He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 25

The night was dark.

Fang Xiazi had safely gotten into the car and was calling her parents to let them know she was safe.

She was actually in good condition, although a bit frightened. Luckily, the timely arrival of the knight, sounding his horn, ensured she remained unharmed.

When Huo Xingchao poked his head through the car window, the young girl was instantly mesmerized, her previous arrogance vanishing. Speechless, she stared at the face of her young hero.

To make matters more intense, about half a minute after he rolled down the window, another face appeared behind him—a stern face with eagle eyes, commanding respect without anger.

It turned out to be the principal of their No. 1 Middle School.

Huo Xingchao then methodically took photos of each of them with his phone, jotting down their names and classes. If any protested, a few stern kicks and snorts from him ensured immediate compliance.

“We didn’t do anything, really.”

“You saw it too. We hadn’t even met her before the car arrived.”

He approached the girl who seemed to be in charge, sighed deeply, handed her a book, and simply said, “Write.”

As she began to write her name, she looked up timidly and asked, “Huo Xingchao, how did you know I was here?”

“The principal had just met Han Yicheng,” Huo started, then paused, softening his tone before continuing, “but I thought it wouldn’t be right to have a girl’s record at the police station.”

“Don’t worry, I asked the principal to be lenient. Thankfully, nothing serious happened. As for Xiang Rikui and the others… as long as she doesn’t stir up trouble herself, everything should be fine.”

“Thank you, Huo Xingchao,” she said, her eyes filled with gratitude.

“No need to thank me; we’re all classmates. But be careful. Just because Senior Sister Fang isn’t pursuing it doesn’t mean others won’t seek revenge, right?”

“I know, I’ll be cautious.”

After Fang Xiazi finished her phone call, Huo Xingchao and another classmate escorted her home.

Because the principal was busy handling student affairs, and two bicycles were left at the entrance of the alley—one for each person—they were just returned to their owners.

Huo Xingchao’s timing was perfect, and since nothing had happened yet, Fang Xiazi took a few deep breaths and quickly composed herself.

After all, the original situation had collapsed because by the time her parents found her, much had been irrevocably lost.

And back then, she hadn’t broken up with Han Yicheng. Before this incident, she still had hopeful imaginings about him.

Once shattered, the collapse was inevitable.

Holding the handlebars of her bicycle, she followed Huo, hesitating slightly, then asked, “Huo Xingchao, how did you know something would happen to me?”

“Do you even need to ask?” the boy replied with a knowing look. “Seeing Han Yicheng’s worried expression, I knew he was rushing to save his beloved.”

“Do you think anything good happens when he tries to play the hero?”

“you’re right,” Fang Xiazi agreed, then smiled more relaxedly, “Thank you so much. You were incredibly brave today with that loudspeaker!”

Huo Xingchao raised an eyebrow playfully. “Really?”

“Imagine if one day, a guy in a No. 7 basketball jersey, driving a Chery QQ, and wielding a loudspeaker proposed to you, would you marry him?”

“It depends on who it is.”

“For example?”

“Leonardo, perhaps.”

“Oh,” he sighed, his gaze dropping sadly, his long eyelashes catching the moonlight. “I thought you might say Huo Xingchao.”

“No, you’re too young; I’m not into sibling-like love.”

With that, he turned away, looking down the long street ahead, and started mumbling to himself as if casting a spell, “Sister, don’t look at me when I’m getting dressed or taking a bath. Sister, don’t look at me when I clean the house. Oh, don’t look at me, sister. I may be young, but I’m not lacking where it counts.”

After ensuring the young lady was safe at home, Huo Xingchao returned to discuss matters with the principal, his uncle, casually crossing his legs and leaning back on the sofa.

“Uncle, can I handle this situation?”


“I promise, I’ll make sure the culprits get what they deserve without harming the school’s reputation.”



The boy leaned back, flipping through a test paper on the table, and sighed, “Our school hasn’t seen a city champion in six years, right?”

“If you don’t agree with me, I feel that it’s very likely for No. 1 Middle School to create a miracle of not having a top scorer in the city for eight years.”

“Hey you little brat!” the principal exclaimed.

Huo Xingchao just blinked innocently, a mischievous smile playing on his lips.

His method was simple: let the dogs bite each other.

The girl, after a week of reflection and upon her return to school, found herself expelled.

“I’m sorry,” Huo said to her sadly, “I returned the camera to Xiang Rikui, but she still wants to press charges. A few days ago, she went to ask Senior Sister Fang to act as a witness.”

Recently, Xiang Rikui went to the senior high school science class to find Fang Xiazi. First, she apologized to her, and then tearfully begged her to help.”

People around them didn’t understand why she needed help. They only saw Fang Xiazi ignore her, while she stood there crying pitifully in the corridor.

Eventually, she was escorted away by Han Yicheng.

Speaking of Han Yicheng, his reputation at school was at an all-time low.

Fang Xiazi, still fuming, shared his love history—full of deceit and betrayal—with her closest friends, who in turn spread the word.

Friend A told friend B again. Friend B then told friend C.

By now, all the grades know that Han Yicheng is two-timing, flirting with school girls on one hand, while deceiving his childhood sweetheart’s feelings on the other. He shamelessly romances other girls behind his girlfriend’s back, displaying the utmost lack of integrity.

Now, everyone viewed him with suspicion.

Not long ago, a girl had boldly confessed to him but was coldly rejected.

“You think I’m fat? You don’t even look in the mirror to see how much of a scumbag you are. Fang Xiazi had the misfortune of dating such an ex-boyfriend for eight lifetimes. I’m too good for you. May you be cuckolded for all your lives!”

These things, thanks to the many friends and bad influences at school, the little sister knew about them.

The girl, head lowered, was quiet before looking up at Huo Xingchao, “Thank you, I understand… But I won’t be able to attend the same school as you anymore.”

The young man smiled gently, “Chen Xiaoshuang, I shouldn’t be your whole life. Even if we never meet again, you can still lead a wonderful life.”

And I will not be a part of it.

After Huo Xingchao left, Chen Xiaoshuang stared at the complaint letter in her hand and scoffed.

At home, her mother had asked her if threatening a boy would make him like her.

She knew it wouldn’t.

But it didn’t matter; she simply disliked those girls clinging to Huo Xingchao, no matter what, she found it satisfying.

Honestly, it didn’t matter if she studied or not.

If not for Huo Xingchao, it wouldn’t matter which school she attended.

But if someone was going to treat her this way, and she had to just take it, that was out of the question.

Chen Xiaoshuang’s principle was clear: no matter how others harassed her, she would always pay them back tenfold.

Even if it meant hurting the enemy at a great cost to herself, it was worth it.

In two days, the school’s cultural evening would take place.

Although Fang Xiazi could no longer be a host due to her promotion to senior year, she still participated in the class group performance.

Their class prepared a drama titled “Cinderella.”

Fang Xiazi looked very arrogant at first glance, so without a doubt, she played the role of an irrelevant neighboring arrogant princess, and she was done in a short amount of time.

But as she exited the rehearsal room, she encountered Xiang Rikui, also there for rehearsal.

When the young girl saw her, her smile vanished, her lips pursed, and she appeared hesitant.

Finally, she lowered her head timidly, as if fearful of her presence.

Her best friend, standing beside her, looked over protectively.

A few days earlier, Xiang Rikui had come to Fang Xiazi, sincerely apologizing first.

Then, she pleaded for help as a personal favor.

Huo Xingchao had handed her the cameras used by the bullies.

“The photos are still there; I haven’t looked at them. You can delete them. This time, because the other party claimed it was a joke and the school didn’t want to escalate matters, I didn’t intervene.”

“If you’re unwilling or fear further retaliation after her return, you can also report it to the principal, and the school will ensure justice. I’ve given you the evidence; you can handle it as you see fit.”

Xiang Rikui’s dissatisfaction was secondary, what she genuinely feared was further retaliation.

So, during her time at home for reflection, she sought out Senior Sister Fang, hoping for her support.

But Senior Sister Fang seemed still upset and ignored her.

She felt sad.

Clearly, she was the more aggrieved party, yet even Huo Xingchao seemed to pity Senior Sister Fang more and didn’t stand by her.

Later, it was Han gege who stepped forward to help her testify in the principal’s office.

Now those bad people have all been expelled from school, her photo has also been completely deleted, and Xiang Rikui finally breathed a sigh of relief, her face gradually returning to a sunny smile.

But when she sees Fang Xiazi now, she still feels very sad.

The behavior that night was only done out of desperation, and the harm she suffered was so great. Why did even Huo Xingchao lean towards Senior Fang and ignore her?

It seemed she was fine, wasn’t she?

“Sister Fang…” Fang Xiazi glanced at her briefly but said nothing.

Her gaze moved past her to the stairs behind her, a questioning look in her eyes.

Before Xiang Rikui could turn around, she heard a familiar cheerful voice,


Without looking back, she knew it must be Huo Xingchao.

The young man walked over, nodded at her casually, then turned his charming smile towards Fang Xiazi.

“Sister, I need a favor.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve prepared a piece for the art show, which has been approved, but the violinist who was to accompany me accidentally broke his hand yesterday, so I need your help.”

Jiang Wei, the unlucky violinist, emerged from behind him, his hand in a cast, and sighed.

“What piece?”

“The Butterfly Lovers.”



“Oh, are those two big boys going up to perform the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai?”

Fang Xiazi glanced at Jiang Wei and casually inquired, “How many strings does a violin have?”


She raised an eyebrow. “Four?”




“No thanks.”

Watching Sister Fang’s unamused face and Brother Huo’s crestfallen look, Jiang Wei retreated pitifully.

How was he supposed to know how many strings a violin had, when even figuring out which shoulder to rest it on took him a moment?

On the other hand, Xiang Rikui raised her hand eagerly, “Huo Xingchao, if it’s an ensemble of The Butterfly Lovers, I can help.”

Though she couldn’t play the violin, she was confident with the piano.

Unexpectedly, the boy glanced at her dismissively and stated flatly, “You can’t.”

He then hurried to catch up with the girl in front of him, his voice carrying a light, persuasive tone,

“Sister, really, I could use your help…”

They walked away gradually.

Xiang Rikui watched their retreating figures, a complex emotion welling up within her.

In fairy tales, on TV, in girls’ comics—always Cinderella and the prince, a clumsy ordinary girl and a brilliant schoolboy.

They fall in love. They have their happy ending.

Why couldn’t she?

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