He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 21

On the day the camping trip ended, the teachers in charge gathered everyone from the four camps for a group photo.

Huo Xingchao, due to infringing on Leonardo’s reputation, was angrily attacked by his little fan, Fang Xiazi, for several days.

Every time she saw him, her nostrils flared, and her eyes showed a sharp edge of anger.

The young man touched his nose and stood in the position assigned by the teacher.

Due to his height, he could only stand in the last row, in the center, holding a sign for the summer camp. It was particularly eye-catching when viewed from the front.

The teacher in charge shouted from the front, “With Huo Xingchao as the center, everyone adjust their positions accordingly. Remember, it must be centered around Huo Xingchao…”

Han Yicheng frowned beside him, but under the urging of his classmates, he reluctantly moved to the left.

On his left was Huo Xingchao, and in front was Fang Xiazi. To the left of Fang Xiazi happened to be Xiang Rikui.

Starting from Huo Xingchao, counting clockwise, the heights were exactly 181 cm, 177 cm, 165 cm, and 154 cm.

Jiang Wei bumped into Huo Xingchao’s shoulder and teased, “Bro, does this look like the Penrose Stairs?”

Huo Xingchao ignored him, but Xiang Rikui in the front row turned curiously.

“What is the Penrose Stairs?”

Jiang Wei squinted his eyes, his tone filled with hostility, “In the second grade of elementary school, it’s that high and low loop staircase circulating around in QQ space.”

Then, seeing the puzzled look on the girl’s face, he rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t you know anything? Girls like you, besides lovey-dovey stuff, can’t you have some other knowledge? My bro Huo doesn’t like girls who are not educated, especially those who are uneducated and rude.”

He still held a grudge against the girl who completely ignored him the night before yesterday.

So now, seeing her innocent and aggrieved look, he felt no guilt at all, but rather quite angry.

Just like he hadn’t figured out why Senior Sister Fang didn’t choose him, Brother Huo, and instead chose Han Yicheng, who was fake and pretentious.

Jiang Wei also couldn’t understand why Han Yicheng, who acted high and mighty with his girlfriend, turned out to be so flattering to the troublemaker Xiang Rikui.

Heh heh.

Thinking about the bowl in front of him and still thinking about what’s in the dog’s bowl, he was truly a disgrace among men.

A villain destined to be cannon fodder in a movie.

…But thinking like this, he found Brother Huo, the male lead, also quite strange.

After he left that night, he didn’t know what the two of them talked about. Anyway, when he woke up the next morning, Senior Sister had an angry look on her face.

He trembled for a long time, afraid that Huo Xingchao would vent his anger on them.

But Brother Huo, for some reason, was in an unusually good mood these days.

The sun was shining, he lent a helping hand here and there, and the leading teacher treated him like a beloved son.

The entire fourth camp praised Huo Xingchao like crazy.

Every day, looking at Brother Huo’s friendly smile, he felt exceptionally creepy, afraid that he would turn into the vampire in Jay Chou’s MV the next second.

The brilliant eight teeth would turn into huge fangs.

And they would be bitten to death in this Silent Hill.

Actually, Huo Xingchao was indeed in a good mood.

Because in his previous state, whether he was gentle and considerate or making trouble, it seemed that Fang Xiazi’s attitude towards him was always


That’s how she was.

Toward unfamiliar people, those she didn’t care about, she wouldn’t even give them a glance, at most, a glance when you were making a scene, then a casual turn away.

Once she got angry with you.

It meant that in her heart, at least, you were slightly higher than a “stranger.”

Add a little bit.

And then more and more.

Eventually, it would become the most, the very most!

The weather was clear and sunny today.

The teacher with the camera stood in front, smiling and gesturing to them, “Three, two, one, is the candy sweet or not—”

Huo Xingchao instantly reached out and pulled apart the braid of the girl in front.

Then he showed a bright and sunny smile and said,


Sweet, your head! Ghost!

Fang Xiazi was so angry that her nose was about to twist.

She had just calmed down after seeing Han Yicheng, showing a standard smile, and was about to take a beautiful photo when her ponytail was suddenly unraveled.

Then the mountain wind came, blowing her long black hair onto her cheeks.

Covering her eyes and nose.

Like a smiling Sadako under the big sun.

The girl turned her head, glaring at him with majestic momentum, her voice containing uncontrollable anger, like a furious Mei Yangyang,

“Huo Xingchao, are you crazy?”

The young man touched her butterfly hairband, curved his lips,

“Isn’t it good to leave a special memory?”

Heh heh.

Special memory?

Today, I will make you a mutant!

The girl raised her chin, pointing imperiously,

“Lower your head.”

“Give me back the hairband.”

The young man obediently bent down.

Sighed, handed over the butterfly hairband in his hand, and guessed what she was going to do.

“Sister, considering that I helped you cut so many pieces of beef, can you tie it nicely?”

Sure enough, the next second, the girl grabbed a few strands of hair in front of his forehead and tied a cute butterfly hairband.

The teacher in front happened to see this scene, so he smiled again and raised the camera,

“Classmates, let’s take another picture, okay? One, two, three, are cherries sweet or not—”


Later, when the photos came out, Huo Xingchao and Fang Xiazi were like the finishing touch in the crowd.

In the first picture, the young man had a brilliant smile, and the girl’s black hair was spread out.

In the second picture, the girl was elegant and generous, and the young man had a small bunch of hair tied with a butterfly knot on his head, looking down with pitiful eyes.

In other words, Huo Xingchao successfully achieved his goal.

Because of these two photos, everyone in the entire summer camp remembered them thoroughly.

Of course, they also remembered the gloomy Han Yicheng and the aggrieved Xiang Rikui next to them.

After the literary evening, the popular names for these two photos in the public’s mind have become

— “The Shura Field on the Penrose Stairs.”

— And “Mayan’s Second Prophecy.”

Of course, now, except for Huo Xingchao, no one knows what tragedy will happen a month later.

Because of the incident two nights ago, Fang Xiazi still hasn’t recovered.

Therefore, she completely ignored Han Yicheng. From the assembly until now, she hadn’t said a word to him.

Their way of getting along was originally characterized by his coldness and her warmth. If Fang Xiazi didn’t speak, Han Yicheng wouldn’t take the initiative either. During the descent, he silently followed Xiang Rikui, carrying her backpack.

As for Fang Xiazi, she was too angry and didn’t receive the expected apology and explanation. Proudly, she walked in front, accompanied by a large dog-like junior from the biology department.

The two of them whispered, and Xiang Rikui watched their backs, feeling unhappy. She kicked a stone with one foot and, with a dejected expression, asked Han Yicheng beside her,

“Brother Han, am I really uncultured and impolite?”

Han Yicheng glanced at the tall young man in front and furrowed his brows. “What others say is their business. They don’t understand you; you don’t need to take their words to heart.”

“But Huo Xingchao likes Sister Fang, right?”

The young girl lowered her head, eyes turning red. “Look at Sister Fang, beautiful and smart… indeed, only a princess like her would be liked by a prince.”

She hung her head, and a tear fell on the back of the boy’s hand. Her voice was soft and lacked its usual vitality,

“The Cinderella story can only exist in fairy tales.”

Han Yicheng paused, lifted her head, and looked at her seriously. His usually cold tone now carried a gentle warmth,

“Xiao Kui, you don’t need to belittle yourself. In this world, there are many excellent people, but unique ones are rare. To me, you are much rarer than Fang Xiazi. As for the boy you like… don’t worry, one day he will see how good you are.”

The girl looked at him in a daze and finally forced a smile,

“I’m afraid that before he sees my goodness, he’s already married to his princess. Then, no matter how good I am, what does it matter?”

“… No. Don’t forget, Fang Xiazi is my girlfriend.”

Han Yicheng patted her head. His eyes were deep with emotion, but his tone was gentle, “I won’t give Huo Xingchao a chance to take away my girlfriend.”

Under his affectionate and firm gaze, Xiang Rikui finally smiled through tears and nodded.

“Yes, Brother Han, you must cherish Sister Fang who is so excellent.”

They were acting in a romantic idol drama on this side, full of affection.

But half a meter ahead, it was an entirely different atmosphere.

Fang Xiazi, carrying her backpack, walked confidently. The music in her headphones was so loud that Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” filled the world. She couldn’t hear the conversation between the dog couple behind her.

She found it strange.

Who gave Han Yicheng the confidence to think that his official girlfriend could completely ignore him openly flirting with another girl in front of her? Absolutely ridiculous!


She had to break up with him! Break up!

But in the midst of her frustration, Fang Xiazi suddenly realized that a tall figure had blocked her light.

A broad shadow descended from above.

When she lifted her head, she saw a smiling young man, leisurely walking by her side with long strides.

Meeting her gaze, he raised an eyebrow, curved his lips, and formed an innocent smile.

“Senior sister, what a coincidence.”

Coincidence, my foot!

She glared at him, raised her chin, and snorted lightly,

“Why are you following me?”

“I came to help you.”

Huo Xingchao blinked, looking innocent, “Your boyfriend is openly flirting with another girl in front of you, leaving you alone and lonely. I couldn’t bear to watch, so I came to help you.”


Fang Xiazi’s expression was indifferent, “So how do you plan to help me?”

The young man raised his eyebrow, and sparkling eyes shone with a brilliant smile,

“I don’t need to do anything to win. You see, the girl Han Yicheng is with is not as pretty as you, not as good-looking, and compared to you, she’s like a SpongeBob. But I, I’m better looking than him, with longer legs. Compared to me, he’s like Patrick. Look, isn’t this contrast vivid enough?”

“So, all you have to do next is chat happily with me and then infuriate him.”

He raised his eyebrows, leaned a bit closer, and showed her an encouraging and sincere smile,

“Quick, chat happily with me.”

Damn, happily chatting.

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