He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 22

The girl paused, halting her steps, and looked at him with a serious expression.

“Huo Xingchao, you’re not secretly in love with me, are you?”

Fang Xiazi was relatively slow in matters of the heart, but she wasn’t stupid. A junior from school, unrelated to her, kept appearing by her side. He was warm and friendly, shared snacks, talked heart-to-heart, and even helped her deal with a cheating boyfriend. Despite his good nature, Fang Xiazi couldn’t believe that someone could be this nice without a reason.

So, recalling her friends’ words, Fang Xiazi felt it was necessary to ask clearly.

Of course, subconsciously, she still thought it wasn’t possible. After all, she had a boyfriend, and they had little interaction before. At most, they had worked together in the student union, and they had co-hosted an event at last year’s arts festival.

This junior, who was adored by many, shouldn’t have such thoughts, right?

…Well, probably not.

So, the girl raised her eyebrows slightly and cleared her throat.

“I was just making a joke; you don’t need to take it seriously. But sometimes, I think you should…”

“Senior Sister.”

The young man interrupted her, his eyebrows furrowed, a hint of grievance and sadness in his black eyes, and surprisingly, his voice carried a bit of reproach.

“You just realized that I have a crush on you?”

Senior Sister had a saying that ACD doesn’t know whether to say or not.

Fang Xiazi was left speechless, unsure of how to respond to this mischievous kid.

Behind them, Xiang Rikui and Han Yicheng, who had approached due to their sudden stop, were directly stunned when they heard this.

Xiang Rikui’s tears fell instantly. Holding back a smile, she spoke incoherently, not knowing what she was saying.

“Huo Xingchao, so you… that Senior Sister Fang, you guys are a perfect match. I wish… I wish you both well…”

What on earth?

Fang Xiazi exploded instantly, turned her head, and stared at her, “Have I ever done anything to harm you? Do you have to treat me like this?!”

First, she flirted with her boyfriend, and now she was slandering her in public for cheating? Wow, this woman must be one of those deeply cunning and alluring vixens they talk about! No, she must be cautious.

So, the girl cautiously stepped back two steps, glaring at her.

“Speak, what is your purpose?”

Xiang Rikui was extremely flustered. Tears kept flowing, and she waved her hands, looking helpless and incoherent.

“No, Senior, you misunderstood. I really wish you both well…”

Her crying made quite a scene. Everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads to look, and upon hearing these words, their gazes involuntarily shifted among the four people.

Bless what? Huo Xingchao and Fang Xiazi?

But isn’t Fang Xiazi supposed to be with Han Yicheng?

Behind them, Han Yicheng frowned, shielding the crying Xiang Rikui behind him. His gaze fell coldly on Fang Xiazi.

“You don’t need to create trouble like this. I want to ask you, what’s the meaning of doing such things in front of me?”

Doing such things?

“What did I do?”

Fang Xiazi was on the verge of exploding, her eyebrows raised, her whole being turning into an angry Pikachu in an electrifying state.

But because she was too angry, pointing at him with her fingers, her chest heaving, she couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“Xiang Rikui.”

Huo Xingchao, who had been silent all this time, finally sighed, looking sincerely at the crying girl, “I’m sorry, but when it comes to feelings, you can’t force it.”

“I’m leaving the country soon, so I wanted to confess my feelings to Senior Sister before I leave. Even though she rejected me, at least I won’t have regrets. As for you, I’m touched by your feelings, but sometimes things without results will only make you suffer.”

He furrowed his brow, making a concerted effort to recall the appearance of He Shuhuan in the midst of deep emotions and misty rain. His gaze was sincere,

“Why don’t you look at the person who has been behind you? Look at Senior Han Yicheng. He has been silently caring for you, cherishing you. Compared to me, he is the most suitable person for you. Xiang Rikui, as the saying goes, rather than chasing someone who doesn’t love you, it’s better to choose someone who loves you. So, cherish Senior Han Yicheng.”

This speech carried too much information.

People around were stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Han Yicheng, shielding the crying Xiang Rikui. Unable to help themselves, they swallowed their saliva.

Too, too, too scary.

Han Yicheng was really too scary.

To actually cheat in front of his girlfriend so confidently.

It’s amazing that she rejected Huo Xingchao because of him, but what about him?

He’s utterly shameless!

…Fang Xiazi was really pitiful.

Xiang Rikui poked her head from behind the boy, her eyes red and anxious.

“Huo Xingchao, don’t misunderstand. I really don’t have that kind of relationship with Brother Han. Huo Xingchao…”

Brother Han?

The current Taiwanese dramas don’t use this kind of terms anymore, right?

How arrogant.

But as they hesitated here, the teacher noticed the stagnant part of the team, walked over, and frowned.

“What are you doing here? Laughing and joking, not going home?”

Then he turned around, looking serious, “Huo Xingchao, when did you slip to the back again? Go back and hold the sign for me!”

The boy touched his nose, obediently following the teacher to the front of the team.

Jiang Wei, who came to watch the show, quickly followed, approached him, paused, and still couldn’t help but ask cautiously,

“Brother Huo, are you really going abroad?”

“Not going.”

“Then what about just now…”

“Oh, I originally planned to go.”

The boy raised his eyebrows, flashed him a brilliant smile, “But because I couldn’t bear you guys, my friends, after thinking about it for half the summer, I decided to defy my parents’ orders and stay.”


Jiang Wei turned his head back expressionless.

Are they really that important?

Then why did you have to think for half the summer?


In their area, the terrain was generally lower, with very few hills. The place chosen for the summer camp, said to be the highest mountain locally, was essentially just a slightly higher hill in geographical terms.

If they descended quickly, leaving in the morning, they could still have lunch when they reached the foot of the mountain.

But even on such a short road, as long as there was a character like Xiang Rikui with that name and idol drama vibes, it couldn’t be peaceful.

After about half an hour of walking, there was a sudden panic and commotion at the end of the line. The neatly arranged two columns instantly turned into a mess, surrounding something. The discussions and shouts were a bit frantic.

Huo Xingchao squinted in the direction of that location, instinctively sensing that something was wrong. So, he threw the sign on Jiang Wei’s body and ran with the teacher to the scene of the incident.

…Sure enough.

People around were explaining in a rush, each adding their own details, but at least the teacher and Huo Xingchao understood what had happened.

It turned out that halfway through, Xiang Rikui, seemingly absent-minded, bumped into something, and the whole person fell from the terraced mountain steps, shocking everyone around. They watched her fall directly onto Fang Xiazi in front of her.

The situation suddenly became very tragic.

At this moment, both girls were still on the ground. Han Yicheng held Xiang Rikui’s hand, anxiously asking if she was okay.

As for Fang Xiazi, there was a crowd of students around her as well. Her rolled-up pants revealed an ankle that was bleeding, and her lower leg had several bloody scratches from the stones. It looked much worse than Xiang Rikui’s injuries.

The leading teacher frowned.

“They definitely can’t walk like this. Let’s find a few boys to take turns carrying them down the mountain.”

As soon as he said this, Han Yicheng had already lifted Xiang Rikui onto his back, looking serious. “Teacher, let me carry her down.”

The leading teacher looked at his slender figure with some hesitation but saw the determination on the boy’s lips and the fact that Xiang Rikui was petite. He finally nodded.

“Fine, but if you can’t hold on, you must tell me, and I’ll find someone to replace you. As for Fang Xiazi…”

He turned his head, searching the crowd.

Huo Xingchao’s tall figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The boy raised his head, innocently blinked at him.

This boy was on the school’s basketball team, carrying a large travel bag on his back and holding the sign for the summer camp. However, even after walking such a long distance, he still seemed relaxed, as if he were taking a leisurely stroll.

So the teacher waved, “Huo Xingchao, you’re strong. Help carry the injured student down, and she’ll treat you to a meal later.”

Huo Xingchao nodded, lips curved into a smile, readily accepting.

He bent down, revealing a broad back, and steadily lifted the girl onto his back, forming a sharp contrast with Han Yicheng’s frail appearance.

Just as he had said before, he had won without doing anything.

Although this kind of victory didn’t bring any joy or sense of triumph to Fang Xiazi.

There were artificial steps all the way down. Huo Xingchao carried her steadily, but the girl remained silent. Since the fall, she had only said a thank you and hadn’t spoken a word since.

Everyone could feel how depressed she was.

Huo Xingchao paused, about to say something, but suddenly felt a moist sensation on his neck.

Under the brilliant sunlight, tears fell one by one, chillingly dropping into his collar, leaving a hot sensation on his skin.

It was scorching.

She buried her head in his collar, her voice muffled, with a hint of forced sobbing.

“Huo Xingchao, my head… my hair seems to have gotten into my eyes.”

The boy sighed, not paying attention to her tough words.

“Senior Sister, what exactly do you like about him?”


“You look at him, in his senior year, but he’s still so short. When you wear slightly higher heels in the future, standing together will look so awkward.”

“Moreover, he’s so bad at math, indicating that his brain must not work well. Afterward, he definitely won’t have any financial management skills.”

“Do you know why he doesn’t talk? It’s because he can’t speak, his mouth is stupid, and his brain doesn’t work well. After working, he definitely won’t get promoted for thirty years, how will he support you and your children?”

“Most importantly, he’s still a scumbag. While dating you, he’s flirting with other girls. In the future, he’s destined to be the kind of person who cheats. By then, when you regret, how many years of youth will you have wasted?”

The boy, carrying her, spoke with a deep voice, analyzing rationally one by one. However, as he spoke, the girl’s tears fell more violently, almost forming a sea behind his neck.

He paused, finally feeling a bit at a loss.

“Senior Sister… Did I say something wrong?”


She buried her head, her voice intermittent, coming from behind him, choked.

“I think what you said is very, very right.”

“But why, why, when he’s so bad, do I still like him?”

“Huo Xingchao, you tell me, why is that…”

The young man fell silent for a while.

Watching the sun gradually rising in the east, feeling the surging tears on the back of his neck, his tone softened for the first time,

“That’s because you’re still too young, Senior.”

“So you haven’t seen much of the world yet.”

“In fact, there are plenty of men better than Han Yicheng in this world.”

Fang Shazhi snorted, choking back a sob, “Are you trying to tell me about yourself?”

He smiled, a faint curve appearing on his lips,

“Senior Sister, can you help me take something out of the right pocket?”

With her head buried, wiping her tears on his collar, she reached out and pulled out a White Rabbit candy from his right pocket.

The young man’s voice, accompanied by a dazzling smile, echoed ahead, full of vitality and charm,

“Isn’t this magic amazing?”

“Senior Sister, when you have to let go of something you like, heaven will send you something else you like.”

She unwrapped the candy, put it in her mouth, feeling the sweet taste seeping through her tongue. Finally, the tears were reluctantly held back.

Staring at the dark back of the young man’s head, she suddenly reached out and patted it, raising her voice in a somewhat arrogant manner,

“Who told you I like White Rabbit candy?

“I like Golden Monkeys!”

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