taken by Xiaxia.

The painting brushes that his brother, Xingchao, gave to his sister, his sister had never used them and Xiaxia took them away.

His sister actually liked those brushes very much and didn’t want to give them away. But Xiaxia insisted on taking them and kept them for herself.

She’s really mean.

As for the sweaters, Grandma Jiang did give them to them. After all, they were made according to the sizes of He Nian and He Yi. And next time they go to the city, if the Huo family sees the siblings still wearing old clothes, they might have ideas in their hearts.

As for the malted milk powder, He Yi, as a premature baby, was a bit weaker. But in the countryside, which child is so precious? Nutritional products like malted milk powder, if children drink too much, can lead to over-supplement and cause problems.

So she gave it to her pregnant daughter-in-law. After all, she was carrying a baby and needed some supplement.

But Grandma Jiang didn’t think of herself as such a heartless person. To compensate He Yi, she still occasionally steamed him a bowl of egg custard to eat. Among so many children, he was the only one who had this treatment.

Jiang Xiaxia often envied and said, “Xiao Yi, my grandma is really good to you.”


In the hearts of He Nian and He Yi, who knew nothing.

Among the Jiang family members, at least Grandma Jiang was really good to them.

But now, He Nian didn’t think so anymore. What Huo Xingchao said to her had the biggest impact, especially on her impression of Grandma Jiang.

After being pulled back by He Nian, Huo Xingchao temporarily put this matter aside and began to rummage through his small bag.

Earlier in the kitchen, he had only given a jar of candy.

As for the better things, he didn’t want to give them in front of the Jiang family.

A tin toy train, a box of chocolate, and some other semi-old toys of his own were all given to He Yi.

These things were cherished not only by He Yi, but also by Huo Xingchao himself.

He gave them all to him.

The little child was almost excited and wanted to jump up. Holding the train and chocolate in his small body, looking up, his eyes were bright and shiny, and he had a lot to say.

But in the end, he couldn’t say anything, and could only shout his name in excitement.

“Brother Xingchao!”

I don’t know what he was expressing.

Huo Xingchao was still rummaging through his bag.

“He Nian, I’ll give you ink next time you come to the city.”

He handed her a stack of envelopes, paper and stamps, and earnestly instructed her, “You have to write to me.”

The Jiang family is close to the village entrance. The third brother is also a soldier outside, and sometimes writes back.

Every time the postman delivers the mail, he directly delivers their family’s mail to them without going to the village secretary.

So Huo Xingchao is not afraid that the letter he writes to He Nian will be taken by other members of the Jiang family.

It’s not that he has a dark mind, but he really does not trust this family.

He Nian held a stack of envelopes and paper, and looked at the rows of stamps, feeling a little at a loss.

“Brother Xingchao, I don’t know what to write…”

“It doesn’t matter what you write, if you don’t want to write, you can draw. Oh, where is the pen I gave you earlier?”


“It’s here with me.”

The door opened, revealing a lively face, and the little girl’s smile was brilliant.

“I wanted to draw earlier and borrowed it from Xiang Nian Nian. Xiang Nian Nian, I’ll return it to you later.”

After speaking, her gaze turned to the stamps in her hand, and she blinked curiously.

“Xiang Nian Nian, what is this?”

As for the more attractive toys and chocolates in He Yi’s hands, they had already been cleverly stuffed under the blanket when the door opened.

Then he turned his head and looked at Jiang Xiaxia vigilantly.

“It’s none of your business.”

Huo Xingchao stopped He Nian behind him and stared at Jiang Xiaxia with an unkind expression.

“You’re not allowed to take He Nian’s things anymore.”

It’s probably because his gaze was just too fierce.

Jiang Xiaxia pursed her lips and responded somewhat aggrievedly, “Oh.”

Huo Xingchao didn’t say much either.

He watched as He Nian put everything in the cabinet and then locked it with a key, feeling confident that she had her own reasons for doing so. So he took He Yi to eat without worry.

“Huo, why did you give Nian Nian so many gifts? I didn’t even get one.”

Jiang Xiaxia followed him, looking a bit unhappy.

“What did I do wrong?”

Clearly in the past, he never acted this way. Although Huo Xingchao was not nice to her, he was not nice to He Nian either, always ignoring her.

But this time, he suddenly treated He Nian very well and treated her very fiercely.

Huo Xingchao had already walked to the kitchen door.

Cavalierly, he said, “Grandpa He is our family benefactor. Of course, I should be good to her. Who are you? Why should I give you a gift?”

He sneered.

“And you always snatch He Nian’s things. Even worse, you don’t spare He Yi, such a young child. Aren’t you ashamed?”

They had already arrived at the door.

Huo Xingchao’s voice did not show any restraint, and everyone in the kitchen heard the boy’s merciless words.

“My Grandfather gave your grandma so much money and tickets to give to He Nian and He Yi. Yet your grandma still kept them for herself.”

“And my mom, she didn’t skimp on giving big and small packages every month. How about it, did you feed them all to the dogs?”

“You took so many things from He Nian, and even tricked my mom and Grandfather. I won’t be fooled by you wolves with a dog’s heart and lungs.”


All the children and adults who already knew what had happened in the kitchen felt very awkward.

Grandma Jiang sat beside the table, feeling her face burning with pain.


As Huo Xingchao said, there were many things that she didn’t directly give to the two siblings, He Nian.

But ultimately, she did it all for their own good.

And in the village, who didn’t say that she treated the two children with all her heart?

He Yi got a bowl of egg custard every two days. Which of the Jiang family’s own children had this kind of treatment?

They said she was cruel and heartless.

But in these two years, which part of her kindness to He Nian and He Yi was fake?

Huo Xingchao didn’t care at all about the consequences of his reckless words.

Anyway, his persona was that of a reckless little scoundrel.

He wanted to say it out loud in front of everyone and slap them in the face, and while he was at it, wake up his mother.

As for whether he could wake up the people in the Jiang family, it didn’t matter.

As long as his mother didn’t give things to those wolves with their greedy eyes, He Nian could live better than now no matter what.

He thought that He Nian was capable and sensible. She could cook, wash clothes, and mend them since she was young.

Every month, give her the money and goods and let her take care of her brother by herself. She could handle it very well as a young girl.

Anyway, He Yi didn’t need to drink milk powder anymore.

When she needed to go to school, she could send He Yi to the village chief’s house.

The village chief of Shaping Village was a good person. He promised He’s father to take care of them and he still took care of the two siblings now.

As long as they paid a small fee for his care and food every month, the village head could definitely raise He Yi to be healthy and chubby.

Unfortunately, this was impossible.

He Nian’s household registration had already been moved to the Jiang’s family.

The adults didn’t think a little girl could take care of herself and her three-year-old brother well.

Her mother and grandfather would definitely not be at ease.

Huo Xingchao just shrugged.

“He Nian, next time you come to the city, I’ll let my Grandfather give you the things directly, you can hide them yourself, don’t let those wolves trick you again.”

“What are you talking about!”

A displeased male voice suddenly came from the door, with a deep tone.

“Xingchao, you’re already so grown up, can’t you understand anything!”

Huo Xingchao raised his eyebrows and turned his head.

It was his brother.

He Nian’s fiancé.

Huo Chenyang.

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