He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 29

Extra Story.

In Huo Xingchao’s senior year, Han Yicheng started his freshman year.

By coincidence, they ended up at the same school.

However, for unknown reasons, the two had never met.

Until it was almost time to graduate.

That day, Fang Xiazi suddenly wanted to eat at the school cafeteria. When they got out of the car, they saw Han Yicheng.

He hasn’t changed much from before; his height hasn’t increased, and his clothing style is still very simple and low-key. The only difference is the addition of a pair of black-framed glasses on his face, making him look less reserved and arrogant, and instead, a bit more refined.

Han Yicheng had just gotten off a bus, carrying a huge black backpack. Upon seeing them, he was visibly stunned for a moment, then his gaze fell lightly on the ring on Fang Xiazi’s ring finger. He said nothing, lowered his head, and silently walked away, passing them by.

Huo Xingchao smiled and said, “This junior looks familiar.”

“Don’t show off.”

The girl tapped him lightly, without looking sideways, and said in a low voice, “Be polite.”


It’s likely that she also thinks the person is quite pitiful.

He used to be a senior one year ahead of Huo Xingchao, but now he had become a junior three years behind.

Such a gap was hard for most people to accept.

Over time, many things from their youth had turned into insignificant memories.

Fang Xiazi now sees him without any of the bittersweetness or melancholy one feels when encountering a first love; there is only the basic politeness and respect one shows to a stranger.

Perhaps there is also a sense of relief.

Huo Xingchao raised his eyebrows, saying nothing.

He took her hand and led her to the roadside, then waved the meal card in his other hand, his smile radiant,

“We have 56 yuan left on this. Let’s finish it all today.”


Honestly, Huo Xingchao was very grateful to his teenage self.

He still finds it incredible how he had the courage to poach someone else’s significant other back then.

On the first day of the camping trip, he had overheard Fang Xiazi talking to Han Yicheng on the phone, her voice filled with a gentleness he had never heard before.

At that moment, he had decided to give up.

He even packed his bag, sat in the tent thinking for a long time, and eventually decided to go down the mountain.

If, in the future, the goddess broke up with Han Yicheng, he would give it a try.

But if the goddess continues to be this happy, he cannot bear to, nor has the courage to disturb them.

But later, inexplicably, I fell asleep. When I woke up and saw the sunlight coming through the tent, I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt motivated to give it my all.

He thought Han Yicheng was a scumbag, and he wanted to expose his hypocritical nature.

—This thought sprang into his mind with unusual determination.

And then…

“We would like a lamb hot pot, please. Thank you.”

The girl turned back, smiling, “Huo Xingchao, the card.”

He obediently handed her his meal card.


Only a little princess can successfully end up with a charming, handsome, wealthy, and talented knight~


As for Xiang Rikui.

Well, she was… just ordinary.

She attended an average third-tier university, majoring in graphic design.

Occasionally skipping classes, occasionally failing and retaking exams, sometimes going to the night market with friends. When happy, she still smiled brightly; when unhappy, she hid under the covers and cried.

After graduation, with family support, she found an average job, then got married, and had children.

It seemed like this was the life trajectory she was meant to have.

But every time she sees her old high school classmates posting wedding photos, honeymoon photos, and stunning family portraits of Huo Xingchao and Fang Xiazi on social media, and sees their happy and fulfilling life, she can’t help but feel an inexplicable sense of melancholy when she compares it to her own mundane life of rushing to work, cooking, and taking care of the kids.

She had an urge to cry.

One day, while sorting vegetables, she heard her elementary school-aged daughter exclaiming enviously at her phone.

She couldn’t help but look up, “What’s wrong?”

Her daughter, grinning, showed her the phone.

“Mom, look, isn’t this family super good-looking?”

On the phone screen was a video from Weibo, showing a child participating in a high-IQ intelligence competition.

And the family in the audience had gone viral.

Handsome father, beautiful mother, and a sister who looked like a cute little angel.

Even the boy himself, sitting in the chair navigating the maze, had the most adorable expression, melting hearts.

The Weibo title read—”A family with godlike genes and intelligence.”

Her daughter’s envious voice continued,

“I heard they’re from our hometown too, and they went to the same high school as you, Mom. Did you know them? My friend said her aunt was in the same class as the mom, and they’re super rich. It’s said that they even bought an island! Wow, they’re island owners…”

Xiang Rikui lowered her head and continued sorting vegetables, her voice soft,

“I don’t know them, how could Mom know them.”

She once believed her life would be as thrilling and romantic as a romance novel.

But now she realized, her girlish dreams might forever remain just dreams.

There was one thing she remembered clearly.

That day, they ran out of the alley and met Huo Xingchao. The boy asked where Fang Xiazi had gone.

She dared not say anything.

Only hearing Han Yicheng’s anxious voice, “She’s over there, go save her.”

His finger pointed in another direction.

She heard the boy’s low, calm voice right by her ear,

“Xiao Kui, don’t worry. As long as Huo Xingchao is a step late and sees Fang Xiazi ruined like that, he will definitely stop liking her.”

At that moment, Xiang Rikui found this man incredibly terrifying.

He feels jealousy towards Huo Xingchao. Towards Fang Xiazi, he feels both pride and a sense of inferiority.

Fang Xiazi did not pester him endlessly and decisively gave up, which made him feel very resentful.

And everything he said that night was to satisfy his own vengeful pleasure.

Such a Han Yicheng made her feel afraid.

Very, very afraid.

So she secretly pointed Huo Xingchao in the right direction.

The boy glanced at her indifferently.


Later she gradually understood.

Maybe, the reason she became the only one to come out unscathed from that incident.

Was because of the kindness that arose from her fear at that moment.

And nothing more.

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