He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 26

Huo Xingchao created a grand spectacle.


He brought over almost all the top music and art students that Fang Xiazi knew in school, forming a band that only lacked a violinist.

The practice room was filled with various instruments. When the group saw him bring a girl over, they all smiled and greeted him.

“Huo Xingchao, have you finally found a satisfactory violinist?”

The teenager nodded seriously,

“Satisfactory, the most satisfactory in the world.”

Someone who knew Fang Xiazi came over, patted his shoulder, and winked, “Yo, isn’t this the girl you’ve had a crush on?”

Everyone familiar with Huo Xingchao knew he had a longtime crush on a girl.

Since the third year of junior high school, he had been pursuing her, even following her into the No.1 Middle School.

It’s said that her favorite NBA player was number 7. As soon as he joined the school team, he fought for a ragged jersey with that number and became the team’s new number 7.

She liked White Rabbit candy, so he always carried some, making everyone think he loved the candy himself.

Their chemistry teacher in class often suffers from low blood sugar. Sometimes, when feeling uncomfortable halfway through class, he walks over and taps his desk to extort a few candies.

Lately, though, he had switched to Golden Monkey candy.

It is said that the young lady was the head of the literary and artistic department of the Student Union. He eagerly went to sign up for the Student Union, but ended up being assigned to the study department, which made him very unhappy. He spent the whole day criticizing his own department ten thousand times.

Her ideal type was Leonardo DiCaprio, so he naïvely made a birthday wish that Leonardo would either marry soon or remain single forever.

It is said that the young lady got a boyfriend. He turned into a depressed groundhog entirely, dropping to second in the class for the final exam because he wrote a supernatural short story for his Chinese composition that scared the grading teacher half to death, resulting in him being awarded a score of 18 points.

But recently, rumors said he had succeeded in ousting her boyfriend.

Despite the questionable morality, Huo Xingchao’s friends were relieved.

Before meeting her, Huo Xingchao was a wild little dragon. When he had a crush on her, he became a grumpy cutie. When she had a boyfriend, he evolved into an irritable little dragon.

After her breakup, he transformed into a charming, sunny little cutie.

His friends hoped she would either get with him quickly or stay single forever.

When Leonardo marries, they hope the two will marry also.

The song they were going to play was written by Huo Xingchao himself.

No kidding.

His mother was a concertmaster, and his grandmother an opera singer. While other kids were listening to lullabies, his ears were filled with “The Marriage of Figaro.”

He had been pondering whether he should become a rock singer since he was a child, thinking about it for a long time.

Ultimately, he decided to become a scientist benefiting the world, temporarily.

But Huo Xingchao still had musical talent in his bones.

At least, the song he wrote didn’t seem like the random creation of a high schooler; Fang Xiazi was genuinely amazed and expressed her admiration.

“What’s the name of this song?”

Huo Xingchao fiddled with his drum set, his lips curling into a smile, revealing two small dimples, “’My Big Sister.’”

“…Can you not joke?”

“I’m not joking.”

The boy blinked innocently, “It’s called ‘My Big Sister.’”

“I thought about it for a long time.”

On the day of the art show, Fang Xiazi finally realized he wasn’t joking.

Initially, she agreed to help Huo Xingchao because he had once saved her. She wanted to repay the favor, despite wanting to avoid suspicion.

However, during the practice, she found preparing a song like this quite interesting.

Fang Xiazi had started learning the violin out of interest. She never took any exams or joined the school orchestra, preferring to learn and practice on her own.

She might not be naturally suited to accommodate others but needed a group to adapt to her.

But now, she found that wasn’t entirely true.

The teenager behind the drum set raised his head, his eyebrows handsome, his smile dazzling,

“Big sister, can you try lowering the pitch just now?”

Because of Huo Xingchao, the whole band started calling her “big sister.”

Some, who were in the same grade and even older than her by two months, would tease her on the road with a squinted smile,

“Good morning, big sister.”

Her friends were astonished, “Is this a new way to flirt?”

…No, thank you.

Their performance was ninth.

Very, very, very coincidentally.

Right before Han Yicheng and Xiang Rikui’s duet.

The host smiled on stage,

“Next, let’s welcome the Bawang Band with ‘My Big Sister’!”

…Why does it sound like a kindergarten performance?

But no matter how awkward the name, the moment the boy started drumming, the girls in the audience went wild.

The stage lights created a starlight effect. His handsome face appeared on the big screen, and his drumming moves were truly stunning.


Teenage boys have three most captivating moves.

First, whistling while skateboarding.

Second, smiling after making a three-pointer.

Third, drinking water with one hand while drumming.

Of course, the premise is that you have to be handsome and not deliberate.

Just like Huo Xingchao on stage.

While drumming, he raised his eyebrows at the girl across from him, a hint of exasperation and regret in his eyes.

As if saying, “So many people like me, but I’m infatuated with you, big sister. Why don’t you get it?”

The young lady lowered her eyes.

Refusing to receive his signals.

But halfway through her play, she realized the other accompaniment was gradually softening.

Until it disappeared.

Only the violin and drums remained in the speakers.

Hey, was this part of the rehearsal?!

The culprit, Huo Xingchao, smiled and turned on the microphone in front of him, ready to cause trouble.

“Hey hey, I’m going to start singing.”

“Oh oh!”

The audience below erupted into cheers and applause.

But on stage, Fang Xiazi thought this guy was crazy, raising her head and mouthing fiercely at him,

“Don’t sing, shut up.”


It’s useless.

If he wants to go to space, not even NASA can stop him.

“My big sister.

You are the raindrops in the radiant sunshine,

Dripping into the heart with a patter,

Strumming one, two, three strings.

My big sister,

You are the lotus leaf in the drizzle,

Layer upon layer holding butterflies,

Fluttering in the depths of my rippling heart.”

The youth approached the microphone, with sparkling eyes and a hint of a smile in his dark gaze, his voice incredibly charming.

“My big sister,

You are the heavy snow in the lush greenery,

Sprawling all over the world

Then melting into spring.

My big sister,

You are the beauty within the cuteness,

The charm within the beauty,

The angel adorned with moonlight and stars.

My big sister.”

Huo Xingchao’s sitting position was very clever.

The violinist was in the center of the stage, with the drum set next to it. Facing the microphone, he lifted his eyes to see Fang Xiazi playing the violin in a fairy dress in the center.

Curved eyebrows and eyes, with two dimples at the corners of the lips, his voice is charming and full of magnetism

Then he blinked and looked at her brightly.

“My big sister

You are the most special in the world

You smile and smile so sweetly

Ten thousand candies cannot compare to the allure you have on me.”

The young man was incredibly handsome. His voice was incredibly good. The song was incredibly sweet.

In short, even after they left the stage, the atmosphere in the audience did not recover.

Whether they knew the inside story, saw some clues, or were simply captivated by his looks, almost everyone was immersed in discussing the previous performance.

Leading to an especially awkward moment for the next duet piano duet.

Yes, very, very, very awkward.

They played a waltz while the audience was buzzing with excitement.

Xiang Rikui’s absent-mindedness caused several wrong notes to be played.

But no one cared.

Honestly, no one really wanted to hear a purely played piano piece at the art show.

Coupled with Huo Xingchao’s earlier performance, 90% of the audience happily ignored the duet, chattering about “My Big Sister.”

Principal Huo leaned back in his chair and looked at him with a slight smile, “Who is your big sister?”

“You don’t need to know who she is. You can’t stop our love anyway.”

“Huo Xingchao.”

He took a leisurely sip of tea, “Did I tell you your parents came to see your performance today?”

The teenager turned his head and saw the names of the special guests written in the center of the judges’ row.

—Jiang Shuhua.

Yes, not his parents.

It was his grandmother.

So he coughed, frowning at his uncle,

“As the principal, why do you always instill the idea of ​​puppy love in your students? I’ve said it all, it’s a metaphor, a symbol.”


Ms. Jiang Shuhua, the veteran artist, smiled, “Symbolizing one, two, or three strings in your heart?”


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