He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 27

Do you know what the most desperate thing is?

It’s not a swift death, but being slowly sliced piece by piece like in a death by a thousand cuts, with no end in sight.

More than the pain, it is the terror and panic.

When will I die? Will I die?

How long will this torment last?

— I don’t know.

Xiang Rikui felt that her life had taken a completely irreversible turn the day she received a text from that number.

The first text message was a naked photo. The protagonist was herself.

The second message was a very short sentence:

“Hello, I am Chen Xiaoshuang.”


Chen Xiaoshuang.

At that time, Xiang Rikui was in math class, secretly playing with her phone under the desk. Suddenly, she received a new message. When she opened it, she turned pale with fright, shuddered violently, and the phone fell to the ground with a loud thud.

It was a very clear sound, as if it had struck deep in her heart.

The math teacher frowned and walked over, “Xiang Rikui, what are you doing?”

Phones were not allowed in school, let alone openly playing with them during class.

The teacher bent down, reaching to pick it up and confiscate it.

But before she could grab it, the girl suddenly reacted and knocked her hand away forcefully.

The push was very strong. The teacher, who was wearing high heels, almost lost her balance. If it weren’t for the narrow aisle and the desks blocking her, she would have fallen to the ground.

The whole class looked over curiously.

The math teacher steadied herself, frowning tightly, her expression severe, “Xiang Rikui, give me your phone.”

The girl squatted on the ground, clutching her phone tightly, showing a very resistant attitude.

“Xiang Rikui, don’t make me repeat myself.”

“I don’t want to!”

The girl looked up, her eyes red, and shouted in a sharp and angry voice. She then grabbed her phone and ran out of the classroom, startling all her classmates.

The math teacher was stunned, looking at her back for a long time before reacting, angrily slamming the desk, “You are really rebellious. I will talk to your parents!”

By the window, a boy lazily leaned against the wall, ignoring the commotion. Instead, he kept frowning at the WeChat messages on his phone.

“Huo Xingchao, I have decided.”

“I won’t fall in love during high school.”

“I also won’t date high school kids.”

He felt a bit unhappy.

On the night of the cultural evening, their performance won third place. The school awarded them a large plush toy and a bouquet of flowers, along with some prize money.

Huo Xingchao kept the large plush toy, used the prize money, added some of his own money to treat everyone to a meal, and then gave the flowers to Fang Xiazi.

Fang Xiazi shook her head decisively, “I don’t want it.”


“… I just don’t want it.”

That night, the girl sent him several WeChat messages.

Huo Xingchao thought for a moment, “So you won’t date not because you don’t like me, but because I’m a high school kid, right?”

There was a long silence before a reply came back with three words.

“Let’s talk later.”

Talk later?


The boy put away his phone with a bright smile.

So there’s something to talk about.

Something is very strange.

There are people in this world who are simply incompatible.

When you’re not doing well, she is simply happy, cheerful every day, full of vitality and energy.

But when your life is on track, and everything is peaceful and beautiful, she falls into a long period of darkness and torment.

The relationship between you two can be summed up in a movie, with one of you as the protagonist and the other as the antagonist.

Xiang Rikui spent this year in constant fear.

She felt that there were always eyes watching her, stripping her of her clothes, recording her most embarrassing moments.

Every day, her phone would receive different nude photos, sometimes even short videos.

The protagonist in them was always her.

Chen Xiaoshuang told her not to think that taking away the camera would solve everything. There were so many phones that night, enough to store hundreds of “artistic photos” from different angles on her computer.

“Hey, Xiang Rikui, bring me a milk tea from the shop in front of the school at noon.”

“Hey, Xiang Rikui, we’re playing volleyball this weekend, come and pick up the balls.”

“Hey, Xiang Rikui, your mom is a doctor, right? Have her write me a two-week sick note.”

“Hey, Xiang Rikui.”

Xiang Rikui, Xiang Rikui, Xiang Rikui.

From that day on, she hated her phone the most, and feared hearing that cheerful voice calling her name.

She cried to Han Yicheng,

“Han Gege, what should I do? Do I have to live under her oppression for the rest of my life?”


Han Yicheng patted her shoulder, his eyes full of pity and determination, “No, don’t worry, you won’t.”

No, she wouldn’t.

For Xiang Rikui, she could soon escape this life of being at someone else’s beck and call. And it was very simple, just push Han Yicheng into the abyss.

Without malice, she pulls others in, then sincerely thanks them, sympathizes with them, and finally innocently extracts herself.

This was what Xiang Rikui was best at.

For seventeen years, she lived this way.

She really had no malice.

Whether it was making mistakes recklessly, carelessly exposing others’ wounds, or even unintentionally maintaining ambiguous relationships with many boys, she did it unconsciously, feeling apologetic after realizing it.

And then she gradually grew into a vibrant sunflower.

To her, the sun was Huo Xingchao.

And the nutrients she absorbed were hidden in the unseen soil, something she couldn’t see and didn’t care about.

“Han Gege, what should I do? I really can’t let you do this, but she said if I don’t agree, she will post the photos online. What should I do, Han Gege…”

The day before the college entrance exams, Xiang Rikui called Han Yicheng in despair.

She cried as she recounted Chen Xiaoshuang’s final verdict.

“She said she has a friend sitting behind you in the exam, and she hopes you can let him see your answers…”

“Otherwise, she will make my photos public. She said if you agree, she will never threaten me with these photos again…”

“She also said she is not afraid of me calling the police. What should I do, Han Gege…”

Han Yicheng held his phone, listening to the girl’s broken sobs, feeling his heart shatter.

He frowned, paused,

“Xiao Kui, let her call me. I’ll handle it.”

“Han Gege, forget it, I can’t drag you into this. You take care of yourself, do well in the exams tomorrow. I… I guess I’m just destined to face these hardships. God just doesn’t like me…”

“It’s okay, Xiao Kui, let her contact me, I’ll handle it.”


Handle it, handle what.

Han Yicheng wouldn’t back down, spoke little, was not as quick-witted as Huo Xingchao, and he always defined others with his Mary Sue drama worldview. He simply couldn’t handle it.

Huo Xingchao was right about one thing.

Boys like Han Yicheng may be very popular during their school days. This is because they are good-looking, have good grades, and maintain a cold demeanor loved by many girls.

But once in society, or facing a girl who doesn’t like him, his social skills are basically zero.

The biggest difference between him and Huo Xingchao was that Huo Xingchao was popular with both boys and girls.

But Han Yicheng, for so many years, had always been alone, without a single good male friend.

So having him handle it could only lead to one outcome —

“Okay, he said if he gets into a third-tier university, he’ll give you an extra thirty thousand. Ten thousand as a deposit, twenty thousand later. Don’t worry, just show the multiple-choice answers, you don’t need to pass notes or anything, just move the paper a bit, it won’t be discovered.”

The boy was silent for a while, “Are you sure I don’t need to pass notes?”

“No need.”

Chen Xiaoshuang smiled, “And just moving the paper a bit will earn you thirty thousand. Isn’t it a good deal?”


“… Okay, I agree.”

Chen Xiaoshuang promised that after the college entrance exams, she would never trouble Xiang Rikui again.

And Han Yicheng was indeed moved by the thirty thousand yuan.

He was from a single-parent family. His mother had always provided for him, but their life was never very good.

He is very sensible and never asks for brand-name clothes, nor does he demand much pocket money from his mother. His lifestyle is very simple.

In every aspect, he is not inferior to Huo Xingchao, except for lacking that extravagant and prodigal air.

Han Yicheng despised Huo Xingchao for not only squandering his family’s wealth, but he also thought that maybe Xiang Rikui liked Huo Xingchao more because of this.

He thought if he could prove to her that he could also provide a secure future with his own abilities, maybe she would choose him.

Besides, it was just a matter of slightly moving the paper, no need for notes or devices. If done discreetly, the invigilator wouldn’t notice.

Han Yicheng put away his phone and sent Xiang Rikui a reassuring message.

Then he went to sleep peacefully.

In elementary school, he earned pocket money this way, he had experience.

There would be no problem.

— So he thought.

Of course, he didn’t know.

After doing her nails, Chen Xiaoshuang made a call.

“Hey, Wei Mingwei, he agreed. Make it obvious when the time comes. Transfer some money to him quickly. Oh, and after transferring the money, it’s best to give him a call and record the conversation. Don’t worry, I will take care of your future, you won’t be treated unfairly.”


Wei Mingwei hung up, then opened WeChat, sending a voice message with a smile,

“Brother Huo, if this thing really works out and the motorcycle shop actually takes responsibility for me, you won’t go back on your word, right?

It took a long time before a few words came back leisurely from the other side.

“No, I won’t.”

“It’s not worth much anyway.”

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