He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 28

Xiang Rikui had a strong sixth sense since she was a child.

Her sixth sense allowed her to automatically rely on those who unconditionally cared for her.

Like Han Yicheng.

Within a few months of starting to learn the piano, she knew Han Yicheng was one of the people she could trust the most.

Her parents would hit and scold her, teachers would righteously criticize her, and close friends would betray her.

Only Han Yicheng, who wouldn’t do anything, but just gently comfort her with soothing words, and then shield her from all the storms.

Sometimes Xiang Rikui thought that if she liked Han Yicheng, it would be great. That way, she wouldn’t have to endure so many twists and turns.

But for some reason, the better Han Yicheng treated her, the colder Huo Xingchao became toward her, and the more she ignored those who were good to her, becoming deeply infatuated with the one who was indifferent to her.

How strange.

But what could she do?

Love is not something that can be forced.

Sometimes she even felt that enduring so many bad things because of Huo Xingchao, yet never complaining to him, made her love so great and touching.

She felt like the heroine in an idol drama. Ordinary, unremarkable, but quietly giving everything for the male lead.

Until one day, the male lead realized all this and suddenly understood his deepest true feelings.

—They would definitely be together.


Han Yicheng was caught cheating on the second day of the college entrance examination.

He really cheated.

All the students in the school were shocked.

Wasn’t Han Yicheng the top student in the liberal arts? Why would he need to cheat? This was too shocking!

Moreover, if he was already at the level of Fudan or Renmin University, how could cheating help him get into Tsinghua or Peking University?


They later found out that it wasn’t Han Yicheng cheating on his own, but rather him assisting others in plagiarism.

Reportedly, during the English exam, the exam papers were all multiple-choice, and the person copying was quite obvious, and the person in front also seemed to have the intention to help.

The invigilator gave one warning. After the exam ended, they reviewed the footage and started investigating.

The answers on the exam papers were strikingly similar.

The cheater also confessed that there was indeed a transaction of thirty thousand yuan between him and the person in front.

The transfer record could be found, and there was even a phone recording. No matter how Han Yicheng argued, the cheating was undeniable.

Both were given zero marks and banned from taking exams for three years.

When Han’s mother heard the news, she almost collapsed.

Her son had always been her pride, and she couldn’t believe this obedient and sensible child would do such a thing.

She broke down crying in the surveillance room,

“What kind of sin have you committed, did I not feed you well or dress you well, that you would ruin your life for thirty thousand yuan!”

Han Yicheng himself finally panicked, he just wanted to help Xiang Rikui. But he never thought that this seemingly foolproof transaction would end in such a disastrous result.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less about Xiang Rikui’s previous pleas and privacy, repeatedly emphasizing that he was coerced.

He also had recordings.

He still had the recording of the call from Chen Xiaoshuang, he even begged them to call Xiang Rikui to testify.

He was coerced.

None of this was voluntary.

He couldn’t be disqualified from the college entrance exam!

—But you took the money.

If Han Yicheng hadn’t taken that money, even if cheating in the college entrance exam wasn’t criminalized now, there might still be a way out.

But he took the money, which meant it wasn’t just coercion.

The matter had escalated so much that the police and courts got involved.

In the end, it was proven that Han Yicheng was telling the truth, and so was Wei Mingwei.

In this incident, Chen Xiaoshuang was the mastermind, and Wei Mingwei was an accomplice, both were guilty.

But what’s awkward is that Wei Mingwei is still a minor, protected by the Minor Protection Law. Moreover, he claimed he had no idea about the threat of nude photos, thinking it was only about monetary temptation. Therefore, like Han Yicheng, his college entrance exam scores were canceled, and he was banned from taking the exam for three years.

But Chen Xiaoshuang was an adult.

She was held back a year in primary school, repeated a year in junior high school, and just turned eighteen last month.

As the mastermind and the only adult in the whole event, and with her previous violent incidents, she was sentenced to prison.

As for Han Yicheng, when he heard that his disaqualified from the college entrance exam no matter what, he looked like his soul had been taken away, only looking at Xiang Rikui with eyes full of confusion and resentment.

He knew his life was ruined.

But what about Xiang Rikui?

She was perfectly fine.

Because of the timely actions of the police, when they caught Chen Xiaoshuang, she hadn’t even realized what was happening yet. Let alone the photos, she was still partying wildly.

Moreover, when the police and court subpoenas arrived, her friends didn’t dare help her anymore.

So the photos were retrieved.

The perpetrator was jailed.

Her future was still bright, with no blemish at all.

He thought he really loved her.

From the first time he saw this girl’s smile, Han Yicheng felt his heart skip a beat.

Later, gradually, he felt her kindness and optimism, and he thought, as long as she could maintain that smile, he would do anything for her.

But at this moment, he didn’t know why.

He looked at the guilt and gratitude in the girl’s eyes, and the tears she shed for him for the first time, yet he felt no stirrings in his heart.

Only faint annoyance, confusion, and hatred.

At that moment, he clearly realized that the girl’s vibrant smile brought him not sunlight, but endless darkness.

A dark cloud crushed down, instantly destroying his life and future.

Han Yicheng glanced at her, sarcastically tugged at the corners of his mouth, then slammed the door shut with a “bang.”

“Brother Han…”


Xiang Rikui helplessly squatted on the ground.

It seemed like she had caused trouble for someone again.

Since childhood, she had never done anything right, only causing trouble for others.

But she really didn’t mean it.

She didn’t do nothing, she just wanted to quietly like someone, why did the heavens give her so many twists and turns?

Why does fate never seem to favor her even a little?


Actually, fate does favor some people.

But most people are not favored by it.

Many times, the unfairness and difficulties you perceive actually stem from your own choices.

You don’t study well. You choose ambiguous relationships. You get scared and only know to comply.

Heaven doesn’t take the blame for that.

—Fang Xiazi wouldn’t be like this.

She also once liked Han Yicheng very much.

Perhaps even more than Xiang Rikui liked Huo Xingchao.

But her liking isn’t about being overbearing, nor is it about self-pity, her liking was positive and proud.

When she liked someone, she tried to make herself better, fitting the other’s aesthetics within a suitable framework. Some actions might be childish, but at least not negative.

When she knew the other person didn’t love her, she broke it off cleanly.

She endured the heartbreaking pain, then carried on with her life.

The little princess’s pride told her that if Han Yicheng finally gave up on her, it wasn’t because she wasn’t Han Yicheng’s princess.

But it only meant he wasn’t worthy of being her prince.


Then let these lowly commoners be blind to the truth.

This princess would marry a knight as handsome as Leonardo in the future.

A very powerful knight.

He had to be very tall, tall enough to lean down and kiss her when she wore ten-centimeter high heels.

He had to be very rich, rich enough to buy her a truckload of Golden Monkey candies.

He had to be very handsome, handsome enough not to ruin her beauty genes for their children.

And very strong, able to lift her up with ease after kissing and hugging her.

And treat her very, very well, um… at least as well as Huo Xingchao.


Huo Xingchao.

On the night of the first day of sophomore year, Fang Xiazi and her roommates returned to their dormitory after a dinner gathering.

That night, the night breeze still carried a gentle warmth, and a few streaks of moonlight shone down, making the young man standing at the dormitory entrance seem to glow with a silvery light.

The young man had grown much taller and was still wearing his military training uniform. He looked very handsome, with a bright and sunny smile on his lips.

He raised an eyebrow, his eyes full of brilliant moonlight.

Fang Xiazi was stunned.

Then candy rain started falling from the sky.

A huge shower of blue and white Golden Monkey candies fell from the sky, covering the world.

She looked up, a row of freshmen students in military uniforms were standing on the dormitory roof, each holding a box and scattering candies.

The figure of the young man ahead is tall and straight, walking with super long legs, and he’s holding a deck of playing cards in his hand.

Under the moonlight, his features were even more handsome.

27 cards.

He handed them to her, and she turned them over, all were brightly colored Jokers.

The girl drew cards from her own hand, neatly arranged, 27 of them all being the three of hearts.

The boy spread his hands, his eyebrows full of vibrant energy, smiling,

“Miss, I promise, you’ll always draw the trump card in the future.”


He raised an eyebrow, just like a long, long time ago, with a slight smile on his lips, his voice clear and sunny,

So charmingly falling in the pouring rain,

“Senior, do you play Shuangkou?”

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